How to Address Mental Health Without Shame

Mental health is an important aspect of overall health. So, we’ll show you that you should have zero shame when addressing your mental health!

Mental health is an important aspect of overall health. So, we’ll show you that you should have zero shame when addressing your mental health!

Many seem to suggest that the world is getting worse and worse due to the current political climate and the potential toxicity of social media. However, to think that everything is terrible means neglecting to take in all of the information to the contrary. In fact, there is much to be optimistic about. One of these sets of optimism includes the shifting attitudes and public awareness surrounding mental health.

For many years, those with mental health issues were disregarded as being silly, or willfully irrational. It was easy to dismiss those with vulnerabilities. This is a great shame to put it extremely lightly, and will never stop being so. However, these days, many understand that mental health is just as important as physical health, perhaps even more critical.

This means that you should have zero shame when addressing the issues you may be facing. In fact, taking the time to finally accept you need help can allow you to start your journey of becoming better. It can also help you to start finding the light at the end of the tunnel. This is essential for positive living, but it first requires you to admit you are not an oddity, you are just in need of some help. After all, we wouldn’t look like someone with a sprained or broken arm as deficient. Further, only in the presence of unfortunate circumstances, and that’s precisely how we should view those with mental health issues, provided we know those circumstances can be improved or managed.

With the following advice, we’ll show you that you should have zero shame when addressing your mental health:

Everyone Must Maintain Their Mental Health

The main reason that you should feel zero shame when addressing your mental health is that everyone, no matter who they are, must maintain it. Sure, some are more predisposed to mental health conditions than others. Genetic and environmental issues can be a real factor. However, that’s not to say there are those out there ‘immune’ to mental health issues. Depression can come for anyone, as can trauma, as can intense stress, as can panic attacks. For that reason, taking care of yourself is something admirable, something that should be considered courageous and strong. The more we can spread this idea, the more it will grow. Thus, more people will feel empowered to talk about this.

There Is Hope

There is always hope. Even those suffering from PTSD or severe mental conditions can be helped through therapy, medication, or by separating themselves from a difficult situation. To feel there’s no light at the end of the tunnel is not only damaging, but it’s unfortunately false. Additionally, amazing professionals such as Psychotherapist Haley Neidich serve as a bastion of impartial help. In seeking professional help, you are allowing for the strength of support, which we can receive to be just around the corner.

You Can Become An Ambassador

What happens when you talk to someone whom you do not understand? Often, you learn that they are a person just like you. For example, you may have never met someone with dwarfism, thinking this to be a sad affliction that you are glad you do not possess. Then, in speaking to someone, you realize that they are as much a lovely and radiant person as you are. You are a person who is living their life to the full, and this completely resolves your ignorance. The same can be said for those dealing with mental health struggles.

If you have gone through trauma, or perhaps something equally as hard, and that still has an effect on the way you live your life, speaking about it can help. By speaking up or talking with someone else, others can learn how to best help themselves and seek the help they need. It can also help those without these challenges to understand your journey. Whatever opinion they come to, they will at least be able to do that with the facts in front of them, not their impressions or ignorance to lead them. Unfortunately, awareness is just like light, an absence of it will inevitably lead to darkness. However, you can serve as that light, provided you take that courageous step after first prioritizing your treatment and daily care.

To Conclude…

You mustn’t feel ashamed of your mental health. No matter how it demonstrates itself, there is always a silver lining. There will always be a potential recourse of treatment, and now that awareness is spreading, you are likely to find a loving community to surround you. The best thing you can ever do is care for yourself, and having a mental health struggle will never, ever disqualify you from that.

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Why You Need Healthy Relationships in Your Life

The eccentricity of our interpersonal relationships has an immense significance on our emotional and physical growth and survival. Humans have an intrinsic craving to connect with other people. Therefore, a healthy relationship improves your self-esteem, boosts your mental and emotional health, and enables you to live a better life. There are different types of relationships ranging from spouses to children to friends and parents.

According to a study, if a person suffers from anxiety, depression, insecurity, and low self-esteem, then there are higher chances that it will affect his or her social wellness. Nonetheless, healthy lifestyles among people promote healthy relationships, which automatically builds better understanding, improves focus, and creates a pleasant atmosphere that makes life worth living.

Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship

Whether it is a friendship, romantic, sibling, or child-parent, all healthy relationships have standard features. Some of the most noticeable traits of a healthy relationship are:

Good Communication

Communication is essential in any relationship since it enables you to connect verbally with other people. Furthermore, in a healthy relationship, it is vital to communicate with each other so that we can share what we think or feel. Therefore, excellent and honest communication builds and strengthens interpersonal relationships.

Love and Care

The basis of any relationship is love and care. The ability to love somebody means that you care about them, and the ability to care about someone means that you love them. Whether it’s a friendship or a romantic relationship, love and care make any relationship healthy and long-lasting.


Honesty means that you mean well for your partner, friend, sibling, or parent. In any relationship, you need to avoid lies and any other activities that the other person can interpret as a betrayal. Besides, honesty may mean loyalty in that you are committed to the other person.


Trust is difficult to acquire and almost impossible to gain back once it is lost. Thus, breaking trust may ruin any relationship by changing the other person’s personality and behavior towards you. Moreover, without trust, respect is impossible.

Significant Benefits Of A Healthy Relationship

Nowadays, finding your soulmate is always a click away from you. All you need to do is sign up on, and you could be one step closer to finding a partner. A healthy relationship is between people who love, support, encourage, and assist each other practically and emotionally.

Better and Longer Life

According to research, healthy social relationships have a significant impact on preventing early death. Lack of social relationships leads to loneliness, which results in depression and stress. Moreover, a healthy relationship makes your life feel more meaningful.

Reduces Stress

A healthy relationship allows you to share your feelings with other people. It is said that a problem shared is half solved. Healthy social relationships enable you to get the emotional support that helps to fight and solve life problems. Thus, reducing your stress.

Gives You a Sense of Purpose

It is common for humans to want to feel needed and loved. Many people seek to improve the world by doing something right for someone else. Embracing kindness, care, and love in any relationship generate inner peace, which gives you a sense of purpose. Knowing your purpose makes your life fun and enjoyable.

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Can Minimalism Help You Control Destructive Habits

The idea that one could have everything is appealing. However, having it all creates destructive habits for your wallet, your lifestyle, and your mind. Here is how minimalism can help you control your destructive habits.

Everybody remembers Freddie Mercury singing:

I want it all, I want it now.

And somehow, there is a part in each of us that joins in and sing with Freddie and wishes we could live it all like it all. Here’s to the future, as Queen sang, hear the cry of youth. Whether you were a fan of Queen or not, there is an energy that is impossible to ignore in the song. The idea that one could have everything they want all the time is, naturally, appealing. However, having it all, as it happens, creates destructive habits for your wallet, your lifestyle and your mind.

Can Minimalism Help You Control Destructive Habits

Don’t Let The Spending Habits Crush You

When every month new fashion and tech items come to the market, it can be difficult not to fall for their marketing traps. Indeed, regardless of your attitude to possessions, it’s easy to see how people could start to be defined by what they own. That’s precisely what opposes Android phone owners and iPhone owners; as each perceives that they represent a different social vision. In the long term, more and more young and influenceable adults choose to buy their way into a community, using tech gadgets, fashion accessories and even lifestyle memberships. However, the race for the latest item can only facilitate debts and self-esteem issues. If you’re trying to cut down on expenses, you might want to get in touch with professional credit repair experts who can help you with your budget prioritization. Additionally, you need to learn to invest in timeless over seasonal items.

Can Minimalism Help You Control Destructive Habits

No More Distractions: Get Things Done

Quantity creates not only diversity but also confusion. There’s a reason why multitasking is never a good idea contrary to what you think: it’s because it affects your productivity and the overall quality of your work. Focusing your attention on less makes your lifestyle a lot more manageable. Where do you start? You can train yourself to keep your priorities organized in a bullet journal, for instance. Bullet journals are indeed hugely helpful to sort out what matters from all the things that don’t. They also keep you on your toes as you can track appointments, projects, and achievements.

Can Minimalism Help You Control Destructive Habits

Clear Your Mind From Unnecessary Worries

Can you think clearly? It might seem like an odd question, but when the room and the wardrobe are filled with stuff you don’t need, it occupies your mind, as this brilliant insight into a man’s interior debate shows If every morning you are wasting a lot of time to choose your outfit, ultimately it’s less time to think and develop your self as a person. Why not reduce your choice to a minimum, following Zuckerberg’s or Jobs’s example, and keep a tidy and simple wardrobe? Aside from freeing money, having less brings new freedom of mind. You can worry less and consequently be more creative and productive.

At the end of the day, less is more, assuming that you ensure you still have everything you need. Of course, you want to save yourself time, money and worries, but minimalism is not depriving yourself of all comfort. It’s about creating a new sense of mental and financial comfort in your life. Live life to the fullest with less.

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Living Solo Shouldn’t Mean Feeling Alone

There are a whole host of benefits to living alone. You get to please yourself, decorate how you want to, and enjoy your own space. And, believe it or not, that can work wonders for self-care and peace of mind. Hence why many young American women are now opting to go down this route.

Of course, as you can predict, there is also a dark side. And, if you want to make this lifestyle work, it’s crucial you address that before moving forward. As much as the solitary nature of this lifestyle is a benefit, it can also be a downfall. If you go it alone, there will inevitably come times when you feel lonely. Those times shouldn’t be enough to pull you away from this option. But, you will need to consider how to look after yourself during those periods. And, to help you do that, we’re going to take some time to consider three of the steps worth following at times like these.

Settle Worries About Security

When you’re feeling lonely, worries about security could increase anxiety and stress. After all, there’s no one else to protect you should a security breach take place. That knowledge alone could leave you on edge. To make sure that doesn’t happen, take care of security in advance. By installing something like the Security One smart home system, you can put your anxieties here at ease the moment you start to feel them. While your alarm system isn’t a friend, it’ll soon start to feel like one, especially if it connects straight to the police station. Just like that, you’ll feel as though you have someone looking out for you. And, that could ease your worries before they even take root.

beverage-smile, happy

Find Ways To Break The Silence

Most of the time, you’ll find that silence is one of the things you love most about living solo. You won’t have to listen to the continual drone of someone else watching television. You won’t have to put up with awful music choices. But, if you’re feeling lonely, that silence you love could soon start to feel a little sinister. So, you may want to invest in a music system you could turn to at these times. Or, get into the habit of switching on the television when you feel loneliness is creeping in. Just the distant drone of voices should be enough to comfort you at times like these.

Get Friendly With Your Neighbors

It’s 2018, and making friends with your neighbors is SO last century. But, if you reach out to them, you can be sure they’ll appreciate it and return your efforts. And, getting friendly with the people who live around you is about the best thing you can do to alleviate loneliness. Something as simple as a chat with the people next door could transform a day at home. Plus, never underestimate how much better you’ll feel knowing a friendly face is just a few steps away should you need them.

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