20+ Excellent Habit Trackers You Need To Try

Of the most common bullet journaling spread are trackers. Here are over 20 excellent habit trackers that you need to try in your bullet journal!

Of the most common bullet journaling spread is trackers. Mood trackers and habit trackers would likely be most often used. However, today we are merely focusing on habit trackers. Habit trackers can be used for such a wide variety of activities and habits. For example, you can have a habit tracker that focuses on physical activity, productivity, health, sleep, or house chores, among other things. What would you use your habit tracker for? Below are over 20 excellent habit trackers that you need to try in your bullet journal!

Map Habit & Mood Tracker

This is such a near theme idea for a tracker! I love that the map represents the month, and different icons that would be on a map represent mood. Also, the lettering in this one is gorgeous!

source: inprint.xyz

Reading Tracker

A reading tracker is a great way to keep track of or build a reading habit! This is also another great tracker to have if you are a student. Further, it could easily be adjusted to be a study tracker.

source: rox.the.planoholic

Daily Spending Tracker

Monthly Habit Tracker

I always love a good minimalistic tracker. The dots, charts, and graphs are very nice to look at and also give you a good idea of your progress in your habits at a glance.

source: bulletjournalnoob

Steps & Sleep Tracker

If you are looking to be healthier, tracking your steps and sleep habits are great habit trackers for you! Also, this one has gorgeous daisies on it!

source: serendipity.bujo

Productivity Tracker

Sleep Tracker

Here is another excellent sleep tracker idea! So, this one has great use of nighttime imagery, which is very topical for this spread.

source: annajournals_

Money & Health Challenges

Another great way to visualize habit trackers is as challenges. Further, this layout is a great way to recognize a more scheduled or goal-based habit!

source: jashiicorrin

Monthly Habit Tracker

Monthly Habit Tracker

This fun adult drink inspired habit tracker is super neat looking and great to look at! I love the color choice and the cute doodles.

source: tritopus_

Houseplant Habit Tracker

If you are a houseplant fan then a houseplant themed habit tracker is probably for you! This is an art-focused tracker idea that I really enjoy! Check out more houseplant inspired bullet journal layouts here.

source: pedroutine

Circular Habit Tracker

Habit, Workout, and Mood Tracker

I am absolutely in love with this layout. Further, my favorite part is the grid behind the spread. Then, the different trackers and doodle items are hung on the grid. It is very clean and beautiful on the eyes!

source: bulletsandconfetti

Magical Habit Tracker

This magical spread is absolutely beautiful! I love the different doodles on this habit tracker! So, if this is your aesthetic, this layout is for you!

source: my_simplejournal

Fitness Tracker

Adorable Habit Tracker

This spread is super minimal and cute! Also, I love the artwork and the idea of the calendar grid for tracking!

source: willemijnsbulletjournal

Mood & Habit Tracker

I love the use of varied paper designs on this habit and mood tracker. Further, bringing the two together with the theme of purple paper is a great idea!

source: copper_fox_creates_art

Zodiac Habit Tracker

Check out more zodiac, lunar, and astrology inspired bullet journal layouts here.

Rainbow Habit Tracker

I cannot wait to see this spread once it is filled in because the rainbow blanket will be so fun once it is complete!

source: idontshimmyishakemypaint

Yoga Challenge

If you do yoga or similar physical activities, a tracker similar to this one might be perfect for you. I especially love the box below to write in your favorite youtube tutorial!

source: cayaline

Minimal Habit Tracker

Digital Habit & Mood Trackers

I thought it might be a great idea to include a digital habit tracker as well. This one is a simple grid style spread. However, I believe that it is incredible that bullet journals can be digital now! It’s not my style, but it makes planning so much more accessible!

source: marianeofcysn

Minimal Habit Tracker

Last but not least, I was drawn to this tracker by the simplistic design. Further, I cannot help but love how the creator is using tiny symbols to identify her habits instead of writing out what he habit is. That is super creative and saves a ton of space on the spread.

source: asheiras_nook

Do you love tracking your habits in your bullet journal? If you do, check out these habit tracking and other bullet journal layout ideas for your planner! What is your favorite type of tracker? Let me know in the comments below!

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Jenny’s Pastel Custom Bullet Journal Inspired Planner

For Jenny's planner, the primary colors used are pastel shades of pink, purple, blue, green, and yellow. Further, the layouts involved include...

Jenny ordered a custom bullet-journal-inspired planner. Jenny’s planner is a Leuchtturm1917 A5 Dotted Hardcover in Gold.  The primary colors used for Jenny’s notebook are pastel shades of pink, purple, blue, green, and yellow. Further, the layouts involved include a title page, future log, birthday log, places to go, weight tracker, savings log, self-care page, quotes, hello monthly, monthly calendar, habit tracker, sleep log, mood tracker, weekly spread, gratitude tracker, and monthly summary. Here you can read more about Jenny’s planner. 

Layouts Included

Here you can learn more about the layouts for Jenny’s custom planner.

Watercolor Title Page: 

Jenny’s title layout is a red, orange, and yellow tye-dye watercolor title page. For the header, “Jenny” is in a black calligraphy font. Then, on the second line, “2019 – 2020 bullet journal” is in an all-caps print font.

Future Log

This future log includes 12 months. Each page features three months each with a row. Then, each row has a mini-calendar. Finally, the headers for each month are in pastel calligraphy cursive.

Birthday Log

This layout features 12 different sections toped with cupcakes. Each cupcake has pastel detailing. Further, each section represents a month. The title is done in the style of a flag banner in pastel colors.

Places To Go

This page is mostly blank except the header. The header is placed on a brown floating shelf. Further, the header is in black-outlined, pastel print font. Then, to the left of the header is a potted plant that drapes across the shelf and down the side of the page.

Weight Tracker

This weight loss tracker is meant to resemble a board game. There is a starting location in the top left and a finish in the top right. In the top there is also a section to write in rewards options. The header is done in a blue calligraphy font.

Spending Log

For this savings tracker, there is a jar in the center. The jar has 13 sections. Further, each part of the jar is for one month of the year. There are also sections to write in a goal. The title is pastel in a banner with a vine doodle above it and draping down the sides.


For this layout’s header, “Self Care” is written in a large bold print font with a pastel pink heart in the center. The subheader states “I need…” This layout then is broken into 4 sections: rest/relaxation, expression, health, and companionship in print font. Additionally, each section has an icon image to represent the section, each with it’s own pastel color.


Each month as well as once at the beginning of this planner features decorative quotes. Each quote utilizes different pastel colors, designs, fonts, etc. See the images for more details.

Hello Monthly

The hello monthly pages are different each month. The most apparent difference is the theme or picture chosen. Some of these hello pages feature mini-calendars. Though, each color, theme, font, etc is different. View images for more details. Also, see the theme list below.

  • November – lavender
  • December – planets & space
  • January – seashells
  • February – hanging photos
  • March – foliage
  • April – floral
  • May – tropical foliage
  • June – sunflower
  • July – watermelon
  • August – lemonade
  • September – houseplants
  • October – autumn leaf wreath


The left page of this layout is a calendar grid. The headers for the days of the week are in black or pastel print letters. Then the right side features a pastel calligraphy cursive font header and two sections below. Finally, the section titles are in a minimal cursive reading “to-do” and “goals.”

Habit Tracker

This tracker includes spots for twelve different habits to be tracked. Each section has enough grid squares for each day. Further, the header is brush lettered in a pastel color. There is a banner coming from the top of the page, and each month features a different doodle across the bottom of the page.

Sleep Log

This spread is a square for a graph. The horizontal axis has time and the vertical axis has the day of the month. The main header is a pastel bold print font with a black script over top.

Monthly Mood Tracker

The mood trackers are different each month. The most apparent difference is the theme or picture chosen. The images are broken into enough parts so that there is a part for each day of the month. Then, each day, the image parts get filled in. Each mood is assigned to a specific color, design, or shade of a color. Next, Jenny can color in each part according to her mood or moods for that day. In the list below are the theme or imagery for each month.  

  • November – lavender
  • December – planets & space
  • January – light bulbs 
  • February – hanging photos
  • March – foliage
  • April – hot air balloons
  • May – circular foliage
  • June – popsicle
  • July – crystals
  • August – lemonade
  • September – hanging plant
  • October – leafs


These weekly layouts were special requested by Jenny. They are more detailed than the layouts I generally do and features more sections. The various sections include boxes for each weekday, as well as a box for weekend, notes, goals, and next week. Additionally, there is a small print header, mini calendar, and several trackers. The trackers included are water tracking log, gratitude, and habits, Lastly, the subheaders for each section are highlighted in a pastel color.

Month Summary

Following each month is a summery style page. The header for this spread is a mixture of brush lettering and print lettering. There are eight sections, though they are not all labeled, and a quote in the bottom right corner which states “until next month.” Sections Youtube, Movies, and Music are labeled with icons. The rest of the labels include Netflix, memories, and “note to myself.” Each spread includes pastel-colored details.

Gratitude Tracker

These layouts are all different but with the same idea. They depict the sun and rays. Each ray of sunlight is numbered for the days of that month and “I am grateful for” or “gratitude” or “grateful” is in the sun’s center. Three shapes noted are triangular, square, and circular sun centers.

Tools Used

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