10 New Virtual Date Night Ideas to Try In Lockdown

Keeping your love alive and ongoing could have turned into a tedious task. Here are some great approaches for you to try virtual date nights.

The entire world population has been restricted within their homes due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. We understand it must have been really hard to be confined indoors with your partner during the lockdown. Even though the lockdown initially meant more time staying together, it is quite natural to feel frustrated by now. Keeping your love alive and ongoing could have turned into a tedious task, and you have this feeling that unless something can revive the sparks, the romance between you might be doomed. This is why we have tried to come up with some great approaches for you to try and break the built-up boredom with some innovative virtual date night ideas.

Cook Together

Even though all your favorite restaurants and cafes are closed, having a romantic dinner is still possible. If both of you are terrible in the kitchen, it can still be fun to try out a simple recipe together. If nothing else, maybe you will have a few laughs with each other and have a funny Facebook story to remember later. In case either of you is an expert chef, you can try to recreate the dishes and your experience from the first time you two met.

Consult a Psychic

Psychics are said to be the new wellness coaches. Not only do they possess powers to get an insight into your relationship, but they also make excellent counselors. You can discuss the problems you are facing as a couple and ask for solutions. The activity might also unveil a lot of hidden thoughts and help you two resolve a few on your own. You can find a list of free psychics on the internet.

Plan a Happy Activity

Whether you are in a new relationship, or you’ve been together for some time, trying to do a lot of activities together might be overwhelming at times. You can plan to have a simple and happy activity for yourselves, like a virtual coffee date, or sitting by the fireplace with your favorite drinks.

A Virtual Double Date

A lot of couples are going through the same troubles as you are. You can plan to have a fun virtual double date with another couple over a video call. Discuss how they are handling the lockdown staying together and the issues they are facing. The four of you might end up helping each other. Or you can enjoy a virtual game and have a good time.

Try to Break the Routine

Most often it is the routine inside the house which causes most of the issues between couples. Try and break the routine by thinking of something to do together. It can be something fun like playing video games or singing karaoke with each other. If the weather is nice and you have a garden, maybe you can have a little BBQ. Get off the couch and be creative.

Take a Virtual Tour

Even though taking a trip together might not be possible at this point, there is nothing to stop you from planning your next trip and visiting destinations on Google maps or through YouTube videos. You can sit together with a picnic basket while you do it. Many websites have posted virtual tours of famous destinations, so visit them with each other on a big screen.

exercise equiptment and laptop

Do Some Yoga

Even though yoga might sound like a difficult thing to do, there are many effective tutorials online that can teach you the easy postures. It can be fun to do it together and you might rekindle your love while helping each other. Or you might end up laughing at each other’s awkward postures.

Relax With Each Other

Plan a distressing activity, something that you both like. You can give each other massages or relax in the bathtub. Such activities do not only reduce your stress, but they are also sensual and might arouse your love for each other.

Have a Game Night

There are loads of indoor games which can be a lot of fun even with two players. If you do not have any board games, there are many games available online, or you can play games like truth-or-dare or twenty questions. If you want to make it even more interesting, you can turn it into a drinking game. Getting drunk together might add to the fun.

Netflix and Chill

You might already be watching TV series or movies independently, but you can turn it into a movie date on the big screen. It will give you the chance to cozy up with each other. You can also have a few drinks along with the popcorn.

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