90’s-Inspired October Bullet Journal Plan-With-Me

I didn't know what I wanted to do for October's theme. Eventually, I decided I wanted to do a stained glass style and bright 90's themed colors.

I was not entirely sure what I wanted to do for October’s theme this year. I did not feel like doing another orange or pumpkin-themed spread as I have done in previous years. Eventually, I decided I wanted to do a stained glass style with black linework and bright 90’s themed colors. Check out my 90’s inspired October bullet journal spread!

The 90’s-Inspired Theme Process

This month is a very unique month for my bullet journal. I wanted to do a more 90’s theme with fun colors, however, I do not really know how this idea struck me, but it did! I also decided that I was going to film myself to create the whole thing. So, if you want to watch me create this notebook, watch the video above!

In essence, I knew that I wanted the lines to be black, so I ordered black washi tape to assist. Additionally, I knew that picking colors was important. I tried to pick some bright colors and 90’s inspired colors. Initially, I simply picked paints and went with that. However, it did not feel right and so I went back over it with that same color mixed with white to create a more pastel version of the color. I greatly preferred this. Additionally, I did not have purple paint, so I created a purple for the purposes of this notebook. Once I started painting, I noticed that the paint showed on the black tape and would have to remove the tape and re-add it after the paint began to dry. The column lines are simply painted black.

The Layout Descriptions

The title page this month is similar to those that I have done in the past. In the upper half, there is a row which I taped off and painted black. This is where the header is. “October” is in a white minimal script similar to that of my previous spreads this year. The rest of the page is done in the geometric, stained-glass, with 90’s-themed colors. However, I felt that the spread was not complete, and I painted the whole left page black.

The weekly spreads are very similar in design to the title page. However, the 7-weekday columns are outlined in black paint instead of being solid. Then, the rest of the pages are done in the geometric, stained-glass, with 90’s themed colors. Each page was done free-style so they are all different. then, for the header, I picked a shape on the left side an added “October” in black script lettering. I did this again on the right page but with the week number. the weekday subheaders are also in black script lettering.

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Sunshine Yellow July Bullet Journal Plan-with-Me

It is officially summer, and that means bright, happy colors and sunshine activities. My bullet journal is no different! Each summer I like to use a yellow theme to celebrate the warm sunny weather. I decided that this year, July would be the month I used yellow. Keep reading to see how I created my sunshine yellow July 2019 bullet journal!

The Sunshine Yellow Theme Process

This month’s yellow theme is one I picked out back in April. However, I was not too sure how to execute the yellow theme. Additionally, I knew that I wanted to incorporate my sunshine washi tape since my yellow summer layouts are the reason I created this tape.

I got busy and completely forgot what I was doing for July until I found my notes. In my notes, I had a few keywords and as I read them, I was inspired. I knew that I wanted most of the layout to be yellow. Yellow is a color that makes me super happy because of it’s bright summer-y feel. So, I decided to create a layout similar to my July theme, except I would create a border on one of the pages with my tape. I do enjoy how it turned out!

The Layout Descriptions

Per usual, my July spread includes a hello page and then weeklies. First, let’s start by talking about the hello page. For July, the hello page is painted almost entirely in a bright golden yellow color. Then in the seam of the page, I have added a stripe of sunshine washi tape. Finally, in a minimal gold script, I have “July” written across the center.

Next, let’s discuss my weekly layouts. I generally follow a general design. I painted the space of this layout in the same yellow paint as the hello page. Then on the left page edge, I used the sunshine washi tape. Next, I outlined the seven columns found in the center of the two pages in gold ink.

Additionally, the header is in a gold minimal script font on the left page. Then, on the right page is the week number, again, in gold. Lastly, the letter and number indicating the day and date are in yellow at the top of the day’s column.

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Justice’s Dark Green Bullet Journal Plan-with-Me

Justice ordered a custom bullet, journal-inspired planner. Justice’s planner is an A5-sized Essentials Dot-Matrix Notebook.  For Justice’s notebook, the primary color used is green. Further, the layouts involved include a title page, future log, monthly calendar, and weekly grid. Here you can read more about Justice’s planner.

Layouts Included

Here you can learn more about the layouts for Justice’s custom planner.

Watercolor Title Page:

Justice’s title layout is a green watercolor title page. For the header, “2019” is in a calligraphy print font.

Future Log:

This future log includes 12 months. Each page features three months each with a row. Then, each row has a mini calendar. Finally, the headers for each month are in a dark green calligraphy cursive.

Monthly Calendar:

For each month, I used a simple grid calendar. The lettering for this layout is a dark green print font. Additionally, there is a column to the right of the calendar. The column is labeled “goals.”

Weekly Grid Layout:

The weekly grid layout is a weekly layout which encompasses seven days. Further, each page includes eight squares which make up the grid. Seven of the boxes are for the days of the week, and the 8th box is blank. For the headers, the lettering utilizes a dark green print font. Additionally, all of the other letterings is done using a black print font.

Tools Used

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Mia’s Teal & Themed A6-Sized Bullet Journal

Here is a breakdown of the bullet journal inspired planner created for Mia. Mia’s notebook was created in a black A5 size notebook, the main color is a teal blue. Layouts involved include a title page, year at a glance, notes, monthly calendar, and weekly spread.

Layouts Included

Title Page: This is a teal watercolor title page. The lettering was done in a print font, I wrote “Mia,” on the first line then on the second and third line “bullet journal 2019-2020.”

Year at a Glance: This year at a glance features 12 months, March 2019 through April 2020, in a calendar format. The months are written in teal print font. The main header is 2019 – 2020 in print font and “at a glance” in minimal cursive.

Notes: These layouts are blank with a print header. Before each monthly set-up, there are two notes page. Doodles on the notes page correspond with the following month’s theme.

Monthly Calendar: I used a simple grid calendar and simple teal heading vertically down the right side. There are doodles according to each month’s theme, laid out below.

  • March – St. Patty’s Day
  • April – Easter
  • May – Spring
  • June – Spring
  • July – Summer
  • August – Summer
  • September – leaf & acorn stickers
  • October – Halloween
  • November – Thanksgiving & Autumn
  • December – Christmas
  • January – Winter & New Years
  • February – Valentine’s Day

Weekly Layout: All of the lettering is done in print font. The top left is the week, the top right is the year in teal banners. The next row includes 6 columns for Monday through Saturday. The final row includes meal tracking for each day, habit tracking for the week, and Sunday’s column. There are doodles on these pages according to the month’s theme.

Tools Used

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