50+ Header Ideas by Month for Your Bullet Journal

Headers are an understated, yet huge part of bullet journaling. Check out these amazing bullet journal header ideas organized by month.

Headers are an understated, yet huge part of bullet journaling. Essentially, the header sets the stage for that layout and sometimes even a collection of layouts. Because of this, there are so many ways to use them in your journal. Check out these amazing bullet journal header ideas organized by month.

Overall Header Ideas


Here are a couple of common and unique ideas for spicing up a simple header of any time. These ideas range from simple lettering changes to making a whole scene with a few subtle details.


Here are a few great ways to use shadowing or layering to amplify a good header!


Here are a few more great header ideas that really focus on bolder fonts and ideas. There is some great use of thicker and thinner lines here too.


Only have liner pens available? Check out these banner and header ideas!


Check out these title example using brush pens! This is a great sample of what you can do with only one pen type!


This spread is a great example of each month and weekday in various styles using liners and a brush pen.


Want to use a frame in your bullet journal spreads? Here are some super adorable framed header ideas!


If you are looking for something more decorative, these designs might be a good start! Floral themes are so common and easy to do, there are some easy ways to get started.


If you are interested in liner-styled headers, but also want more variety and more colors, then here are some perfect examples for you!


I chose to break more of these examples into the twelve months because, sometimes, each month presents themes of its own that can be incorporated into the header styles. So, naturally, I’ve started in January. Here are some themed and not-so-themed ideas for you to decorate your January headers with.



February is a month where people tend to theme their bullet journals with pinks, reds, hearts, and other valentine’s day items. Additionally, in some places, it is wintertime during February. So, here are some February header ideas both to fit these themes and for more general styles.

Little Miss Rose



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March is known for holiday’s such as St. Patrick’s Day; however, I was not able to find any St. Patty’s themed header ideas. So, instead, here are some more general ideas and inspiration for the month of March.


Sheena of the Journal


April is the month of spring! It is at this time of year that we start seeing pastels, bright colors, flowers, bunnies, and other spring-themes in bullet journals.





May is another super fun spring month. For May, themes and concepts are very similar to April. You will notice that a lot of these header ideas feature pastel colors, florals, and curly styles.



Sheena of the Journal

Check out these more decorative examples of headers! These ones use more curly lines!


June is a fun month that fits both summer and spring seasonal themes. More fun and bubbly styles are common. Here are some June header ideas!




July is a full-on summer month! A lot of July themes are bright colors, outdoor activities, and more tropical concepts. I love summer bullet journal themes, they are my favorite. To pair with fun July themes as well as more general ideas for your July headers!






August is another fun summer month. However, in addition to summer themes, school is starting and bullet journals often become more serious. Here are some great headers for you to try out this August!




Often, in September, bullet journal starts getting a more autumn vibe. Colors become cooler and more muted. Check out these cool headers for September!



October and November are generally very similar; however, there are major differences. October features Halloween! In October, themes become more dark and creepy, and sometimes they simply remain fall-themed or more general. Regardless of theme, here are October ideas!



As I mentioned, November is fairly similar to October and September. Generally, a fall or general theme is kept. So, to mirror these trends, here are some headers you can try out in your November bullet journal layouts.



Last month of the year is December! December is the first winter month and features not only the end of a year, but also Christmas and the general holiday season. It is extremely common that Christmas and winter are used for December themes. However, here are both holiday and non-holiday themed header ideas for December!



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18 Inspiring May Hello Title Pages For Your Bullet Journal

18 Inspiring May Hello Title Pages For Your Bullet Journal

May is just around the corner, and it’s about time everyone is creating their May bullet journal spreads. Coming up with a theme or hello page can sometimes be the most challenging part of creating a new set up. I’ve compiled 18 hello May layouts to help spark your inspiration!

Lavender Plants by @hey.makes

This hello page is so simple, yet it is beautiful at the same time. Further, I love the whimsical feel of the lavender plants. Additionally, the lettering is phenomenal.

Daisies and Butterflies by @happybujolife

You really cannot go wrong using daisies and other flowers this time of the year. Spring has sprung, and flowers are in full bloom (most places anyway). Not only does this layout includes daisies, but there are also butterflies! I love the way @happybujolife drew “hello” as a flight path of the smaller butterfly.

MariaVictoria's Themed Bullet Journal | Client Gallery

Maria Victoria’s Simple Floral Hello May Layout

I love the simplicity of this layout. I created this layout for Maria Victoria. Further, I chose the spring theme for May, and it turned out beautifully. Additionally, the pastel colors complement the tulips.

May sunflowers by @_bullet_journal_7

I know, I know, more flowers!? I swear I did not do this on purpose, the floral layouts are just on point for May! Further, sunflowers are a great theme idea for a hello May layout. Also, I love the way that this layout appears to be a bouquet of sunflowers. Additionally, the grey box behind the flowers is a nice touch.

Disney Castle by @planningwithsoul

Who doesn’t love a quality Disney layout!? This one is stunning including only the Disney castle. I love the use of purple as well.

May Mountains by @sfstudies

I am a huge fan of circles used as windows into different worlds. This circle is a window into a beautiful mountainous region. Additionally, the little shapes in the corners and the lettering are beautiful additions!

A Cup Of Coffee by @carlinabujo

Who doesn’t love coffee!? You really cannot go wrong using coffee as a theme at any time of the year. This hello May page also features a little mini calendar. Finally, the coffee beans raining from the sky are such a fun addition!

Hello May Potted Houseplants Cover Page

Here is my hello May layout from 2018. I absolutely love how these potted houseplants turned out. For some reason, houseplants are the perfect theme for March and May! So, you can add houseplants using watercolor as I did here, or you can sketch, paint, or add stickers. It is an excellent May theme!

May 2019 by @mrsdjournals

I am not entirely sure what this is, but I love it! I love the contrast that black and white imagery has and this layout is the perfect example. So, Black and white is such a great way to open up the month of May!

May Fish by @jasmincreates

You don’t see fish being used very often in bullet journals, what’s up with that? Anyways, this hello may layout features a cool fish both in color and in black and white. Then, the effect of the box going down the center gives to the fish is such a good idea. This layout is all-around great!

Flowers and Butterflies by @sun.wave.journal

We’ve already featured a lot of floral layouts in this post. However, this layout takes a different approach than those ones. It’s different in that it is far more cartoon-like. Additionally, did you notice that some of those “flowers” are actually butterflies! I love the creativity of this hello may layout.

May the Force Be With You by @gwilsstudies

In big bold Starwars font, “May the force be with you” is splattered on this cover page. I love this play on words, especially on May 4th! Super minimal and creative layout!

Lavender and Lemons by @meganvanwormer

Lemons and Lavender are such a unique combination. I love this spring and summer combination for a May theme. Personally, I love the combination of yellow and purple. Additionally, I love the use of lemons and the use of lavender in a bullet journal theme.

Whales by @not_subtitle

This layout is not only a hello page but is also a quotes page. The use of the stars and night sky with the swimming whales is gorgeous. This quote reads “Chance to take it all back whatever it takes” I am not sure where this quote is from, but the use of lettering is very creative.

Yellow Bees by @bulletjournal.for.her

Having these cute little bees flying around their honeycombs is a super cute hello may theme. I love geometric shapes in bullet journal layouts. So, this combination of cute and geometric is candy to my eyes.

Hanging Plants by @carlacid.ink

How adorable are these hanging glass globes filled with succulents! I have a few of these hanging planters in my home, and I love them! As I’ve mentioned already, plants and greenery are the perfect themes for a Hello May spread!

Tetris by @bullet.journal.ass

Tetris is super nostalgic for me. I used to play the game with my sisters when I was a kid, and I remember being pretty decent at it. With the game’s new rise in popularity, a Tetris layout is perfect for this May! Also, it’s super easy to replicate and understand!

Watercolor Shelf by @bujokv

As you know, I love the use of watercolor. Additionally, I love the use of houseplants and greenery! This layout involves both things which I love so much. Also, it looks incredible! What do you think about the use of paint in a bullet journal?? Let me know in the comments!

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