Karyn’s Pink Watercolor Pocket Calendar

Karyn’s notebook is in a grid traveler’s journal insert. Additionally, the main color is pink, and the theme is watercolor nature. Finally, the layouts involved include a title page, year at a glance, monthly calendar, and monthly notes. Here you can read more about Karyn’s et.

Layouts Included

Title Page:

Karyn’s title page is a yellow watercolor title page. However, the watercolor is in the shape of a sunflower. In a fun font, “2019,” is done with a small sunshine doodle next to it.

Year at a Glance:

For this year at a glance features 12 months, January 2019 through December 2019, in a calendar format. The monthly sub-headers are in pink with the month number next to it. Finally, the main header is “2019 at a glance” in a print font.

Monthly Calendar:

I used a simple grid calendar. Additionally, the header is a simple pink cursive vertically down the left side. Then, each month has a watercolor tulip in pink, purple, blue, or yellow. Finally, the number of the month is in the top right-hand corner.

Monthly Notes:

This page has a cursive header. Then each spread is different featuring various watercolor flowers, vegetables, and plants.

Tools Used

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August 2017 Bullet Journal Spread | Classic Style

This month’ bullet journal spread is entirely different from the creative artsy look of July’s spread. For August, I have decided to keep it classic and clean looking. I am not straying from color or creativity, I am just keeping it incredibly simple and functional. With this being the first month in the new apartment in North Carolina, and with work and school starting, the layouts have changed. Let’s check it out!

Classic Calendar Spread

This month there is no obvious theme like last month. I have kept it clean. Usually, I would write the dates in small lettering in the corner of the box. However this time I wrote the dates largely in a very light brown tone. I did this so that I can write over and still be legible. I have also chosen to highlight the top bar in the color or a major event, holiday, or date (if there is one).

Customizable Hand-Drawn Bullet Journals

As you can see, I have gone back to my classic light green and brown lettering and styling. However, I have flipped the titling and quote on its side. This month’s quotes is, “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be WONDERFUL.” This quote speaks to my perfectionism for sure! Otherwise, the month layout or calendar spread has not been drastically altered.

Mind Dump & Finances Pages

Mind Dump

This month I have opened a new mind dump page. This page is not pictured because of the secret that lay on the page. ? Keep checking my website and social media to find out what I am hiding!

Finances | Bills + Textbooks

I dedicated the next page to my August finances. The top half of the page lists my bills for the month and how much I own (If I know it); when it is due; then I have checked it off the list if it has been paid (none have yet). This is to help remind me of my bills and to show myself an overview of them all.

bullet journal, bills, bill tracking, finances, subscriptions, debt, saving

The bottom half of the page lists my textbooks and their ISBN, then how much I paid for it (if I’ve bought it), the quality of the book, and finally the date purchased. I have a more comprehensive chart of this in excel, but it is nice to have a basic list in my bullet journal with my other large expenses. Again, so that I can view it all at once. This page is not aesthetically pleasing because I just wanted a rough list, I did not want to spend too much time on it.

Weekly Layout

I have kept each week the same for the month of August. Similar to the theme, I kept the style classic. This month, the weekly layout includes (from the top down) a daily to-do section, daily homework and due dates section, and daily appointments/meetings/events section.

Below these daily boxes are two weekly boxes. On the left page is a weekly to-do box. I included this because I generally have things that I need to do at some point in the week, but the day I do it does not matter. This box might also include things such as a list of errands. On the right page is my shopping or grocery list.

Again, the design of the weekly spread is classic and simple. I have stayed similar to the calendar spread by labeling everything in a light brown behind the box so that other things can be written over it and still be visible. I changed up the font and location each week. Writing the labeling lightly behind saves space, and that’s why I chose to give it a shot. Not entirely sure how I feel about it, but can’t hurt to try it out right? Similar to the calendar spread, I have also turned the title on its side and stuck it in the far-left upper corner.

Customizable Hand-Drawn Bullet Journals
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Bullet Journal Tools

August 2017 Bullet Journal Spread | Classic Style

June 2017 Bullet Journal Spread | Summertime Fun and Apartment Planning

There are quite a few aesthetic changes to my bullet journal spreads this month. While I was doing my pages for this month, I decided that I enjoyed their functionality but had become bored with the way they looked and having to do the same exact thing every month and every week. Sooo… this month, I got fun and funky with fonts and ever so slightly crazy with colors. So, let’s get started!

Monthly Calendar

As you can see, this month the calendar looks incredibly similar. The changes that I did make are harder to point out (unless you’re me and you look at them several times a day). The first change I made was the way I wrote out the days of the week. Last month they were in cursive, however, this month I’ve decided to attach each word to the ones before and after it. So, there is a constant flow.

Second, I decided to change up the Month’s label. Instead of the wreath, I was using before, I decided to go with a more antique-looking design.

Again. The quote is written in cursive. This month’s quote is “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” I absolutely love this quote because it fits this week’s design so well. Instead of doing my generic or normal set up, I set my soul on fire and had some fun by switching things up a little bit.

The last of the changes to this page include cursive labels and “July” written in cursive. Both items are usually in a neatly printed font.

Weekly Set Up

Here is where things get truly fun and crazy. Each week of June is different—no two are the same! While the layout of the page is incredibly similar, there are differences. Let’s look!

Week One: May 29th – June 4th

For this week, I have stuck with the same 5 categories, as usual, Events/Appointments, To Do/Miscellaneous, Blog, Subscriptions/Bills, and Grocery List. I also kept the exercise and water trackers at the upper right-hand corner. However, instead of large flowy cursive week title, I have gone for something smaller and slightly chunkier. Then I have, in small thin lettering, wrote “WK 1” on the finishing line of “June.” I have gone with a similar font for the label “Goals” and the daily labels as well.

Week Two: June 5th – June 11th

Week two is almost identical to week one. This is because I had not yet decided to make these layouts more fun for me. There are changes though. The first noticeable difference is the week title. June is written in a similar font, but is not as far to the left and is written a little less dramatically. I have also written out “Week Two” next to it in an all-caps print font. Goals has been changed to be all lower case and is written out a little smaller than the previous week

The category labels have also been switched over to a cursive that is very similar to my normal handwriting. Additionally, the weekly labels are more cursive and fancy, as well as, all lower-case lettering.

Week Three: June 12th – June 18th

Week three is where I decide to make more changes. I have now removed the subscriptions and bills category. I removed it because I no longer have any bills that are due any week other than the first of the month (I got rid of my gym membership because I just don’t have time). Because I had no bills due this week, have a section for them seemed like a waste of precious space.

Customizable Hand-Drawn Bullet Journals

Next, I moved back to all caps lettering for the category labels. But I stuck with lower-case cursive daily labeling.

For the week title, I moved to a more fun and chunky printed font that includes both upper and lower-case lettering. “week 3” is written the same size as “June” and “goals.”

Week Four: June 19th – June 25th

This week I kept the bills category left out and kept the category and daily labels the same as the week before. However, I kept a lighter touch on my pen to make the lettering slightly more dainty and thin.

The month title and “goals” are written in a small, dainty, but fancy, cursive. The pressure was so light on my pen that part of the “g” and “l” in “goals” did not show. These titles were also written smaller and I wrote out “week four” then added “…” to the end, just for fun and because I felt like it.

Week Five: June 26th – July 2nd

Week five, the final June week, I decided to almost entirely abandon cursive. The categories are all written in cursive, as well as “week five.” However, for the daily labels, “June,” and “Goals,” I have gone for a very futuristic and fun printed font. This font has as little detail as possible and is also more spaced out than my usual writing. The bills category, this week, is still left out.

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Additional Pages: Apartment Planning and Sleep Tracking

These are pages that I don’t normally include but decided that I needed to add them for this month.

Apartment Checklist

This month I found that I needed an apartment furniture checklist. I need this list because I am moving to North Carolina (from Michigan) at the end of the summer and am slowly collecting the furniture that I will need. It’s easy to lose track of what I had already purchased and what I still need, so I made up the list.

I chose purple and yellow because I think that it is a fun and summery combination that still provides contrast enough for me. I chose to go with an elegant and flowy cursive font for the title and my normal handwriting for the list. The sun was added because I am currently loving summer and the sun made me happy.

Sleep Tracker

Working midnights my sleep schedule has gotten very messed up. However, now I am managing an ice cream shop in addition to my midnight job. Just a week ago, I went 48 hours with only 6 hours of sleep in my system. I decided that I needed to find a way to track my sleep so that I know how much I am getting on average.

I chose a graph because visuals are very easy to look at and fun to make. Again, I went with a flowy and elegant cursive. I drew little closed eyes underneath “tracking” because I felt the space needed something and the eyes were a cute idea. The periwinkle is not a color I use very often, which is why I chose it. I paired it with the scarlet red because I wanted high contrast and enjoy the starkness of the red with the gentle periwinkle.

Sincerely Elizabeth of Jihi Elephant

Summertime Fun and Apartment Planning: June 2017 Bullet Journal Spread

5 Time Management Tools You Need To Be Productive

We live in a fast-paced society surrounded by incredibly busy people. And when you are an incredibly busy person, it is hard to keep everything straight. A lot of the time this internal chaos is the result of poor time management. This article provides 5 tools for improving time management.This article utilizes Amazon Affiliate Links


#1 Sleep

The first step in time management improvement is to get enough sleep. When you are running on less than the recommended 7 hours of sleep your brain isn’t functioning at its highest capacity. Because of this, you become more easily overwhelmed, exhausted, and lazy feeling. Learn more about designing your bedroom to get a good nights sleep here.

When you are able to get 7 hours of consecutive sleep you will feel amazing! You will be more capable of handling the crazy chaos each day brings.

To Do

#2 Daily To-Do List

There are a million ways to improve your time management and one of the most common methods is a daily to-do list. While I prefer a planner with everything all laid out in one portable spot, a to-do list is super simple and easy for anyone to use.

A to-do list doesn’t have to be anything fancy or costly. All you really need is a pen and some paper.

When it comes to utilizing a to-do list, I recommend referring to it each morning. Before you get anything done, read over your to-do list and revise it if you need to. Now you know what your goals are for the day and you can get started!

#3 Planner

My favorite time management tool is my planner! There are, again, a million types of planners. You can use a bullet journal, premade planner, notebook, or an app on your phone or computer.

Bullet Journal & Notebook

I currently use a bullet journal (see my 15 simple bullet journal page ideas post or the bullet journal beginners challenge for more detail). Before making a bullet journal, I recommend looking at other bullet journals to give you some ideas. You can see a wide variety of page ideas over on my Planners and Calendars Pinterest board. Once you have figured out how you want your journal to work, you’ll need a notebook. I highly recommend the Essentials Grid-lined Notebook.

The bullet journal is one of the most customizable planner options. A notebook is very similar though. If you choose to go the notebook route, then good for you! Each person is different and the important thing is that you find something that works for you and your needs.

Premade Planners

The third option is a pre-made planner. There are a million brands and styles out there to choose from. Check out these planners by At-A-Glance, there are some great options!

Apps & Websites

The final option is phone or computer apps. There are so many apps nowadays that it is hard to keep track. Some apps that I use and love for time management assistance include myhomeworkapp.com, Google Calendar for Android, and Microsoft OneNote.



I like myhomeworkapp.com because it is explicitly for homework and delivers customized notifications to my phone to remind me to get my projects done on time. Myhomework is also amazing because it works on both my phone and my laptop, providing me with access to my homework no matter where I am. Lastly, the myhomework phone app is amazing because it comes with a widget that displays my homework right there.

google calender

Google Calendar App

Google Calendar for Android is nice because it links right up to my google account making it accessible both on my laptop and on my phone. I used this app more before I discovered bullet journaling but still tend to keep it around for the reminders feature.

Microsoft One Note

One Note

OneNote, like the other two apps, is mobile and laptop friendly. Here I can make quick notes or to-do lists from my phone when I do not have access to my bullet journal. I can then see these lists on my laptop.

With all your lists, to-do’s, and appointments in one place, you are now better prepared to take on everything the day wants to throw at you.

#4 Calendar

This next time management tool was already touched on a little bit, but I’ve decided to talk about it separately because of how useful it really is. Calendars provide a nice monthly overview and can include a variety of things and come in a variety of shapes.

Like I mentioned, I use my bullet journal calendar and Google Calendar for Android. However, my most-used calendar is a whiteboard. I’ve had my whiteboard calendar for so long, I don’t have a single clue where I got it. However, I was able to find a similar one, you can check that out here.

My whiteboard calendar is a life saver. I love it because it doesn’t waste paper, mounts right up on the wall with Command Strips, and can be easily accessed by everyone in my household. I usually put appointments, work schedule, and events up on this calendar, so it is less about detail and more an overview.

#5 Have an Organized Space

The final time management tool is having an organized space. If you are living in clutter, then you will feel cluttered. Having a space that is designated for your work and has all the supplies you require within reach is essential. If you would like to learn more about how to declutter your workspace head on over my 6 Ways to Declutter Your Desk Space post.

My Time Management Tools Resource List

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15 Simple Bullet Journal Inspiration for the Not-So-Artistic

The art of the bullet journal is growing in popularity. I saw them all over my Pinterest feed and because I absolutely love organizing, I decided to make one. I spent 2016 trying to do all those extravagant designs that look absolutely perfect. After a few months of using the journal, I realized that I never really used a lot of those extra pages, trackers, and features.

Since then, I have been working towards simplifying my journal to have only the necessities. I love art and being creative, but having each page be creative and artsy was really time-consuming. As a full-time student, a part-time employee I did not have time to do my bullet journal pretty and include a million pages that I’d never use.

This article is meant to provide brief overviews and photos of the pages I have successfully used and currently use in my bullet journal. These are pages that I suggest for the super busy, not-so-artsy, simpleton. This article utilizes affiliate links.

#1 Detailed Key Page

This first page is one of my favorites. It is the key page design I used for 2016 and I wish I had decided to keep it for 2017. It’s fairly artsy but doesn’t have to be. This page is tidy and pleasing to look at. It is also incredibly customizable. If you don’t like the icons I use, you can replace them with your own, use less of them, or omit them completely.

My favorite aspect of this page is the simple little key design I drew at the top. This design was hugely inspired by The Time Pilot-Tumblr.

#2 Plain Key Page

This design is my current key page. It is not as pretty as #1, but it is a lot simpler. Honestly, the only real reason I like this page is functionality. There isn’t much to it, so it’s really easy to use. This was a design of my own (which is why it isn’t as pretty as #1).

#3 Washi Tape Page Tracker Key

This is a very simple page that utilizes washi tape. Essentially this page is just another key page but makes navigating through your bullet journal way easier. The tape curls around the edges of the pages so that you can find each page-type without shuffling through the pages.

#4 Index Page

The index page is one that I really liked but did not end up utilizing. I stopped using it, not because it wasn’t useful, but because I did not leave myself enough space to fit every page into it. The positive of having this page is knowing where everything is all at once. The con is that my notebook does not have numbered pages so I had to write them all in manually.

#5 Year At-A-Glance Page

I absolutely love this page. It is super simple and a great reference. There really isn’t much to it!

2018 Bullet Journal Year at a Glance Page

#6 Plain Monthly Calendar

This is exactly as it sounds, a simple calendar—no frills.

Customizable Hand-Drawn Bullet Journals

#7 Monthly Calendar + Habit Tracker

I currently use this method for a calendar and monthly tracking because I am running out of pages in my current notebook. It is a hybrid of the plain monthly calendar and the third monthly habit tracker design.

january bullet journal 2017

#8 Monthly Gratefulness

This is a page idea that I no longer use because of limited notebook space. However, it is a hugely beneficial page to have and is super simple to do. All it is is a plain monthly calendar with a gratefulness header of your choice.

#9 Monthly Habit Tracker Page

There are 3 different monthly tracker pages that I used in 2016 and I love them all. I like to change up my design monthly for fun, and this page was my favorite. I am bad at utilizing this page but find it really motivating.

The first design breaks each habit down into sleek rectangles. The habits are color coded and I use X’s to mark when I have completed each habit for that day.

#10 Simple Weekly To-Do Page + Notes Space

This page is a plain and compact weekly to-do page. It is my most-used page because I use it daily. Easy to do up because it is only 8 small boxes.

#11 Weekly To-Do + Grocery List, Meal Planning, & Mood Tracker

I used this daily to-do page in 2016 and I loved it. It allows for daily to-do lists, a weekly grocery list, and meal planning, as well as some self-care. After a few months, I stopped using the mood and meal planning areas and replaced them with a long notes section.

Customizable Hand-Drawn Bullet Journals

#12 Books to Read Page

This page is only useful for readers. It is one of my most artsy pages but it is very simple. I just draw rectangles at different heights and sizes, there is no pattern.

#13 Wishlist

The wish list page is perfect for people (like me) who want, or need, more stuff than they can afford. It’s simple the heading can be designed but doesn’t have to be.

#14 My Collections Tracker Page

Not everyone has a collection to track like I do, but I am including this page because I love it so much! The purpose of this page is to track which Disney classics I already own and which ones I need to complete my collection.

#15 Date-Tracker Page

I track the dates my boyfriend and I have been on, but the date tracker can track essentially any dates. It’s simple and easy to do because it's literally just a list of dates.

How do you create your bullet journal? Simple or Artistic? Dot journal or grid lines? Hardcover, softcover, or leather bound? Let me know in the comments below!

Sincerely Elizabeth of Jihi Elephant