Simply Lettering Magazine | A First Issue Review

CraftStash offered me the first edition of Simply Lettering Magazine for free! I want to share my review of the magazine and experience with you!

Did you know that there are planning and bullet journaling magazine out there? I had no idea until CraftStash offered me the first edition of Simply Lettering Magazine for free! I have never had a magazine before and would have loved some tips and tricks for lettering. Now that I have received the Simply Lettering Magazine, I want to share my review and experience with you!

The Simply Lettering Magazine

My first impression of the magazine was its emphasis on lettering. I knew that the Simply Lettering magazine would have an emphasis on lettering; however, I went into my experience with zero expectations. Upon this realization, I became incredibly excited. Naturally, I first notice the pens and lettering guides before moving onto the rest of the magazine.

Lettering Guides

Of course one of the first things I noticed when I received my package was the pens and lettering guides. I have never used lettering guides but have had an interest in doing so for a long time. So, naturally, the first thing I did was unpackage the pens and play around with the lettering guides. I already had a lot of the knowledge and skill presented via these guides; however, for someone who is newer to learning brush lettering, these guides would be hugely useful! Of note is the vast types of guides offered in the magazine–there are so many!

Additionally, I was surprised by the quality of the brush pens. Even though I only got black and grey pens, they were far better quality than I expected. Not only did they write incredibly smoothy, but the ink coloring was so vibrant! Items that generally come with magazines are cheaply made; but, these pens are the exception.

The Rest of the Magazine

After playing around with the pens, I browsed the remainder of the magazine. I loved the visual vibe of the magazine; naturally, featuring various fonts, articles, images, and guides!

Without giving too much away, some of my favorite articles in the magazine include the featured artist: Kirsten Burke, shadowing guides, tips from experts, planner or journal page ideas and tips, and lastly, greeting card how-to!

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Now that you’ve got a little sneak peek into the Simply Lettering magazine and my favorite parts of it, will you check out the magazine yourself? I highly recommend giving it a chance! Get the Simply Lettering magazine HERE.

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