Metallic Green March 2020 Plan-with-Me

This post will be a brief overview of my bullet journal layout for March 2020 where I decided to do a switch up with a metallic green theme.

This post will be a brief overview of my bullet journal layout for March 2020. I decided to do a little bit of a switch up with this month’s theme.

As I mentioned in my 2020 overview video, I plan to keep this year simple to give me time to work on other things. Let’s get started.

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The Metallic Green Process

As you probably know, I have been trying to be more minimalistic this year with my own personal bullet journal due to time. However, it is a little boring for me to keep everything the same each month. So, to mix things up, I decided to start using other metallic colors. Because the general theme for March is green for St. Patty’s Day, I chose a metallic green color. This metallic green has replaced the gold for March.

The Layout Descriptions

Nothing except the metallic color has changed for the month of March. Essentially, the function of the spread is the same as it was for February and January. However, let’s dive into if you aren’t familiar. The left page is where I keep my schedule for Monday through Saturday by the half-hour. This one is super useful to help me keep track of meetings and appointments. Then, on the right page is six rectangle boxes representing each day of the week. Saturday and Sunday share the sixth box. Here is where I mark all-day events, holidays, due dates, and daily to-dos. This spread has been working phenomenally for me and I intend to keep it!

Additional Layouts

Finally, let’s talk about extra layouts. First, I wanted to show off an update about my plant care tracker which I showed an unfinished version of last month. Ultimately, the main change is the header. I have to add a day of water and do a fertilizing session soon!

Next, I added a video ideas page! I had not added my ideas at the time I took the photo, but I am so excited to explore new video ideas both for ElizabethJournals and ElizabethPlants!

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5 Wedding Invitation Ideas That Are Trending

Well, it’s the time to invite! Of course, wedding invitations are the key to opening the door to getting your guests to attend your wedding celebration. Are you anxious to catch the latest trends in wedding dresses? Check out these 5 Wedding invitation ideas that are totally on trend!

When you’re planning your wedding invitation, always select the best of what you like and leave all other things behind. The most important thing is that you select a style most reflecting the personality of you and your future spouse. Use these ideas as starting points when designing your dream wedding invitation.

Adding Color To Your Wedding Invitations

Whether subtle or bold, the color is playing a major role in wedding invitations. Gone are the days of white invitations with standard ink colors. In this respect, the latest printing techniques are now adding color on card stock to writing on the envelope lining of the invitation card. Colors, which were once considered awkward, are now being used in the most traditional wedding invitations.

Invitations are now given a 3D touch. It is done by matting a photo in a frame with multiple colors and materials behind the photo. Cool and nice color combinations such as turquoise and tan, black and ivory, greens and blue, or orange and pink spice up the traditional color scheme.

5 Wedding Invitation Ideas That Are Trending

Decorating Your Invitations With Ribbons

Wedding invitations with ribbons have become a global trend. It gives a sophisticated yet fashionable touch to the invitations. The good thing is that you can use ribbons in many ways. For instance, you can take a slender ribbon complementing the color scheme of the invitation and place it around the corners. You can use an extra piece to create a bow on the top of the invitation.

Some people consider marriage as ‘tying the knot’. So you can do this by using two thin ribbons of different colors, complementing his and hers. Then tie a knot at the top corner of the wedding invitation. If you’re not a skilled person or you do not want to take the burden, you can also use a ribbon band.

5 Wedding Invitation Ideas That Are Trending

Extending Wedding Themes To Your Wedding Invitations

Have you planned a themed wedding? Some people want all the parts of the wedding to be color coordinated. People, nowadays, are implementing the wedding colors into the invitations. Whether you’re having your wedding ceremony on the beach, a candlelight service, or an outdoor wedding, you can easily customize the wedding invitations to express the theme of your wedding. For instance, a simple drawing of a candle on the front of the invitation or confetti in your envelopes is an easy simple way to integrate your wedding’s theme into the invitations.

Go Neutral

While the use of color in a bold scheme is gaining enormous popularity, color as neutral and minimalistic is also becoming more common. It means a wedding invitation may be mint green rather than white, or pastel pink rather than ivory. Besides opulent gold, elegant platinum, and earthy bronzes will surely add shine and shimmer to fashion-forward invites. Wow your guests with classic golden borders or silvery or shimmery papers. Using colors as neutrals continue to grow in popularity as more people become accustomed to seeing colors as part of the wedding invitations.

5 Wedding Invitation Ideas That Are Trending

Using Paper Creatively

We have been focusing on the creative use of paper such as textures, folds, layers, cut-offs, non-traditional sizing, and anything you can think of. Nowadays, intricate laser cuts, non-traditional shapes like oval, circle, and triangle are being used. In fact, anything you can think of to do with the paper is now possible. You can use that creativity to create a stunning and mesmerizing wedding invitation.

So, there you have it! I’ve provided you with the best wedding invitation trends in the year 2017. A great wedding invitation is truly an instant statement to your guests.

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The author of this post is Tanya Sen. Tanya Sen quit her well-paying job to follow her dreams and become a writer. She is now creating and managing digital content to build relationships for organizations and individuals. An avid traveler, having visited more than 40 countries. She loves to cook and try different cuisines. She now lives in Goa, India.

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5 Wedding Invitation Ideas That Are Trending