Chalkola Chalk Board Paint Markers Review

Chalkola sent me these products for review and I am so very excited to share my thoughts and experiences with you! Let's jump into it!

I was very lucky to be provided chalk paint pens and a chalkboard by Chalkola. They sent me these products for review and I am so very excited to share my thoughts and experiences with you! Let’s jump into it!

Chalkola Products

The products I was sent include a box of Large Paint Pens with a ton of colors, a chalkboard, and one extra white pen.

First Impressions

Once I first started opening the package, I became excited by the number of products they sent me. I was not expecting so many color options and became so excited to use them. Also, it did not take a long time to get the color through the nib!

Pros & Cons of Chalkola

After my first impressions, I started trying the products. Here are the pros and cons I’ve found while using Chalkola products!


  • Large variety of color options
  • Variety of size options for pens
  • Write really smoothly despite sounding like it doesn’t
  • Chalkboard is sturdy
  • A ledge on the chalkboard for pen


  • Loud noise occurs when writing on the chalkboard
  • Must pay attention when gathering ink in nib (I had two overflow really quickly)

Final Impression

As you can see there are more pros than are cons. Quite frankly the cons I’ve listed above are very minor and almost forced. You may be able to hear the sound in the video; however, I turned down the volume when I was not talking. Another bit to note is that I didn’t notice the sound in real life to the extent that I did when listening back to the video. So, don’t let the sound turn you off to these pens, it sounds exaggerated in the video. Additionally, the pens write very very smoothly and look amazing on the chalkboard. I have actually used them in my bullet journal as well and they look great on paper as well. However, because they are paint pens, I caution their use in paper due to bleeding in some notebooks.

Note: I received my Chalkola Products for free from Chalkola.

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12+ Washi Tape Sets You Must Have

If you're like me, then you love using washi tape, but it can be difficult to find tape to fit you. Here are some of my favorite washi tape sets!

If you are anything like me, then you absolutely love using washi tape in your bullet journals and planners, even in some of your DIY projects! However, with the immense amount of washi tape sets that are available, it can sometimes be very difficult to find great washi tape to fit your bullet journal.

Not only are there a million different washi tapes to pick from, but there are dozens (if not more) ways to use it! Let’s learn some more about washi tape, how to use it, and check out some of my favorite washi tape sets!

What Is Washi Tape?

Maybe you are reading this article and wondering “what is washi tape?” So, what exactly is washi tape?

Washi tape is a type of decorative, often colored or patterned, adhesive tape. They are often colorful, have decorative patterns, and are popular among bullet journal, planner, and DIY communities. Also, they can come in a variety of lengths and widths!

Where Did ‘Washi Tape’ Come From?

The term washi references a Japanese paper. Washi tape is usually (or at least historically) made from natural fibers such as bamboo, hemp, or the bark of trees that are native to Japan. 

Source: SheKnows

Sunshine Washi Tape banner

How Can You Use Washi Tape?

Now one of the questions you have likely been looking to answer, how exactly can you use washi tape. You might already be aware of one or two ways to use it, but there are so many more possibilities than you are likely aware of!

While this list is not a complete list (as people are constantly coming up with new ways of using washi tape), here are some of the most popular ways to use washi tape!

  • Planner decoration
  • Bullet journal decoration
  • Planner labeling
  • Houseplant pot decorating
  • Wall decoration
  • Home decorating
  • Craft projects
  • Labeling
  • DIY stickers
  • Picture frame decorating
  • DIY picture frames
  • & MUCH more!

Our Favorite Washi Tapes

Now that we’ve explored washi tape a bit, I wanted to share with you some of my absolute favorite washi tapes. These are tapes that I actually own and use! Additionally, you can check out some of our other posts on Bullet Journaling Notebooks and Colorful Pens!

Wonderful Washi Tape – Geometric Collection

This particular set of tape was the very first set I bought myself. I am personally very picky about patterns, but I love a lot of the tapes in this set. My favorites are the arrow ones and the black and white ones. Pattern aside, this tape is a good quality for paper. Though, I have not tested it on other surfaces.

Savena Washi Tape Set

This washi tape set is another staple in my collection. I love a good black and white washi tape with a fun pattern! These tapes function similarly to the previous set in that they work great on paper, but I have not used them on other surfaces.

Fantasy Starlit Sky Washi Tape

You simply cannot go wrong with galaxy patterns! I love this set of three tapes with pink, purple, and blue galaxy designs. These tapes are fairly sticky, but I do not have any issues with weirdly ripping, so they are a winning set!

Ocamo Sky Washi Tape

I am a huge houseplant fanatic, so naturally I ordered plant washi tape. The tape you see here is not the exact tape I ordered, but it is one of the options that are available with the houseplant ones. Each time I look back, the houseplant tapes are sold-out. However, they have a few other options such as flowers and sky. The tape is really sticky and I have not had any annoying ripping. Plus the designs are super cute!

Thin Black Washi Tape

I know, this tape is really really boring. However, it’s essential to have thin black washi tape for lining and borders. I love this role because it works. I used it in my October Plan-with-Me in order to create and complete lines. It only tore my paper when I let it sit too long or pulled it off too quickly; however, it sticks nicely as well!

Dalus Gold Foil Washi Tape

If you love gold as much as I do, this tape set is such a fun set to have. There are varied colors and designs, all of which include gold foiling in the details. I absolutely love it!

Antner Floral Washi Tape

Floral washi tapes are a solid choice if you are unsure about what to get. The floral theme is such a popular one, you are likely to use it, well, unless you hate flowers. Either way, this set is a great one because of the sheer amount of patterns, the price, and the good quality!

Knaid Floral Washi Masking Tape Set

Here is yet another floral washi tape set. This one is more bubbly and fun than the previous but is of similar quality. The main difference (other than the patterns) is that you pay slightly more for this one. However, it is likely that the price difference is due to a tape dispenser being included in this set.

Thin Colorful Washi Tape

Thin colorful tape is another staple for bullet journaling. Luckily, this set is super cheap for the number of tapes you get! While these tapes lose their stick fairly easy, there are so many colors to choose from and for a fair price.

Washi tape an amazing way to add creativity and function to your bullet journal or to your DIY projects. Hopefully, this post has inspired you to go out and use washi tape!

Do you plan to add tape to your bullet journal? Let us know how you use washi tape in the comments!

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Ultimate Gift Ideas List | Bullet Journaling & Planning

Coming up with gift ideas is difficult when you arn't into bullet journaling. Here is a HUGE list of gift ideas for the bullet journaler in your life!

Shopping for everyone during the holidays can be a real hassle! Coming up with gift ideas is often difficult when you are not involved in the same hobbies as the person you are shopping for. Look no further! Here is a comprehensive list of gift ideas for a bullet journaler or planner obsessed person!

Content Overview

  1. Notebooks & Journals
  2. Brush Pens
  3. Other Pens
  4. Lettering Book & Guides
  5. Washi Tape
  6. Stickers
  7. Paints
  8. Stamps & Ink
  9. Stationery
  10. Desktop Decor & Organization
  11. Other Odds & Ends

Notebooks & Journals

The most basic thing you can get someone is a notebook or journal for their bullet journal experience. There are a ton of amazing journals, but chances are, your loved one is interested in one of the following journals!

Leuchtturm1917 Dotted Journal

Moleskine Classic Notebook

Midori MD Notebook

Miquelrius Soft Bound Medium Journal

Some Lines A Day 5 Year Memory Book Hardcover Journal

Dingbats Wildlife Hardcover Notebook

Essentials Dot Matrix Notebook

Dotted Bullet Notebook – Eco-Friendly Natural Cork Hardcover

Rhodia Goalbook

Brush Pens

Brush pens are a specific type of pen that your loved one is sure to want! These pens are great gift ideas because they make it easy to do amazing lettering in your journal and come in so many amazing shapes, sizes, qualities, and colors! Here are a couple super popular brush pen sets!

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Set

Faber-Castel Pitt Artist Brush Pens

Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen

Metallic Calligraphy Brush Marker Pens

Royal Talens Ecoline Liquid Watercolor Brush Pen

Crayola Super Tips Washable Markers

Other Pens

Maybe your loved one is looking for something other than brush pens? Here are some gift ideas for other types of pens like art pens, markers, high lighters, fine liners, etc. Check some of these well-loved pens out!

Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens Set

Metallic Markers Pens

Sakura Gelly Roll White

PILOT G2 Rolling Ball Gel Pens

Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens

Sakura Pentouch Paint Marker, Medium

Pentouch Paint Marker, 1.0mm

Zebra Mildliner Highlighter Pen Set

Lettering Books & Guides

Sometimes we are gifting for someone who is interested in something but hasn’t quite gotten around to learning how to start yet. Well, these lettering book gift ideas are perfect for someone who wants to improve their handwriting and brush lettering but doesn’t know how!

Creative Lettering and Beyond

Hand-Lettering for Everyone

Hand Lettering 101

Lettering and Modern Calligraphy

Washi Tape

Washi tape is a fun way to spice up your bullet journal and it is perfect as a gift idea! The fun shapes, colors, patterns and designs that washi tape comes in is sure to excite your loved one!

Savena Washi Tape Set

Decorative Washi Tape DIY Rainbow

Wonderful Washi Tape – Geometric Collection

Washi Tapes Month Week Daytime Todo

Crafty Animal Washi Tape

Japanese Washi Masking Tape

Sunshine Washi Tape

Sunshine Washi Tape banner


So many people love to add stickers to their journals and notebooks. This as well as the immense variety of stickers to pick from, makes these sets perfect gift ideas for bullet journalers!

Holiday Seasonal Planner Sticker Sheets

Cute Nature VSCO Girl Stickers

Various Special Shaped Stickers-Flower Series

Clear Cursive Planner Sticker Bundle

Ultimate Productivity Planner Stickers Set

The Happy Planner, Clear Dates Stamps


Just like washi tape and stickers, paint is a great addition to any artistic bullet journaler’s toolbox! Giving paint is a great gift idea if your loved one is an artistic person!

DecoArt0 Media Fluid Acrylic Paint


FolkArt Metallic Acrylic Paint


ARTEZA Watercolor Paint


Watercolor Paint Set


Stamps & Ink

I love using stamps and ink in my bullet journal. It’s a quick and easy way to add art! As such, stamps and ink make a great gift idea for a planner!

Clear Stamps, Holiday Planner Icons

Planner to Do and Planner Everyday Stamp Sets

Planner to Do and Planner Everyday Stamp Sets

Hero Arts, Weather Icons

Wooden Box Number Alphabet Letter Rubber Stamp

Ubegood Stamp Pad

Tsukineko Versacraft Ink Pads

Avery Carter’s Foam Stamp Pad, Black

Craft Ink Pad Stamps 20 Colors


People who love bullet journaling and planning often love stationery as a whole! Here are some stationery items such as cards, notepads, sticky notes, and more!

Hunger Gradient Color Sticky Note

Bliss Collections Daily Planner Tear Off Pad

 Bliss Collections Daily Planner Tear Off Pad

Marble Stationery Paper

Officemate Binder Clips, Gold

Gold Premium Cute Paper Clips

Tombow Mono Hybrid Correction Tape

American Greetings Pastel Stationery Sheets and Colored Envelopes

Recycled Cardstock Notecards with Natural Tree Design

Desk Top Decor & Organization

Being a bullet journaler can get hectic and chaotic. Trying to find places to store everything can feel impossible! Here are some gift ideas to help your loved one organize their bullet journaling tools!

Rose Gold Desk Organizer Set

Simmer Stone Desktop Letter Sorter

Desktop Organizer – Adjustable Wood Display Shelf

Desk Accessory Organization Kit

Reliancer File Organizer Triangle

Other Odds & Ends

Not every bullet journaling or planning gift idea falls neatly into one of the previous categories. However, that does not mean that it isn’t an amazing idea for a gift! Here is everything I recommend for a bullet journaler that doesn’t fit neatly into a category.

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

HP Sticky-Backed Photo Paper

Glitter Shake Jars

Quickie Glue Pen

No matter what kind of bullet journal or planner you are shopping for, this list is bound to help you shop for them! Which of these was your favorite gift idea? Did you go ahead and buy any of these? Let us know in the comments!

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Ultimate Bullet Journal Layouts | List of 100+ Bujo Layouts

This page is a guide to all things bullet journal. Bulleting journaling include

  • My plan-with-me posts dating back to 2017
  • Client bullet journals which I create for customers over at my store
  • Featured journalers whom I give the spotlight once a month (apply to be featured here)
  • Collections of various themes, page types, months, and colors to keep you inspired

Ultimate Bullet Journal Layouts List of 100+ Bujo Layouts

All Plan-with-Me

Here you can find all of my plan-with-me content as far back as February 2017. Plan-with-me content is walkthroughs of my layouts. I update this gallery each month as sneak peeks to my journal before my monthly post goes live. Under plan-with-me, you can find my yearly, monthly, and weekly spreads. Additionally, I share my business journal, collection journal, and list journal. 

My 2018 Bullet Journal

In this gallery, you can find all of the bullet journal layouts I created in 2018. These layouts include my layouts. Here you can not only see my yearly, monthly, and weekly spreads, but I also share my other journals as they are updated. These journals include my business journal, collection journal, and list journal. 

My 2017 Bullet Journal

Here are all of the layouts which I created for my personal bullet journal in 2017. These layouts include my own personal layouts. 2017 is broken down by month in the order these layouts were created in my actual journal.

Client Planner Layouts

In this gallery, you can find all of the bullet journal-inspired planner layouts I have created for clients over at the Jihi Elephant Shop. Many of these layouts are customized by myself or the client, while others have been adapted from previously created layouts. Click here to check out these planners.

Featured Bullet Journals

Here you will find a list of bullet journals created by talented bullet journalists. Each month, one or two bullet journals are chosen to be featured with their journalist. In these posts, the artist shares a little bit about themselves, their bullet journal journey, some advice for newbies, and up to 9 layouts. You can learn more about the bullet journaler and view their bullet journals here.

Bullet Journal by Theme

Here you will find collections of layouts I have gathered organized by varying themes. These posts are full of beautiful and unique bullet journaling layout ideas surely to inspire you.

Bullet Journal by Page Type

Here you will find collections of layouts I have gathered organized by varying page types. These posts are full of beautiful and unique bullet journaling layout ideas sure to inspire you.

Bullet Journal by Month

Here you will find collections of layouts I have gathered organized by the months. These posts are full of beautiful and unique bullet journaling layout ideas sure to inspire you.

Bullet Journal by Color

Here you will find collections of layouts I have gathered organized by varying colors. These posts are full of beautiful and unique bullet journaling layout ideas sure to inspire you.

Bullet Journal Tools

Here you can find all of the journaling tools I use and recommend.

Ultimate Bullet Journal Gallery

My Top 6 Colored Pens for Bullet Journaling

If you are anything like me, you use colors to organize EVERYTHING in your bullet journal. I use them to separate types of events and due dates, I even use them to decorate cute little doodles and add some color to my layouts. Because I know how awesome adding color to my bullet journal is, I wanted to share with you my top 6 colored pens for bullet journaling. This post may contain affiliate links

papermate flair felt tip pens

Papermate Flair Felt Tip Pens

Papermate Flair pens have been my all-time favorite since I first started bullet journaling in 2015. They come in so many wonderful colors and write very smoothly. I love them and will always recommend them. The only downside of these pens is smudging. If used on glossier paper, they tend to smudge if they are not able to dry. However, writing on normal paper has no smudging issues.

Top 10 Brush Pens for Beautiful Hand-lettering

Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Tombow dual brush pens are a very popular calligraphy pen. They come in dozens of colors. You can even buy a handy desk stand to organize the pens! These pens have two ends, the finer felt tip end and then the brush tip end. The finer tip works great for drawing lines, or really anything else. The brush tip specializes in calligraphy writing. Like the Papermate pens, these pens might smudge on glossier paper if you do not let it dry.

Fineliner Pens – Most Brands

I love Fineliner pens. I have tried several brands and most work well. My favorite are no longer available on Amazon which is a huge bummer. Fineliner pens come in various colors and thicknesses. A very popular Fineliner pen brand is Sharpie. Sharpie is always a reliable brand, though their pens being permanent and vibrant seems to bleed through the pages.

Tombow Twintone

My review for these pens to be added soon. These pens are incredibly popular and frequently given a positive review, I would like to see this for myself, though the weather has delayed my ability to do so!

**UPDATE** I love them! Not only are the colors beautiful, but the quality of the tip is wonderful. The felt tip end is just as nice to write with as my Papermate Flair pens (which I swear by). The fine tip is the finest tip I have ever seen on a pen before. The presence of these two tips makes for some really cool detailing and calligraphy writing!

Arteza Watercolor Brush Pens

I came across the Arteza watercolor brush pens on Instagram one night. I thought they would be worth a try and boy was I right! These pens are so great! Add a little water, or don’t, and you get a beautiful watercolor look. You can shade with these pens and because of the brush pen tip, they work well for calligraphy too! I see no downside for these pens unless you do not like or want a watercolor look.

Zebra Mildliner Double-Sided Highlighter

My review for these pens to be added soon. These pens are incredibly popular and frequently given a positive review, I would like to see this for myself, though the weather has delayed my ability to do so!

**UPDATE** These highlighters are great. I love the array of colors and the fact that there is a fine tip side to the pens. I have started using these pens to highlight and make note of incredibly important items on my to-do lists that might otherwise have been forgotten. As far as my use, I have not seen any smudging or ink bleeding through the pages.

Love what you see? Want to give some of these pens a shot? Check out the list below!

Bullet Journal Top Colored Pens

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5 Wedding Invitation Ideas That Are Trending

Well, it’s the time to invite! Of course, wedding invitations are the key to opening the door to getting your guests to attend your wedding celebration. Are you anxious to catch the latest trends in wedding dresses? Check out these 5 Wedding invitation ideas that are totally on trend!

When you’re planning your wedding invitation, always select the best of what you like and leave all other things behind. The most important thing is that you select a style most reflecting the personality of you and your future spouse. Use these ideas as starting points when designing your dream wedding invitation.

Adding Color To Your Wedding Invitations

Whether subtle or bold, the color is playing a major role in wedding invitations. Gone are the days of white invitations with standard ink colors. In this respect, the latest printing techniques are now adding color on card stock to writing on the envelope lining of the invitation card. Colors, which were once considered awkward, are now being used in the most traditional wedding invitations.

Invitations are now given a 3D touch. It is done by matting a photo in a frame with multiple colors and materials behind the photo. Cool and nice color combinations such as turquoise and tan, black and ivory, greens and blue, or orange and pink spice up the traditional color scheme.

5 Wedding Invitation Ideas That Are Trending

Decorating Your Invitations With Ribbons

Wedding invitations with ribbons have become a global trend. It gives a sophisticated yet fashionable touch to the invitations. The good thing is that you can use ribbons in many ways. For instance, you can take a slender ribbon complementing the color scheme of the invitation and place it around the corners. You can use an extra piece to create a bow on the top of the invitation.

Some people consider marriage as ‘tying the knot’. So you can do this by using two thin ribbons of different colors, complementing his and hers. Then tie a knot at the top corner of the wedding invitation. If you’re not a skilled person or you do not want to take the burden, you can also use a ribbon band.

5 Wedding Invitation Ideas That Are Trending

Extending Wedding Themes To Your Wedding Invitations

Have you planned a themed wedding? Some people want all the parts of the wedding to be color coordinated. People, nowadays, are implementing the wedding colors into the invitations. Whether you’re having your wedding ceremony on the beach, a candlelight service, or an outdoor wedding, you can easily customize the wedding invitations to express the theme of your wedding. For instance, a simple drawing of a candle on the front of the invitation or confetti in your envelopes is an easy simple way to integrate your wedding’s theme into the invitations.

Go Neutral

While the use of color in a bold scheme is gaining enormous popularity, color as neutral and minimalistic is also becoming more common. It means a wedding invitation may be mint green rather than white, or pastel pink rather than ivory. Besides opulent gold, elegant platinum, and earthy bronzes will surely add shine and shimmer to fashion-forward invites. Wow your guests with classic golden borders or silvery or shimmery papers. Using colors as neutrals continue to grow in popularity as more people become accustomed to seeing colors as part of the wedding invitations.

5 Wedding Invitation Ideas That Are Trending

Using Paper Creatively

We have been focusing on the creative use of paper such as textures, folds, layers, cut-offs, non-traditional sizing, and anything you can think of. Nowadays, intricate laser cuts, non-traditional shapes like oval, circle, and triangle are being used. In fact, anything you can think of to do with the paper is now possible. You can use that creativity to create a stunning and mesmerizing wedding invitation.

So, there you have it! I’ve provided you with the best wedding invitation trends in the year 2017. A great wedding invitation is truly an instant statement to your guests.

Meet the Author

The author of this post is Tanya Sen. Tanya Sen quit her well-paying job to follow her dreams and become a writer. She is now creating and managing digital content to build relationships for organizations and individuals. An avid traveler, having visited more than 40 countries. She loves to cook and try different cuisines. She now lives in Goa, India.

Interesting in guest posting on Jihi Elephant? Read about it here!

5 Wedding Invitation Ideas That Are Trending