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Karyn’s Pink Watercolor Pocket Calendar

Karyn's notebook is in a grid traveler's journal insert. Additionally, the main color is pink, and the theme is watercolor nature. Finally, the layouts involved include a title page, year at a glance, monthly calendar, and monthly notes. Here you can read more about Karyn's et. https://youtu.be/NK28qmcbN6k Layouts Included Title Page: Karyn's title page is...Keep Reading

August 2017 Bullet Journal Spread | Classic Style

This month’ bullet journal spread is entirely different from the creative artsy look of July’s spread. For August, I have decided to keep it classic and clean looking. I am not straying from color or creativity, I am just keeping it incredibly simple and functional. With this being the first month in the new apartment...Keep Reading

June 2017 Bullet Journal Spread | Summertime Fun and Apartment Planning

There are quite a few aesthetic changes to my bullet journal spreads this month. While I was doing my pages for this month, I decided that I enjoyed their functionality but had become bored with the way they looked and having to do the same exact thing every month and every week. Sooo… this month,...Keep Reading

5 Tools to Improve Time Management

We live in a fast-paced society surrounded by incredibly busy people. And when you are an incredibly busy person, it is hard to keep everything straight. A lot of the time this internal chaos is the result of poor time management. This article provides 5 tools for improving time management.This article utilizes Amazon Affiliate Links...Keep Reading

15 Simple Bullet Journal Page Ideas for the not-so-artsy

The art of the bullet journal is growing in popularity. I saw them all over my Pinterest feed and because I absolutely love organizing, I decided to make one. I spent 2016 trying to do all those extravagant designs that look absolutely perfect. After a few months of using the journal, I realized that I never...Keep Reading