The Best Layouts to Help you Clean your Home

Having a clean house can be daunting. So, in order to clean your home and keep it clean, here are some of the best layouts to help you clean your house!

It is not spring time, but that does not mean it is not time for a clean home. You can clean your home any time of the year. However, this can sometimes be a very overwhelming and daunting task. So, in order to help you clean your home and keep it clean, here are some of the best layouts to help you clean your house!

House Cleaning by Room

This first layout is so fun to look at. It is a cleanly done spread with the cutest doodles. Further, I love that this spread splits up the tasks by room.

source: MashaPlans

Cleaning Schedule

If you are looking for something more simple to help you clean your home, then this cleaning schedule is perfect for you! Further, this one utilizes daily, weekly, monthly, and bi-annual cleaning into a simple one-page design. I love it!

source: ElizabethJournals

Home Remodel Planning

While this is not a cleaning spread per-se, I still wanted to include it here in this blog post. Further, I wanted to include it because often, remodeling consists of an element of cleaning and organization. So, what better place to show off this incredibly beautiful, minimal, and unique bullet journal layout!

source: Productive and Pretty

Spring Cleaning

One very popular element of cleaning your house is spring cleaning! Here is a great way to organize a good spring cleaning session by room!

source: Little Bear Creations

pink cleaning schedule zone cleaning Emily

Cleaning Schedule & Zone Cleaning

If you are looking for a more in-depth version of the cleaning schedule featured above, this one is perfect. However, this one includes every day, every week, every month, and every 3 to 6 months. Additionally, the second page contains the various zones in a house and areas which you should clean regularly!

source: EmilyBujo

House Keep

I love the tidy and detailed nature of this spread. It is easy to create and includes my favorite thing–color coding! This layout will help you clean your home!

source: Side Real Life

purple home cleaning Michele

Home Cleaning

What I enjoy about this spread is how easy to customize it is. This one includes a broom doodle and eight different sections! You can add to each of these sections, remove parts, or anything else!

source: MicheleBujo

Monthly Cleaning Tracker

This layout is incredibly perfect if you are looking for something more like a tracker. This spread tracks your daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning goals for each month, which is excellent! I love the various ways each item is tracked.

source: SideRealLife

KonMarie Method

Are you a fan of the KonMarie Method to help you clean your house? Then this spread is perfect for you. This spread utilizes the KonMarie Method to help you start cleaning and stay organized.

source: SideRealLife

Cleaning Doodles

I focused on more functional spreads in this blog post. However, for those of you looking to add some art to your spreads, here are some awesome cleaning doodles!!

source: MashaPlans

pink cleaning track task Lyndsey

Cleaning Tasks Monthly

Here is another fantastic bullet journal spread t help you clean your home! This one adds sections “bi-weekly” and “focus area.”

source: LyndseyBujo

Home Maintenance Checklist

I love the color coding of this spread! So, this layout is more home maintenance, which is similar to cleaning, but not cleaning. I have included this layout because many of the items in the spread are cleaning tasks! This one is a great visual for my fellow visual learners!

source: BethanyBujo

yellow green pink blue home maintenance checklist bethany

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Orange Watercolor August Bullet Journal Plan-with-Me

For August, ,I made a lot of changes and added a lot of new spreads. You will surely love my orange watercolor August 2020 bullet journal spread.

August is my favorite month of the year. There is really only one reason for this; it’s my birthday month. Regardless, I always try to do a bright, happy, and enjoyable theme for my August spreads. This August is no different as I went with a nice bright orange watercolor theme. In addition to the theme, I made some spectacular changes to my normal layouts and added a lot of new spreads. You will surely want to scroll down and read about my orange watercolor August 2020 bullet journal spread.

Tools Used

Orange Watercolor Theme Breakdown

When I decided to create this month’s theme, my goal was to do something similar but different than my Tie-Dye June theme. However, it ended up being far closer to June than intended. I did a mixture of yellow and orange watercolor paint and tried to blend it around. My goal was for this month to be more orange than yellow and to be more watercolor than tie-dye; however, it was less like intended.

Regardless, I do really enjoy my August theme, even though it is very similar to June.

Orange Watercolor August 2020 Layout Explanation

For August, I decided to make a few important changes to my layout structure. First, I decided to add a border with no paint to the cover page. This is less important than the next change however.

The past few months I have not been utilizing my hourly schedule really at all. So, I decided to get rid of this portion all together and instead, combined two weeks together. This change saved space and ink. I really enjoy this change and am considering making it a more long-term change than I had originally intended it to be.

Additional Layouts Updated & Added

This month I made some organizational changes to how I run ElizabethJournals behind the scenes. I also did some organizing of my thoughts and content for ElizabethPlants. In doing this I created a few content calendars to help inform my daily and weekly to-dos. Additionally, I updated my original content calendar by adding an email content calendar to the right.

Content Calendar & Email Topic Calendar

The first change I made was to my original content calendar. I added a few items to the bottom row which specify when I post on YouTube and on what day of the week I post a new planner kit. Further, I made this change to be more consistent on YouTube and to be better about posting planner kits more often!

Then, to the right of those changes, I created something similar but for email topics. I tend to be very lazy about my emails and I wanted to be more organized and consistent with the types of emails i send. This prompted some technical changes to how my email list is organized as well as adding this lovely schedule to inform my to-do list.

YouTube Content Calendars

The next calendars I created include my calendars for both YouTube accounts I run (ElizabethJournals & ElizabethPlants). There are slight differences between the two calendars. Mainly, the calendar for ElizabethPlants includes a list of ideas and key I created the key for ElizabethPlants because that channel is monetized and frequently sponsored. These details do not apply for ElizabethJournals as much.

Shop & Resource Library Content Calendars

I have lumped these final two calendars together because I created them nearly identically. Essentially they are the same as the video calendar for ElizabethJournals. However, the content for these two calendars is housed on instead of a third party site.

Tools Used

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20+ Animal-Themed Layouts That Will Blow Your Mind

Most people love animals. So, whether you are a cat person, dog person, or neither, here are 20+ animal-themed bullet journal layouts to inspire you!

Most people love animals, so, whether you are a cat person or a dog person or neither, there is bound to be an animal out there you love. What is even better is that you can always add the animal or pet you love to your planner to view each day. I am a huge animal person too, so I decided to collect some inspiration and share it with you. Here are over twenty different animal-themed bullet your layouts to inspire your planner!

Cat Mood Tracker

I love a good visual tracker, and this animal-themed stress tracker feature this mischievous kitty is super cute!

source: metro_boulot_bujo

Hedgehog Cover Page

How adorable are these hedgehog lovers? They are the most adorable set of animals! Also, they go great on a cover page!

source: notebook_profile

Koi Fish March Cover

Dog Welcome Monthly Page

Looking for a more minimal animal-themed bullet journal spread? This is a super simple cover page with the cutest little photo-bomber.

source: notebook_profile

Tiger Weekly Log

I love the look of black paper instead of white paper! This gives this ferocious tiger such an ominous vibe. It is almost as if he is coming from the shadows!

source: witchi_art_bullet_journal

Flamingo Master List

Penguin Week Log

Can you even handle how cute these little penguins are?? Further, here is a great way to incorporate cute animals into a weekly log!

source: isabelhoops

Chameleon Weekly Log

Here is another excellent example of a more simplistic animal-themed spread! I love the outline-style art of this adorable chameleon!

source: maris.bujo

Koala Cover Page

Wolf Habit Tracker

Are you a dog person? These may be wild dogs, but they are a great way to show off your art skills while tracking your habits! Habit tracking can be pretty mundane, so why not spruce it up with some awesome animal artwork!

source: nu.jour

pink mood stress Rhiannon (2)

Cat Mood Tracker

This mood tracker is a great way to create an animal-themed mood tracker. You can do this even without art skills! Just need to trace the edges of an animal silhouette and then add lines in the middle! Easy peasy!

source: elizabethjournals

Raven Doodle Instructions

Little Bunny Gratitude Tracker

Here is a random bunny doodle! You can easily throw in a random doodle anywhere in your bujo to celebrate your favorite furry or scaly friend!

source: bujosonia

Turtle Weekly Log

While you can check out more aquatic-based themes by clicking here, I wanted to include one of my favorite aquatic friends still. So, here is yet another way to add animals to your weekly spread.

source: kookie_krisps

Watercolor Fox Cover Page

Horse Habit Tracker

I grew up around horses, so I thought it only fitted to include a horse-themed spread. Further, here is a little bit of horse artwork for fellow horse enthusiasts out there!

source: created_by_nerea

Small Animal Cover Page

I couldn’t replicate this art style, but maybe you can. I love the line art with the lines being white! Also, I love a circle window into another world. Further, this is just another excellent way to add animals to your planner.

source: bulletwithtea

Toucan Cover Page

Animal Tracks Art Page

Until I started researching for his post, I had never thought to focus on animal tracks! This is an excellent concept to keep on its own or add as a fun feature to any layout! I am keeping it in mind for future themes in my planner!

source: Pinterest

Llama Cover Page

When I saw this spread, I simply HAD to include it! I love the adorable llama with his colorful carpetβ€”also, a great cover page design with such clean artwork.

source: tina.stepanova

Owl Quote & Art Page

Bear Hello April Cover Page

I love the adorable bear stack! While bears are not friendly creatures in real life, they make fun and cute doodles perfect for your planner!

source: that1bujoshay

Giraffe Monthly Log

I LOVE giraffes. Also, this is a super awesome monthly log! I love that it is split in two but is also timeline-style.

source: planningmindfully

Do you love animal and other themes in your bullet journal? If you do, check out these other themed bullet journal layout ideas for your planner! What is your favorite theme? Let me know in the comments below!

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Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Bright Pink Watercolor July 2020 Plan-with-Me

I am a huge fan of paint in my bullet journal. Let's talk about my bright pink watercolor July 2020 bullet journal layout.

I was inspired for my July spread almost immediately after creating my June tie-dye spread. Naturally, I am a huge fan of paint in my bullet journal and I decided to use it this month as well. This article walks through the creation of this spread, shows the creation, discusses concept and theme, and lists the products that I used. Let’s talk about my bright pink watercolor July 2020 bullet journal layout.

Tools Used

Bright Pink Watercolor Theme Breakdown

The initial plan was to do a sort of tie-dye look like I did in June but with pinks. However, I did not use enough water and when I started blotting the paint it started having a sort of weathered look. Then, when I tried to replicate the weathered or tie-dyed looks in the weekly spreads it was a fail. However, I still love the overall bright pink textured watercolor look.

Bright Pink July 2020 Layout Explanation

The layouts this month are identical to every month in 2020; however, colors and tools used do change monthly. This month, I chose to stick with black and white lines and headers instead of using gold like I have the first six months of this year. I decided to break away from that box. I created the main header on the cover page with both 2mm and 1mm black paint pens. Then, the same is true for the weekly. I outlined the boxes with 2mm and the headers with a 1mm black paint pen. Then, I drew in the subheaders for the weekdays with a very thin white gel paint pen. I love the way this turned out!

Tools Used

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10 Black Paper Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

Using black paper in bullet journaling is such a cool and unique style! Here are 10 different bullet journal spreads on black paper to help you get started!

The use of black paper in bullet journaling is not super common but is such a cool and unique paper type! The use of black paper originates with the fun childhood gel pen art notebooks. It has moved its way over to bullet journaling. Because it is less common, it can be difficult to find inspiration for the use of black paper instead of white paper. One way to combat this is to take a white paper inspiration and invert it in editing software to see how it looks. However, there are a number of amazing black paper journalers out there. Here are 10 different bullet journal spreads on black paper to help you get started!

Brown Embroidery on Black Paper

I love the use of both black and brown shades in this spread. The tan-brown shades really pop! Also, it appears as though the floral center is embroidered on which is really neat.

Flowers in Space

What I find so cool about this particular spread is the use of paint and texture. The lines are clean and simple. However, the center is super textured and almost watercolor-y but it is not watercolor. Super unique!

Fridayest Friday

Quote pages are a fan favorite and can be a great way to fill empty space! Here is a super fun Friday-themed black paper quote page!

Black Paper Galaxy

Of course with black paper, it would be natural to create a galaxy themed spread! The background is already dark, now all you would have to do is add the stars and planets! Here is just one great way to use a galaxy theme!

November in Black

Archer and Olive really are a great example of utilizing black backgrounds and pages. They create some really cool floral-themed spreads on both black and white flawlessly! Not only is this layout super inspirational, but their entire Instagram is.

Hello August

One galaxy-themed layout is simply not enough! Check out this outter-space-themed spread! I love the little planet doodles and the quote!

Floral November in Black

Using black paper in bullet journaling is such a cool and unique style! Here are 10 different bullet journal spreads on black paper to help you get started!
Source: @thebujobuzz

If you are looking for something with simple linework, this layout will give you a general idea of what it will look like. White on black is a super clean look and the use of linework looks phenomenal! You don’t have to use florals, you can use any shape or design you want for this flawless look!

Fireside Quote

Using black paper in bullet journaling is such a cool and unique style! Here are 10 different bullet journal spreads on black paper to help you get started!
Source: @bujotinnus

Here is another quote page idea. This one not only includes the use of white on black paper but includes artwork that involves various other colors and shading! This is a great way to create nighttime artwork.

Week in Black

Using black paper in bullet journaling is such a cool and unique style! Here are 10 different bullet journal spreads on black paper to help you get started!
Source: @gerokreativ

If you are looking to keep things minimal, then here is an example for you! This simple spread can be used without issue no matter what color paper you are using!

October Multimedia

The use of multiple forms of media is a huge draw for some people. Here is a great way to utilize tape, paper scraps, stickers, pictures, and more in your black bullet journal!

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