2019 Bullet Journal Rewind & Review

Each year I like to go back through my previous journal and look at how it progressed, what worked, what didn’t work, what I enjoyed, etc. This year is no different. I flipped through my 2019 bullet journal notebook and have some things to share. Let’s rewind and tackle the good, the bad, and the indifference of my 2019 bullet journal.

Favorite 2019 Planner Products

January 2019 – Blue Mosaic

For January, I began with a weekly that worked with what I had liked from my 2018 bullet journaling experience. I knew I enjoyed filling the empty space with color and had recently gotten mosaic stamps that I wanted to use. Naturally, I left the space with words untouched so that it could be read. However, over time I realized that I did not like the weirdness of this composition. You’ll notice I make this change in future layouts.

February 2019 – Gold

For February, I decided to mix things up and use paint. To this day, this may be one of my favorite theme concepts. The paint seemed to work the best for the sake of mess and appearance. No fundamental changes were made to this spread and it continued to work just fine for me!

March 2019 – Geometric

I cannot quite remember what inspired this fun and geometric layout, but I still love it! White is one of my favorite colors if you can call it a color. Additionally, I LOVE the incorporation of black and gold and shapes. This modern geometric style has always been one I enjoy.

April 2019 – Pink Mosaic

Next, I decided to bring back mosaic stamps with a spring flair and fix the header issues. So, with my new pink ink pad, I decided that using the color under the headers would be best. However, I do not have a paint to match the ink so I had to figure that issue out. Luckily the stamp pad was smaller and I was able to just stamp straight from the ink pad. I really enjoy the way the white looks over the pink color.

May 2019 – Night Sky

At this point, I realized I had not yet used watercolor and decided to do that. I love the look of a watercolored night sky and was inspired. I love that the gold paint pen I used is not obvious and you really only see the “stars” when the light catches. Also, this layout continued to work for me, but if you’ve not noticed, I began using the theme color in between the columns as if they float over the background instead of linking them up to one another.

June 2019 – Purple Floral

I am not a purple lover, so I was testing my limits with this theme. However, I do not hate the theme. I think that in adding the flowers, the concept was very much improved.

July 2019 – Yellow Sunshine

To drastically change the theme, I went with yellow and used washi tape. This is in my top 4 themes from 2019. I love the way gold looks with the yellow and the washi tape adds a nice contrast to the yellow!

August 2019 – Green Watercolor

I enjoyed the use of washi tape so much in July, that I chose to include it into my august spread. Another thing I decided to change was my use of gold. Up until this point, I tried to use gold or copper ink in my spreads. However, for August, I decided to stick with primarily black.

September – Teal Mosaic

I was very excited to use a teal ink for my September spread. I had searched for this ink color specifically and found it. However, when I started this layout, I realized that the ink bled very badly through the pages. What you are seeing in the images is no bleeding, this is because I skipped every other set of pages and when stamping I stuck scrap paper behind in order to stop further bleeding. I then glued the pages together so they would flip normally. I actually like the thicker pages! But do not intend to use this ink or the brand again.

October – 90’s Inspired

October is one of, if not my, favorite theme from 2019. I did a video of me creating it and it was so fun but so time-consuming. I love it when I come across October when I am looking through my planner.

November – Burnt Orange

I loved that I use two pages for my October cover page, so I decided to do that for November as well and I thoroughly enjoy the way this turned out. I also made a huge change to my weekly spread. You can read more about that in the article, but I have since kept this spread, it works the best for me for sure!

December – Red Mosaic

Every December, I like to use a red and gold theme and 2019 was no exception. I decided to end where I began with mosaic stamps and include some watercolor as well. I really like how it turned out.


Favorite 2019 Planner Products

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love how I tackled 2019 and only wish I had the time to do it the same way in 2020. Completely filling in the background of my layouts with some kind of pattern or color with paint is super fun and creative too. I love painting but have not had time to paint in a while and this was a great outlet and source for self-care for me this year. If you are interested in keeping up with my personal planner, you can check it out HERE.

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Sunshine Yellow July Bullet Journal Plan-with-Me

It is officially summer, and that means bright, happy colors and sunshine activities. My bullet journal is no different! Each summer I like to use a yellow theme to celebrate the warm sunny weather. I decided that this year, July would be the month I used yellow. Keep reading to see how I created my sunshine yellow July 2019 bullet journal!

The Sunshine Yellow Theme Process

This month’s yellow theme is one I picked out back in April. However, I was not too sure how to execute the yellow theme. Additionally, I knew that I wanted to incorporate my sunshine washi tape since my yellow summer layouts are the reason I created this tape.

I got busy and completely forgot what I was doing for July until I found my notes. In my notes, I had a few keywords and as I read them, I was inspired. I knew that I wanted most of the layout to be yellow. Yellow is a color that makes me super happy because of it’s bright summer-y feel. So, I decided to create a layout similar to my July theme, except I would create a border on one of the pages with my tape. I do enjoy how it turned out!

The Layout Descriptions

Per usual, my July spread includes a hello page and then weeklies. First, let’s start by talking about the hello page. For July, the hello page is painted almost entirely in a bright golden yellow color. Then in the seam of the page, I have added a stripe of sunshine washi tape. Finally, in a minimal gold script, I have “July” written across the center.

Next, let’s discuss my weekly layouts. I generally follow a general design. I painted the space of this layout in the same yellow paint as the hello page. Then on the left page edge, I used the sunshine washi tape. Next, I outlined the seven columns found in the center of the two pages in gold ink.

Additionally, the header is in a gold minimal script font on the left page. Then, on the right page is the week number, again, in gold. Lastly, the letter and number indicating the day and date are in yellow at the top of the day’s column.

Products Used

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Top 15 Hello 2019 Bullet Journal Cover Pages

Over a week into 2019 and I still do not have any idea what to do for my hello 2019 cover page. I have been researching cover page ideas and wanted to share my top 15 favorite cover pages for 2019!

2019 by @mint.and.mont

I love how this layout is both elegant and fun. The little branches complement the heading very well.

Hello 2019 & Year at a Glance by @plslars

This layout looks awesome, almost like it was created in a computer! Additionally, the fonts and the depth to the fonts are amazing. It also does well to save space by including the 2019 at a glance page next to the cover.

Top 15 2019 Bullet Journal Cover Pages

2019 by @ofpipettesandpens

I am absolutely in love with this layout!! I love how simple it is and the inclusion of the branches. It is also super unique in that the header is done vertically.

Top 15 2019 Bullet Journal Cover Pages

2019 by @journalbymalin

I am a huge fan of @journalbymalin, her layouts never disappoint me. Further, this one is simple and has an amazing quote to start out the new year.

Colorful 2019 by @katykatehadfield

I generally tend to lean towards more simple layouts; however, this one snagged my attention immediately because of how gorgeous the colors, flowers, and general organization of the layout! Perfection!

Top 15 2019 Bullet Journal Cover Pages

2019 by @annamariabujo

I love the general vibe of this layout, very 1920’s to me. However, it is also fairly simple using blues and browns to top it off.

Top 15 2019 Bullet Journal Cover Pages

2019 A New Beginning by @minimalistic.journal

This layout my be my favorite of the cover pages that I cover in this post. I LOVE the fonts used and the simplicity of it. Who knows, I may end up using this one as inspiration for my own.

Top 15 2019 Bullet Journal Cover Pages

2019 and Year at a Glance by @bujowithbeth

This layouts is neat for two reasons, First, the use of flowers is unique. then, second, the use of space is pleasant to look at!

Top 15 2019 Bullet Journal Cover Pages

2019 and Year at a Glance by @amandarachlee

What I love most about this layout is the depth. The way she created her letters and numbers gives a 3d feel. Additionally, the minimal vibe is enjoyable.

Top 15 2019 Bullet Journal Cover Pages

2019 Forest by @littleplannerbug

I love myself some simple and some branches! This layout makes you feel like you are seeing the edge of a forest scene and I love that.

Top 15 2019 Bullet Journal Cover Pages

Hello 2019 by Little Coffee Fox

Little Coffee Fox is a well-known name in bullet journaling and she never seems to disappoint! I love the symbolism here in her hello 2019 layout!

2019 Continued by Jihi Elephant

This is a layout I created for a client’s second notebook. You cannot tell, but “2019” is completely glittered. I loved the fonts I used in this layout!

Top 15 2019 Bullet Journal Cover Pages

Hello 2019 by AnjaHome

I think it’s awesome to start off a new year with a good, positive, motivational quote. Love this layout and the chosen quote!

Top 15 2019 Bullet Journal Cover Pages

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019 by kyuubiwan

I’ve never really done it, but I love a hello spread which says goodbye to what was past. It allows the past to be past and an easier move forward. Goodbye 2018, hello 2019!

Top 15 2019 Bullet Journal Cover Pages

Hello 2019 by Tea andTwigs

Last, but not least, this amazing celebratory cover! I love that “2019” is outlined using fireworks. Looks amazing!

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2019 Bullet Journal Introduction | Plan-with-Me

For my 2019 setup, I am cracking open a brand new Leuchtturm 1917 notebook in a navy blue color. I got this notebook months ago, but I was saving it for precisely this purpose! This post is going to break down the introductory layouts for my 2019 bullet journal and show them off!

2019 Theme: Minimal Gold

If you know me, you know that I LOVE gold. Gold may be one of my top 3 favorite colors next to forest green and muted pink. So, this year I am focusing on the use of gold and minimal script font. I love the way it looks, and you can see this theme peeking through on nearly every page I have made so far.

Title Page

I have not yet figured out what I want to do with my title page this year. I rushed my 2018 title page and did not end up liking it very much. For this reason, I am holding off until I feel inspired.

gold index


The Leuchtturm comes with an index or contents layout. While I generally would not care to use one of these, I will once again, try to keep up with it but no promises.

gold key


I am almost always overzealous with my key and never actually stick to it. However, last year I figured out a key which I held to (I did not write down though). This year’s bullet journal key is based on what I already do. .

gold 2019 bullet journal calendex


When I was researching and writing my Future Logging post, I came across the calendex and fell in love. I have no idea if I will use it or what I will use it for, but I love the idea of it and how it looks.

gold future log 2019 bullet journal

Future Log

Again, I have another future log; however, I designated this one to birthdays and holidays. I think maybe events can be put in the calendex. This layout is super minimal, and I love it. Also, it takes up four pages.

gold to do list

Running To-Do

Last year I tried to do monthly running to-dos, but I hated having to migrate it every month, often with zero progress. This year, I have decided to put my running to-do in the front of the notebook next to my goals page.

goal to-do goal list
gold goal list


I have done more detailed goals pages in the past and have loved them. However, this year I decided to go with something a little more minimal and list-like. I decided to do this for both aesthetic and practical purposes.

gold pill track period track

Period Tracker & Pill Tracker

I came across a tracker on Instagram by @bulletjournalnoob (who I have featured before, check out her feature HERE!) and was inspired and decided to create my version for my 2019! These two trackers will likely be my only trackers and are very minimal and easy to track. I want to try to stick to tracking in them.

gold  home plants wishlist


I never updated my wishlist from two years ago even though I had one written on scrap paper to add to it. So, instead of keeping it on scrap paper, I migrated my list into my 2019 layout. 100% of the items on that list were home items, so I dedicated the left side of this spread to home items. I am an avid plant collector as well, so I committed the right side of this spread to plants.

gold semester overview

Semester Overview

I have created semester overviews for my clients, and I love the idea of them. For this semester, I am going to try out a semester assignment overview. I hope it is useful! I don’t have my assignments yet to add anything.

memories 2019 bullet journal


At the back of my notebooks, I always have space, I decided to fill these pages with memories and photos which I printed off using my HP Sprocket! I love it!

gold monthly finances


This layout is entirely different than my subscriptions layout from last year. Instead of a monthly tracker, it’s a simple table that tells me my subscription, how much it is, how often I pay, and when I pay.

gold bills 2019 track


My bills sections is merely a gold version of my previous bill tracker; I loved that layout! You can check out my layouts and a ton more financial layouts here.

As I usually do, I will be posting my journal to Instagram as well as showing off my monthly spreads at the beginning of each month! Check those out HERE.

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