35 Motivating Fitness & Wellness Bullet Journal Layouts

35 Motivating Fitness & Wellness Bullet Journal Layouts

Keeping up on our health and wellness is incredibly important and useful. However, getting started can be super challenging. I find that starting simple and keeping a group of people or one person to help you out to be the easiest way to get going. Speaking of health and wellness, here are 34 amazing fitness and wellness bullet journal layouts to help get you motivated.

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Fitness Layouts

These super motivating fitness layouts are built to track fitness, plan out fitness, and motivate your fitness! They are amazing!

“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.”

Michael John Bobak

Exercise Log by @journals_cloud

This first layouts is like a calendar and similar to a habit tracker. However, it is more specific because it focuses on exercise. I also love the use of quotes and words.

Workout Tracker by anjahome

I love the color scheme of this workout tracker. Additionally, the doodles and lettering are phenomenal. My favorite thing about this tracker is its simplicity. There are only a few workout options and tracking their completion require some simple coloring.

September Fitness Tracker

This layout is one of the first fitness trackers I ever created. This one is more intense than some of the other ones I’ve featured here; though, it was by request. This layout has sections for cardio, strength training and has a water tracker at the bottom! Keep reading to check out more water trackers!

Exercise Tracker by @aimighani

This layout features a very unique quality. Next to each exercise is a doodle demonstration of how to complete the exercise. I think that the simplicity of a layout like this one is super motivating.

Brittany's Bullet Journal | Client Gallery

Exercise Tracker

This fitness tracker was created for a client and is meant to mirror the year in pixels mood tracking layout. However, Instead of moods, the spread tracks exercise categories. The layout also features a little motivations quote.

Jogging Tracker by  unknown creator

I never thought about using a jogging tracker before. Most trackers focus on steps or general fitness. I love that this track hones in on jogging. Small goals but way easier to stomach for someone like me who struggles to get out and exercise.

Unfortunately, I could not find the original creator. If you believe this is your work I’d love to give you credit, shoot me an email with proof!

Workout Plan

For some people, tracking is too time consuming and daunting. Maybe an alternative could be a plant instead. Creating a universal plan to refer to coud be a great alternative.

Stats and Workout Plan

I did a 21 day program and this layout is my tracker. The right is the workout plan. I would highlight the workouts which I completed. The left page is were I track my measurements.

Weight Loss Trackers

These amazing weight loss trackers help you track your weight loss. Additionally, they help you to track, plan, and record goals and rewards!

“Weight loss doesn’t begin in the gym with a dumb bell; it starts in your head with a decision.”

Toni Sorenson

Weight Tracker by @littlemissrose

I find this graph incredibly cool to look at! Not only does it track weight, it also tracks water intake, exercise, and food intake. I am inspired by this layout!

Body Measurements by @grey.and.copper

body measurements are a common weight loss tracker to be paired with weight tracking. This one is cool because it features a drawing of a body to write the measurements along side of.

Weight Loss Tracker

I created this weight loss tracker for Katrina, a client of mine who purchased a custom bullet journal inspired planner. This layout is meant to represent a board game. In addition to rewards, there is a start and finish. Each square represents a milestone!

Weight Loss and Fitness by @reenshayjournals

How gorgeous is this weight and fitness tracking duo!? The black and white minimal bold feel catches my eyes. What a cool way to pair these trackers.

Water Logs

Getting enough water is essential. If you are looking to improve your health and wellness be sure you are drinking enough water. According to HealthLine, the recommended amount of water is eight 8-ounce glasses of water. It is sometimes difficult to keep track of how much water you’ve drunk. Use one of these gorgeous water trackers to help you reach your water intake goals!

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

charles r. swindoll

Water and Step Log by @sharonajournals

Water logs don’t usually take up a ton of space. Additionally, some other trackers like steps logs and sleep trackers don’t require much space. This clean layouts is the perfect pairing or water and steps logs!

Drinking Tracker by @bullet.journal.page

I love that this layout is a drinking tracker but also provides a list of ways to get more water! These tips are super helpful. I will definitely need to take some of this advice!

Water Tracker

I created this layout for another client! This one has a column of eight water drops for each day of the month. This layout is effective and was requested; however seemingly crowded. Perhaps the droplets should have been smaller.

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Sleep Logs

In today’s society, we value sleep less than ever before. However, getting enough sleep is a must! According to HelpGuide.org a normal adult should be getting 6 to 9 hours of sleep each night! Here are soem sleep logs to help you keep track of your sleeping patterns and motivate you to get more sleep!

Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.

Carol Burnett
Brittany's Bullet Journal | Client Gallery

Sleep & H2O Tracker

Here is another combo tracker featuring a sleep log and H2O tracker. This layout is a weekly tracker, unlike most which are monthly. Again, this is a client layout created by request.

Sleep Log by Tiny Ray of Sunshine

Alot of layouts similar to this one use highlighting or colored ink to show sleep. What I love about this layout is that it uses black and white boxes instead of color! Great work by @tinyrayofsunshine.

Sleep Log by @journal.it

This sleep tracker is really pretty. I like the way the header peeks through some flowers. Additionally, each day is labelled with each hour for the day. I personally don’t prefer it this way. However, this method does make filling in the layout far easier.

Sleep Tracker

I created this layout for another client. The sleeping doodle is super cute in my opinion. Then the graph or grid style tracking keeps the layout simple. I prefer a sleep tracker like this one, but there is nothing wrong with the other methods.

Meal Planning

Do you struggle planning out your meals? Or maybe you love meal planning and want a really cool way to plan out your meals all in one place! Here is a ton of meal planning, meal tracking, and grocery list layout ideas! If you don’t already meal plan, these layouts might motivate you to get started!

Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.

Og Mandino

Dinner Menu by @sheylara_shen

This dinner menu is absolutely adorable with the little doodles on half of the days. This menu is super cool and ultra simple. This layout is fun to look at and hugely inspiring.

Meal Plan by @my_journaling_corner

I love everything about this layout. The black and white color scheme adds to its effectiveness. Also, the doodles and clean lettering make this meal plan layout beautiful.

Meal Plan By @emschwartzrdm

I believe that this meal planning layout is a weekly layout. The left side appears to be the plan for each day and the right side appears to be a grocery shopping list. The straight-forwardness of this layout makes me want to recreate it for myself.

Grocery Planner

I created this layout be the request of a client. She told me exactly how she wanted it and assigned the colors to each category. I believe that she was using a simila meal plan to the one I recently tried in March. This helps you to organized your groceries according to specific categories. Thus, allowing you to be sure you have enough of everything you need.

Meal Plan & Tracker

This layout is my own version of the previous one. They relate to a similar meal plan where the food groups are categorized by color. The previous layout is for groceries. For this layout, I was tracking how much of eat food group I ate each day for that week.

Period Tracking

If you are a woman then you probably experience the dreaded period! Keeping track of your periods and symptoms is incredibly useful for a million health reasons. It is also nice to be able to predict when your period is coming. The period tracker is one that I personally use. Additionally, I use a pill tracker paired with it. Here aer some inspirational period trackers.

A lot of people would say ‘sexy’ is about the body. But to me, ‘sexy’ is a woman with confidence. I admire women who have very little fear.

Allegra Versace

Minimal Period Tracker by @abulletandsomelines

I love period trackers which use simple dots to keep track. This is similar to mine except the bordering and headers are far more creative. I love the geometric feel with the simple lettering.

Brittany's Bullet Journal | Client Gallery

Blue Period Tracker

This period tracker is very similar to a year in pixels layout. Each box representing a period day is colored in. The color is likely red, however, this will be up to the owner of the planner. Additionally, this layout is another one created for a client.

Strawberry weeks by LittleBearCreations

Ive’ seen the phrase “strawberry” weeks around in bullet journaling for a while now. I love that the different shades of pink represent flow. This really elps you get a clear visual.

Pill and Period Tracker

Here is my pill and period tracker. I got my layout inspiration from @bulletjournalnoob. Further, I love the minimal feel to it and a simple key style. I keep these trackers next to each other because of how well they play off of each other.

Other Wellness Trackers

Not every wellness layout fits into the previous category. So, here are all the other wellness layouts! Additionally, some of these layouts include routines, medical trackers, symptom trackers, etc.

Wellness is the complete integration of body, mind, and spirit – the realization that everything we do, think, feel, and believe has an effect on our state of well-being.

Greg Anderson

Good Morning & Good Night Routine & Hygiene Plan

Keeping a routine or hygiene layout is a great way to be sure you are getting everything you need done each morning and night. These types of layouts are becoming more and more popular. I am tempted to create one for myself!

Blood Pressure by unknown creator

For some, blood pressure is a super important aspect of their health to track. Regardless, blood pressure is probably something worth tracking. Here is a super well-done and creative blood pressure tracker!

Unfortunately, I could not find the original creator. If you believe this is your work I’d love to give you credit, shoot me an email with proof!

Symptom Tracker by Pinecone Papers

Do you experience a lot of symptoms? Your bullet journal is the perfect place to keep track of all your symptoms. Because of this layout, I considered doing a symptom tracker for my headaches, back pain, and wrist pain. This layout has motivated me to add one!

Doctors Appointments by Crafting Is My Life

It is easy to forget about your doctor appointments, particularly because you often schedule them so far in advance. So, here is one idea for how to keep a visual of your appointments all in one easy-to-use place.

November Bullet Journal Feature | TM of @bulletjournalnoob

Health Tracker by @bulletjournalnoob

I love this habit/health tracker created by @bulletjournalnoob. She does amazing minimal work. Also, the hand lettering done here is phenomenal.

Wellness Tracker

I created this spread for a client. They wanted several different trackers and I found that they all fit nicely into one set-up. Further, the wellness trackers involved include symptoms, medications, pain, and sleep.

Morning Routine by Zig Zags and Zebras

This morning routine layout is really inspirational for me. I want to create something just like this! Additionally, you can’t hate the tropical backdrop!

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>>Love wellness and health, read more about living positively HERE<<

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20+ Happy Yellow Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

18 Happy Yellow Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

Yellow is one of my favorite colors to work with in my bullet journal. I use yellow at least once per summer. Though I try to use the color more often. The color yellow makes me feel so happy and uplifted. You can’t go wrong with such a happy, bright color! If you are looking to add some yellow to your bullet journal, here are over 20 layouts for inspiration!

Autumn Reading by @paperplants

I enjoy the inclusion of minimal but effective coloring. Having yellow in the details and borders allows the layout to pop!

Yellow Weekly Grid by @bulletjournalamino

This spread is both a bold yellow weekly grid AND an amazing Harry Potter-themed layout! I am Gryffindor, what are you??

Yellow Honeycomb Instagram Follower Tracker by @jashiicorrin

Who doesn’t love a good honeycomb layout!? What kind of Instagram follower tracker do you use? This one is a fantastic idea!!

Karyn's Watercolor Pocket Calendar | Client Gallery

2019 Sunflower Title Page

I created this watercolor sunflower title page for a client, Karyn. Karyn’s husband gifted her a floral and gardening themed pocket planner. Additionally, I just LOVE how it turned out! It shows off one great way to use yellow in your bullet journal

January Weekly Layout by @bujobreak

This layout almost feels celebratory with the fireworks and strung lights! Also, I love that she used a crayola supertip to add all of her details!

MariaVictoria's Themed Bullet Journal | Client Gallery

Hello July Sunshine

Here is another hello or cover page I created for a client. Maria Victoria requested a different theme for each month. So, July’s theme was sunshine. Therefore, I created a fun watercolor sun to kick off July!

Karma Quote by @thebluebujo

Work Smart Quote by @bujo.becca

Who doesn’t love a good encouraging quote!? I love the mix of banners and flowers used for this quote. Further, the quote reads “work smarter not harder.”

Bright Yellow Heart + Quote by @artjclub

This is one of my favorite layouts in this round-up. The sold yellow with white lettering stands out so strongly. Then, the yellow heart with a seedling growing out of it is done so incredibly well. You cannot help but stare at this layout!

Sunflower Weekly Spread by @bymarcelekeny

I love the look of this layout and layouts similar to this one. I do not know how people do these, I can’t seem to figure it out. But I love them! Additionally, how gorgeous are the sunflowers!?

Yellow March Weekly Layout

Here is another fun yellow watercolor layout I created for a client. This planner is in an A4 notebook which I only do by request. However, I love the way this one turned out. The black over the watercolor helps it to pop!

Snake by @herewithoutmari

I hate snakes, they freak me out. However, this layout is a great example of using yellow in your bullet journal. So, regardless of my fear, I am sharing this layout with you!

March Monthly Log by @idunnobujo

I love the use of yellow and anging lightbulbs! I think these layouts look phenomenal and paire well together. Additionally, isn’t her handwritting gorgeous!!

Jar of Honey Weekly by @128studies

I can’t help but be reminded of Winnie the Pooh when I see jars of honey? What does this beautiful layout remind you of? Let me know in the comments below!

Yellow Habit Tracker by @bulletjournalnoob

As you may know, @bulletjournalnoob is one of my favorite bullet journaling Instagram accounts. Her work is perfect! Additionally, she was a feature here on the blog, check out more about her bullet journal journey HERE! Regardless, this layout is fantastic! I always LOVE her trackers!

Yellow Time Log by @didijournals

This layout sticks out so firmly in my mind. I love the use of yellow for a border. Additionally, the other colors and handwriting are phenomenal!

Alana's Bullet Journal | Client Gallery

Hello January Floral Page

I created watercolor floral layouts for this custom bullet journal inspired planner turned out amazing! While I am not sure what flower this is, I love the way it looks in a golden yellow shade!

Yellow Summer Popsicle by @notjustbujo

Not only is this layout yellow but it features a bright yellow quote and summer popsicle! Who doesn’t love a good popsicle in the summer??

18 Happy Yellow Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

April Bubbles Weekly Layout by @abby.happyplans

Circles are my favorite shap, I love the use of color and pattern in the circles of this layout. Additionally, If you look close enough, there are some quotes in there!

Love these yellow layouts? Check out more color-themed bullet journal layouts HERE!

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My Collection and List Bullet Journals | Plan-with-Me

In this gallery, you can find the contents of my collection and list journal. These layouts include my layouts. Further, I update this gallery regularly, as the notebooks are updated. These layouts include personal collections, pen tests, and other swatches.

Collections & Swatches

This first notebook is fully of my collections, swatches, and pen-tests.

Lists & Planning

These layouts are lists. Often they are wishlists, moving guides, gift lists, etc. I no longer keep these layouts separate from my main planning bullet journal.

If you want to learn more about the products I used to create these layouts, check out my tool post!

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My Collection and List Bullet Journals | Plan-with-Me

30 Astrology Zodiac To Inspire Your Bullet Journal

I do not know much about astrology or zodiac signs, or really anything related; however, my sister is and I find it very fascinating to learn! While I was browsing some astrology information, it occurred to me that there might be bullet journal layouts inspired by astrology and zodiac signs. Here is a round-up of over 30 astrology and zodiac inspired bullet journal layout ideas.

Astrology for Beginners by Witchshallow

I need this layout, since I am a beginner and all.

Astrology Signs

This beautiful minimal spread includes a rundown of all of the signs!

Astrology-Inspired Hello February

Love this astrology-inspired hello page! I will surely use this at some point!

Astrological Calendar by Wildhvnt 

As a planner, I love a good calendar. Love the simplicity and use of illustration in this one.

Birth Chart by ZennedOut

Here is a birth chart, I need to create one and have my sister help me out with it!

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Star Chart

Astrologically Inspired

I do not personally understand this layout, but I love it and it seems to fit in here!

This layout goes to show that you don’t need an expensive bullet notebook to make an awesome bullet journal layout. As you can see, even a lined notebook can be an amazing bullet journal.

Zodiac Signs

I absolutely love the watercolor in this layout. Also, the format of the layout is amazing!

Again, love a simple layout! Additionally, I am a huge fan of symbols and I love the use of colors and symbols here. 

Astrology-Inspired by EvyDraws

While these two layouts are not specifically about astrological things, The first is a weekly layout and the second is a mind map that look as if they could be!

Star Chart by KaijuMaddy

This one is a star chart, how neat!

Astrological Doodle by Paulina of @doestudies

Astrology-Inspired Hello June by @elvish_ink

I love a good minimal layout, this one is particularly nice because of it’s use of starts which seem to be bursting from the middle.

Astrology Page by Herbs-and-Spells

How neat is this layout? I love the use of blues and paint, as well as, the use of symbols.

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Zodiac Signs by Nat of @Nattstudies

Zodiac Signs by @this.scrapjournal

Tarot Symbols by @willowseast

Lunar Calendar by @paperlemons

Scorpio Zodiac Layout

I love how this layout utilizes light on dark and focuses on only one zodiac sign. Also, the use of watercolor is, again, amazing!

Moon Phases by @psychonote

How can you use the moon phases?

Astrology Lunar Calendar by @organisedhustler

Love a good lunar calendar! Check out this one!

Moods & Moons by @bujo.brookie

Ever notice your mood is tied to the moon cycle or astrology? Check out this awesome layout! Additionally, learn more about astrology HERE.

Astrological Hello April by  @amandarachdoodles

Hopefully, you are now inspired to create your own astrology or zodiac bullet journal layout!

Want to check out more bullet journal layouts? Click here!

Want to learn more about astrology and naturopathology? Click here!

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Ultimate Bullet Journal Layouts | List of 100+ Bujo Layouts

This page is a guide to all things bullet journal. Bulleting journaling include

  • My plan-with-me posts dating back to 2017
  • Client bullet journals which I create for customers over at my store
  • Featured journalers whom I give the spotlight once a month (apply to be featured here)
  • Collections of various themes, page types, months, and colors to keep you inspired

Ultimate Bullet Journal Layouts List of 100+ Bujo Layouts

All Plan-with-Me

Here you can find all of my plan-with-me content as far back as February 2017. Plan-with-me content is walkthroughs of my layouts. I update this gallery each month as sneak peeks to my journal before my monthly post goes live. Under plan-with-me, you can find my yearly, monthly, and weekly spreads. Additionally, I share my business journal, collection journal, and list journal. 

My 2018 Bullet Journal

In this gallery, you can find all of the bullet journal layouts I created in 2018. These layouts include my layouts. Here you can not only see my yearly, monthly, and weekly spreads, but I also share my other journals as they are updated. These journals include my business journal, collection journal, and list journal. 

My 2017 Bullet Journal

Here are all of the layouts which I created for my personal bullet journal in 2017. These layouts include my own personal layouts. 2017 is broken down by month in the order these layouts were created in my actual journal.

Client Planner Layouts

In this gallery, you can find all of the bullet journal-inspired planner layouts I have created for clients over at the Jihi Elephant Shop. Many of these layouts are customized by myself or the client, while others have been adapted from previously created layouts. Click here to check out these planners.

Featured Bullet Journals

Here you will find a list of bullet journals created by talented bullet journalists. Each month, one or two bullet journals are chosen to be featured with their journalist. In these posts, the artist shares a little bit about themselves, their bullet journal journey, some advice for newbies, and up to 9 layouts. You can learn more about the bullet journaler and view their bullet journals here.

Bullet Journal by Theme

Here you will find collections of layouts I have gathered organized by varying themes. These posts are full of beautiful and unique bullet journaling layout ideas surely to inspire you.

Bullet Journal by Page Type

Here you will find collections of layouts I have gathered organized by varying page types. These posts are full of beautiful and unique bullet journaling layout ideas sure to inspire you.

Bullet Journal by Month

Here you will find collections of layouts I have gathered organized by the months. These posts are full of beautiful and unique bullet journaling layout ideas sure to inspire you.

Bullet Journal by Color

Here you will find collections of layouts I have gathered organized by varying colors. These posts are full of beautiful and unique bullet journaling layout ideas sure to inspire you.

Bullet Journal Tools

Here you can find all of the journaling tools I use and recommend.

Ultimate Bullet Journal Gallery