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June Bullet Journal Feature | @istanbullet

This month’s bullet journal feature is @istanbullet. @istanbullet does some really creative work and is fairly new to the Instagram community! The bullet journaling community is a great place, and I love being able to share other bullet journalers, their journey, and some tips they have for bullet journal beginners. So, without further ado, here...Keep Reading
Sarah of @stationerymagpie | April Bullet Journal Feature

Sarah of @stationerymagpie | April Bullet Journal Feature

This month's feature is Sarah of @stationerymagpie. She is someone whom I follow and I enjoy her content. She has a unique bullet journal journey to share as well as some tips for bullet journal beginners. I highly recommend reading her testimony and guarantee you'll enjoy it! Meet Sarah of @stationerymagpie Hello everyone, my name...Keep Reading

Jessica of Genuinely Ginger | February Bujo Feature

This month’s feature is Jessica of Genuinely Ginger. Jessica has some seriously gorgeous layouts and a beautiful blog! So, let’s check out what she has to share about her own bullet journal experiences! Meet Jessica of Genuinely Ginger My name is Jessica Owinyo, also known as Genuinely Ginger. I have the never-ending creative itch and...Keep Reading

January Bullet Journal Feature | Rachel of Planning Mindfully

This month’s featured bullet journal is @planningmindfully, an account which I am personally a huge fan of! She does amazing bullet journaling work as well as plenty more information and helpful resources in planning and being mindful! Meet Rachel of Planning Mindfully My name is Rachel Watts, and I am the CEO of Planning Mindfully. I blog...Keep Reading

Ashlee of @scribblesofsubstance | December Bujo Feature

This month's featured bullet journal is @scribblesofsubstance, which is an account I greatly appreciate! I love when bullet journals actively help out other journalers and encourage a healthy beginning. This is exactly what Ashlee does! Meet Ashlee of @scribblesofsubstance I'm Ashlee Begoray and I'm 33 years young. I've been a teacher for 10 years and I've...Keep Reading

October Bullet Journal Feature | Jes of Digital Sabbatical

It's time for another bullet journal feature!! This month we are focusing our feature on one beautiful bullet journaler, Jes of @digitalsabbatical. Jes will be sharing her bullet journal journey as well as some tips for beginners! Keep on reading! Meet Jes of Digital Sabbatical My name is Jes – female, 29, and of Filipino...Keep Reading

August Bullet Journal Features | Instagram Picks

This month there were several applicants for being August's featured bullet journal. My original plan was to choose one, and I did. However, they never responded. So, I contacted the runner-up, and they also did not respond. At this point, it is way too close to the posting date for me to attempt to contact...Keep Reading