15 Simple Bullet Journal Inspiration for the Not-So-Artistic

The art of the bullet journal is growing in popularity. I saw them all over my Pinterest feed and because I absolutely love organizing, I decided to make one. I spent 2016 trying to do all those extravagant designs that look absolutely perfect. After a few months of using the journal, I realized that I never really used a lot of those extra pages, trackers, and features.

Since then, I have been working towards simplifying my journal to have only the necessities. I love art and being creative, but having each page be creative and artsy was time-consuming. As a full-time student, a part-time employee, I did not have time to do my bullet journal pretty and include a million pages that I’d never use.

#1 Detailed Key Page

This first page is one of my favorites. It is the key page design I used for 2016, and I wish I had decided to keep it for 2017. It’s relatively artsy but doesn’t have to be. This page is tidy and pleasing to look at. It is also incredibly customizable. If you don’t like the icons I use, you can replace them with your own, use fewer of them, or omit them completely.

My favorite aspect of this page is the simple little key design I drew at the top. This design was hugely inspired by The Time Pilot-Tumblr.

#2 Plain Key Page

This design is my current key page. It is not as pretty as #1, but it is a lot simpler. Honestly, the only real reason I like this page is functionality. There isn’t much to it, so it’s straightforward to use. This was a design of my own (which is why it isn’t as pretty as #1).

#3 Washi Tape Page Tracker Key

This spread is a simple page that utilizes washi tape. Essentially this page is just another key page but makes navigating through your bullet journal way easier. The tape folds around the edges of the pages so you can find what you are looking for without shuffling through pages.

#4 Index Page

The index page is one that I liked but did not end up utilizing. I stopped using it, not because it wasn’t useful, but because I did not leave myself enough space to fit every page into it. The positive of having this page is knowing where everything is all at once. The con is that my notebook does not have numbered pages, so I had to write them all in manually.

#5 Year At-A-Glance Page

I absolutely love this page. It is super simple and a great reference. There really isn’t much to it!

2018 Bullet Journal Year at a Glance Page

#6 Plain Monthly Calendar

This is exactly as it sounds, a simple calendar—no frills.

#7 Monthly Calendar + Habit Tracker

I currently use this method for a calendar and monthly tracking because I am running out of pages in my current notebook. It is a hybrid of the plain monthly calendar and the third monthly habit tracker design.

january bullet journal 2017

#8 Monthly Gratefulness

This is a monthly page idea that I no longer use because of limited notebook space. However, it is a hugely helpful page to have and is super simple to do. All it is is a plain monthly calendar with a grateful header of your choice.

#9 Monthly Habit Tracker Page

There are three different monthly tracker pages that I used in 2016, and I love them all. I like to change up my design monthly for fun, and this page was my favorite. I am bad at utilizing this page but find it motivating.

The first design breaks each habit down into sleek rectangles. The habits are color-coded, and I use X’s to mark when I have completed each habit for that day.

#10 Simple Weekly To-Do Page + Notes Space

This page is a plain and compact weekly to-do page. It is my most-used page because I use it daily. Easy to do up because it is only 8 small boxes.

#11 Weekly To-Do + Grocery List, Meal Planning, & Mood Tracker

I used this daily to-do page in 2016 and I loved it. It allows for daily to-do lists, a weekly grocery list, and meal planning, as well as some self-care. After a few months, I stopped using the mood and meal planning areas and replaced them with a long notes section.

#12 Books to Read Page

This page is only useful for readers. It is one of my most artsy pages but it is very simple. I just draw rectangles at different heights and sizes, there is no pattern.

#13 Wishlist

The wish list page is perfect for people (like me) who want, or need, more stuff than they can afford. It simple with some decor below the header. However, the heading can be designed, but it doesn’t have to be.

#14 My Collections Tracker Page

Not everyone has a collection to track as I do, but I include this page because I love it so much! The purpose of this page is to track which Disney classics I already own and which ones I need to complete my collection.

#15 Movies & Books Tracker

This is such a popular type of spread! It can become difficult to keep track of the books you want to read and movies you want to watch. So, this spread makes it hugely easy and simple to keep track!


How do you create your bullet journal? Simple or Artistic? Dot journal or grid lines? Hardcover, softcover, or leather-bound? Let me know in the comments below!

Sincerely Elizabeth of Jihi Elephant
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