The Mind & Home Benefits of a Zen Atmosphere

In today’s always-connected world, we are expected to be within finger’s reach of each other. We are also expected to be able to respond immediately to any problems that might arise at work. Stress is on the rise because we are busier than ever regardless of the technology that promised to make our lives easier. As a result, finding a way to reduce stress in our lives should be important to prevent us all going mad.

An excellent way to reduce stress in your life is to create and cultivate a zen atmosphere in your home. A zen atmosphere is an environment that is crafted as ao getaway. It would allow you to relax as much as possible before jumping back into the maddening fray of modern living. This article will walk you through some of the steps to take to transform your home into a zen atmosphere. Also, it will hopefully illuminate some of the benefits of taking these simple steps will produce.

Cleanliness is Zenlines

To be zen is to be calm, centered, and focused. To achieve a zen-like state, you should place yourself in a zen environment. The first step to crafting any environment into a zen one is to clean, declutter, and organize that environment. It’s highly unlikely that you can keep a zen state of mind in an environment that is messy and distracting.

You should strive to find a place for everything in your home. When everything has a place, you will find that keeping a zen state of mind is much easier. Additionally, you’ll be far less stressed in general since it becomes easier to find anything you need in an organized environment and tasks become simpler to complete. Keep accessories and ornaments throughout your home to a minimum to help enhance the focused nature of the environment around you. Fewer items throughout the home mean fewer possible distractions for your mind to latch onto and take you out of a beautiful zen moment.

Finally, keep your newly organized and minimized home clean. Create a regular cleaning routine that can keep everything dust free. A healthy body that doesn’t struggle to breathe is a body that can more easily attune with zen. You should strive to get all the smallest details possible if you can.


No home is truly zen without a cool, breezy air flow. Increased temperature can also increase fussiness, and can make any chore that much more frustrating. This can be easily prevented by installing an AC. Since the maintenance of the AC can be a little tricky for the average Joe, you should consider calling in an air conditioning service to clean your filters in order for you to maintain the spick-and-span zen atmosphere in your humble abode.

Natural Elements

Now that you have an organized and clean home, it’s time to bring some nature into your home to enhance the zen atmosphere that you’re cultivating. The easiest way to do this is to get some plants and start working on your green thumb. Studies have repeatedly shown that the presence of houseplants in homes reduces stress, and can increase overall life happiness. Aside from looking pretty, plants also help clean the air in any given space, and some plants are natural air filters that can reduce the amount of dust and allergens in the air.

Another natural element to consider besides plant is natural light. Try to arrange your home such that it encourages the entrance of natural light throughout. Natural light has been shown to have positive effects on health, and typically natural light is soft in nature, pouring in through windows that are easier on the eyes and ultimately, the mind.

Cool Colors Are Cool

To further augment the zen atmosphere in your home, we recommend you begin to weave cool colors throughout your home. Cool colors are typically blue and green hues which are relaxing to look at because they’re easy on the eyes. An excellent place to look for inspiration is the inside of spas. Take a trip to one, and you’ll rarely see the presence of bold, brash colors such as bright reds and oranges. Use cool colors to help cool your home to make it more refreshing and more zen.

The Mind & Home Benefits of a Zen Atmosphere

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Remove Electric Distractions

It should almost go without saying, but reducing the number of electronics can only raise the zen quality of your home. In today’s connected world, electronics are an increasing source of distractions and zen. We understand that it’s almost impossible to remove all electronics from your life, so that is why we recommend you create an entirely zen space within your zen home. In this zen space, do your best to remove as many electronics as possible to cultivate a space where your mind can achieve focus, relaxation, and ultimate zen. If you can, keep your phone and computer out of your bedroom. The constant notifications from your phone and having your computer so close to your area of sleep will do no good to your zen mood.

There we have it, a short list of simple tasks that can help create a zen atmosphere in your home. We don’t recommend doing all of this at once, instead, take your time and slowly cultivate your zen atmosphere. You’ll ultimately find it more natural that way and less forced. By taking these steps, you will find your rest more restful and hopefully, your stress less stressful and more manageable in your new zen atmosphere.

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Designing A Bedroom For A Better Night’s Sleep

Do you struggle to get your 8 hours of sleep each night? Maybe your bedroom is a problem. There are several factors that are important for making sure that you get good-quality sleep, and many of them come down to your bedroom’s design. Need some tips and inspiration? Read all about designing a bedroom for a better night’s sleep below.

Tidy Home, Tidy Mind

A cluttered, messy bedroom could sub-consciously disrupt your sleep. Keeping your bedroom space neat is one thing, but if you lack the right storage – you might have no choice but to leave your stuff everywhere. It’s quite simple to go from a messy bedroom floor to clean and spacious bedroom, but you’ll need to make sure you invest in some great storage too.

Build A Comfortable and Welcoming Bed

As the key to a good night’s sleep, the right bed is important. You’ll need a firm and sturdy mattress that supports your body weight, and you might find that you need a bigger mattress than you thought. If you share with someone else, factor that in too, as you may need not be getting the space you need for a restful sleep. Choose pillows that are soft to the touch but offer firm support to prevent shoulder and back issues. Memory foam bamboo pillows are particularly popular at the moment and offer long-lasting support for a good night’s sleep. Crisp, clean cotton bed sheets are also worth investing in, and you’ll notice a big difference in quality if you’re willing to pay out a little bit more.

Lighting is Everything

Lighting, or a lack of it, is essential for sleeping well at night. This isn’t always easy when you live in a busy city that never sleeps. Invest in some good blackout curtains or a blind that will be able to block out harsh lights at night and let you continue to sleep as the sun is rising in the morning. Try to keep your bedroom free from technology, as some things like your phone or your TV can affect your sleep quality. A room that is light and airy is great for relaxing during the day or if your bedroom doubles up as a home office, but making sure you can black out the lights at night will help you sleep better.

Temperature Control

Your body is extremely sensitive to temperature, and if you are too hot or too cold - you might find yourself struggling to sleep at night. Choose breathable materials for your bedding, and keep stocks of throws and blankets which can be added or taken away easily as needed. You could bring in a bedroom fan or air conditioning, but these can be expensive to run as well as cause noise which could also disrupt your sleep. Working out the temperature of your bedroom will take some time, so it could be a case of trial and error while you figure out what you need to do to get a good night’s sleep.

With the right bedroom design, you can help your body to get a better night’s sleep that will benefit your mind and body. Rather than just focusing on color or style, be sure to think of features that will aid your sleep and transform you

This post was written in collaboration. This means that while I have added to this post and edited its content and formatting, I am not its original author. By posting this content on my blog, I receive financial compensation.