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Chalkola sent me these products for review and I am so very excited to share my thoughts and experiences with you! Let's jump into it!
I was very lucky to be provided chalk paint pens and a chalkboard by Chalkola. They sent me these products
If you're like me, then you love using washi tape, but it can be difficult to find tape to fit you. Here are some of my favorite washi tape sets!
If you are anything like me, then you absolutely love using washi tape in your bullet journals and planners, even
Coming up with gift ideas is difficult when you arn't into bullet journaling. Here is a HUGE list of gift ideas for the bullet journaler in your life!
Shopping for everyone during the holidays can be a real hassle! Coming up with gift ideas is often difficult when
Yes, you read my title correctly, this article is all about reusable notebooks! Kindly, NewYes gave me one of their
Did you know that there are planning and bullet journaling magazine out there? I had no idea until CraftStash offered
I am so excited to work with Wordsworth on a new review post! Prior to receiving my planner, I had
I am an avid washi tape user; however, I have more recently become interested in stickers. After perusing Etsy and
I get asked all the time about my opinion of various bullet journal notebooks and their ghosting or bleeding. For
If you’ve read any of my notebook reviews, you’ll know that I used the Essentials A5 Notebooks for the first
I am by no means a hand-lettering professional, nor do I claim to be very good at it. However, I
It has been coming to my attention recently that a good portion of my viewership is bullet journal beginners and
I know, I know you read this title and thought, “but the Goalbook is not new” … So, I am
If you are anything like me, you use colors to organize EVERYTHING in your bullet journal. I use them to
Well, it’s the time to invite! Of course, wedding invitations are the key to opening the door to getting your
Keeping your documents organized and easy to find is super important! I mean, some of these are legal documents. That’s