Karolina’s Purple Garden Planner PWM

Rebecca is a client who ordered a custom bullet journal inspired planner for her Grandmother, Karolina. The article breaks down planner details. For Karolina’s Garden Planner notebook, the main color is purple. Further, the layouts involved include a title page, year at a glance, garden goals, garden planning, how to dry herbs, veggie tracker, and monthly layout.

Layouts Included

Layouts are described in detail for Karolina’s garden planner.

Title Page:

The first layout is a gray watercolor title page. In a print font I wrote “The trials and tribulations of Karolina’s garden.”

Year at a Glance:

This year at a glance features 12 months, January 2019 through December 2019, in a calendar format. Split between 3 pages are the 12 months; each page features 4 months. There are purple flowers lining the top border of the page next to the header. The main header is 2019 in a stencil-inspired font.

Purple Garden Goals

The next page is the garden goals page is mostly blank with a bold purple font header.

Purple Garden Planning

For this next layout, the header on these layouts is in purple calligraphy cursive. Further, the remainder of the pages is the outline of a rectangular garden. I left the garden plots blank.

How to Dry Herbs

Rebecca specifically requested this layout. BuzzFeed is the original creator of the layout.

Veggie Tracker

The veggie tracker is very similar to a habit tracker but specifies 3 steps to various vegetables marked monthly. For this layout, “sow,” “plant,” and “harvest” are tracked for each month and vegetable.

Monthly Layout

This monthly layout is dissimilar to all monthly spreads I have done. The page is broken down into the weeks. Additionally, there is a mini calendar of the month, a space for a quote or doodle, a concerns column, and another column for the next month.

Tools Used

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5 Ways to Ensure a Harmonious Home

We each have a unique idea of what our perfect home environment looks like and the aesthetics get a lot of attention – but what about how home feels from an emotional perspective?  Our home affects our mental and physical health a lot more than we realize; it’s an imperative aspect of our lives and a large component of the first base of Maslow’s triangle regarding human need psychology.

The saying “tidy house tidy mind” describes this well, but the concept shouldn’t be limited to cleanliness or home organization.  Like the engine room of a ship, some things need to be taken care of to ensure a consistent feeling of harmony within your home – as niggling concerns which are left unattended can quickly snowball.

This article looks at how to ensure a consistent feeling of “home” by taking care of some of the less glamorous ‘behind the scenes’ tasks that are necessary to create a harmonious home environment that allows you to nurture your mental, physical and emotional health.

Are Your Finances Ruining Your Life?

1. Budgeting & Bills

Keeping up with household bills can be stressful if money is tight, but you want your home to feel like your castle – a sanctuary from financial stress – not a situation where each time you go past the mailbox you dread receiving another bill.  The best advice is to set up an affordable payment plan with each of your creditors to lessen the financial stress or even better, look into no interest credit cards that you can transfer existing debt onto and pay off each month within the interest-free period.

2. Gardening

If you come home each day to an overgrown garden, paint peeling off the fences, and rubble in the yard – it can create a feeling of chaos.  Though you don’t need a white picket fence with begonias growing in the garden, however, a garden that feels “well kept” will help you feel calm; like your life is in order.

Self-Love Ideas

3. Organization

Do you ever find yourself searching for car keys or having to empty out your closet to find the outfit you’re looking for?  If you live in physical clutter and chaos, it affects your mental state and creates an inner sense of clutter and chaos too.  Keep things organized within your home so that you can feel more at peace and calm within yourself.

4. Clean & Tidy

Keeping your home clean and tidy sounds simple enough, but often, this can snowball out of control when left for a few days, becoming such a chaotic mess, that you don’t know where to begin.  The trick here is to either employ a cleaner that undertakes a moderately deep clean, each week, or for you to do it yourself, little and often.

5. Neighbors

No matter how hard you try, not everyone is getting to get on with you, and some people are just plain difficult.  However, if you can get on with your neighbors you can build a sense of warmth and community between you. This warmth will pay dividends on facilitating the feeling of “home” you crave.

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In summary, your home is there to provide you with a place of harmony that supports you throughout the storms of your life, yet it’s important to maintain your home to receive the harmony you deserve from your home.

This post was written in collaboration. Collaborative writing means that while I have contributed to this post and edited its content and formatting, I am not its original author. By posting this content on my blog, I receive financial compensation. Want to guest post for Jihi Elephant? Learn more here

5 Ways to Ensure a Harmonious Home