Daisy’s Floral & Mosaic Stamp Custom Bullet Journal

For Daisy's custom planner, the primary color used is Prussian blue. Further, the layouts involved include a title page, future log, monthly calendar, and weekly grid. Here you can read more about Daisy's planner.

Daisy ordered a custom bullet-journal-inspired planner. Her planner is an Essentials Dot Matrix Notebook. The primary color used for Daisy’s notebook is Prussian blue in floral and mosaic themes. Further, the layouts involved include a title page, future log, monthly calendar, and weekly grid. Here you can read more about Daisy’s planner. 

Layouts Included

Here you can learn more about the layouts for Daisy’s custom planner.

Watercolor Title Page: 

Daisy’s title layout is a blue and purple tye-dye watercolor title page. For the header, “Daisy” is in a black calligraphy font. Then, on the second line, “2020 bujo” is in an all-caps print font.

Future Log

This future log includes 12 months. Each page features three months each with a row. Then, each row has a mini-calendar. Finally, the headers for each month are in a blue script font. Then, at the bottom, there is a blue and green floral washi tape strip.

Simple Monthly Calendar

For each monthly layout, I used a simple grid calendar. Then, the header is blue or black brush lettering. Additionally, the header is located vertically down the right side. Lastly, every other month has a mosaic stamp blue background or blue floral washi tape down the left side.

Weekly Grid Layout:

The weekly grid layout is a weekly layout that encompasses seven days. Further, each page includes eight squares that make up the grid. Seven of the boxes are for the days of the week, and the 8th box is blank. For the headers, the lettering utilizes a blue or black print lettering. Lastly, every other month, to match the monthly layout has a mosaic stamp blue background or blue floral washi tape across the bottom.

Tools Used

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Red & Gold Mosaic December Bullet Journal Plan-with-Me

This month I decided to use red and gold as my main theme. Keep on reading to learn more about my bullet journal and how I created it!

Each month I create a new theme for my bullet journal. This month I decided to use red as my main theme. I added gold and decided to use mosaic stamps. Keep on reading to learn more about my bullet journal and how I created it!

The Red and Gold Mosaic Theme Process

I have always done red and gold as a theme for December because of the holidays. Further, I prefer not to do red and green, its just not my favorite combination of colors. This year, because I have already done a gold theme in February, I stuck with red as the main color. Then, because in the past few months I have done more solid painting, I chose to use the mosaic stamps. Lastly, as usual, I chose gold for my metallic and for all of the lines and headers. The gold is difficult to see over the mosaic, but that does not bother me and I did not want to use black.

The Layout Descriptions

This month is very similar to that of my November bullet journal set-up. For the title page, I mimicked that of my April spread. Red mosaic stamps cover the majority of the page. Then, in the upper third of the page, I have used the ink pad to create a more solid red area. In this area of solid red, I wrote the header in a gold minimal script font. Then, on the top and bottom of the solid red area, I bordered in gold as well.

Following the hello December page is my weekly spread. This spread is split into two distinct parts. The first part, or left page, includes a half-hourly tracker from 7:00 AM until 10:30 PM. This page includes Monday through Saturday. The second, or right page, includes 6 rectangles. Each of these boxes represents a day of the week, and I split the sixth into two for Saturday and Sunday. The left page is meant to track my schedule by the half-hour; whereas, the right page is for my all-day events, holidays, due dates, and daily to-do’s.

The final part of my December bullet journal set-up is the Christmas gift tracker. This year, I spent very little time on this layout and did not intend for it to be very beautiful. First, I coated the background in red watercolor paint. Next, I roughly outlined the circles in gold and drew the header on in a minimal gold script. Finally, I connected the circles, which are meant to be Christmas bulbs, to the top of the page with red. The gold and red are both difficult to see; however, the layouts is functional. Next, I titled each circle in red script lettering. The purpose of this page is to list Christmas gift ideas according to each person I have to shop for.

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Teal Mosaic Stamps | September Plan-with-Me

Summer is over and school season has begun! For me, this means that I am beyond busy and it is time to crack down on my planner organization. For September, my theme is teal stamps. This article will walk you through my process and how I created my September teal stamps bullet journal spread.

The Teal Stamping Theme Process

This month’s process is much like my other processes. I decided to do something familiar and easy due to my schedule. While I was not sure what color to use, I eventually landed on using teal and white. I picked out an ink pad and began stamping. I realized that gold was far too yellow and instead went with copper which is more orange.

When I moved to work on my second page, I realized just how much the new ink bled through the pages. This led me to skip every other set of pages and glue them together to avoid the bleed through ruining the layouts. Additionally, I used scrap paper between pages while I was stamping. Last, of my process, I realized that the columns were difficult to read and write on because of the ink bleeding. So, I cut up pages from another notebook and glued down fresh columns. Then, I outlined these columns with copper as to hide the section edges.

Though there were complications, I really enjoy how these pages ended up!

The Layout Descriptions

Per usual, my September spread includes a title or hello page as well as weekly pages. Additionally, this month I’ve included a fall semester overview.

First, the fall semester overview mirrors my spring semester overview. There are 4 columns and the 4th column is broken into two rows, December and August. Each section or column has a mini-calendar with major dates circled. Then, below the calendar is a list of major assignments such as presentations, projects, and exams. The main header is print and the sub-headers are in gold minimal script font. Lastly, note that each course was assigned a color.

Next the hello or title page is done in almost all teal ink. The majority of the page in covered in teal mosaic stamps. There is a section about one-third of the way down that is entirely teal ink with a copper border on the top and bottom. Finally, within this space is “September” in a white script font.

Lastly, my weekly spread is almost identical to that of my April spread. there are 7 copper outlined columns. Each column represents a day and has a white subheader over copper coloring. The main header is over teal ink in white script. The remainder of the pages features a teal mosaic stamp.

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Spring Pink Mosaic Stamps | April Bullet Journal Plan-With-Me

My April bullet journal was inspired by my own January bullet journal as well as a client’s notebook. I stuck with a pink mosaic look with a spring touch. Keep reading to check out the layouts I used and my process for my spring pink mosaic stamped April bullet journal.

My April Set-up

Like usual, My set-up includes a hello page and monthly pages. I keep this relatively simple. So, the hello page for April is all stamped up with the exception of a row in the top half of the page. This row is sponged in the same ink color. Then, the lettering is done in white minimal calligraphy.

The weekly layouts are the same as in my March set-up. The blank space is filled with mosaic stamps in the pink color. There are sponged sections in the top where the header is. Again, the headers are written in white minimal cursive. There are then 7 columns for each day of the week. The columns are outlined in black. Further, each day of the week is written in a print font this month.

My April Process & Theme

For April my theme is magenta pink mosaic stamps, my bullet journal was inspired by both my January layout and a client’s journal. The use of stamps is what I pulled from my January plan-with-me and the chosen color, pink is what I pulled from a client’s journal. My theme and process for April were known halfway through March and I was so excited to complete my set-up.

When I was creating the layouts for the client, her colors were pink and yellow. I have two pink ink pads, however, one of them is more neon and did not match her notebook. So, I picked the new pink ink pad, which I had not used before. I fell in love immediately. This color is so bold and beautiful. It is a shade of pink that I enjoy personally and it looks so good.

Since I knew I wanted to use this pink color, the only real option was to use the stamps that I had used in my January plan-with-me. I wanted to switch it up at least a little, and I opted to re-order the stamps. Additionally, I wanted the hello page to be different. I decided to try to make the area with lettering solid ink. My ink pad does not hold enough ink for that, but I am really happy with the outcome. I will definitely need to get more of this ink.

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Tools Used

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