Self-Love & Self-Care

Even though February is the shortest month of the year, it is often packed with negativity and dark feelings. Indeed,
The past few months I have partnered with Formulate to bring you a giveaway of Formulate shampoo and conditioner. Before
In the winter it can be very difficult to motivate yourself and to practice self-care. The dreary and cold weather
Are you getting into bullet journaling and are trying to figure out how to incorporate mental well-being or self-care into
Just because you are not happy in your relationship, doesn’t mean that you are not with the right person. It
College life is a mixture of fun, hardship, trouble, and anything in between. Many adventures can take place in the
This post was written by Sasha Most of us have something that we don’t like about ourselves, which can greatly
Have you ever read your horoscope and thought, “hmm, that doesn’t sound at all like me…”? I’m here to shed some light on astrology
Have you ever read your horoscope and thought, “hmm, that doesn’t sound at all like me…”? I sure have –
Every working woman knows it’s impossible to have it all: a fulfilling career, a tidy home, good sleeping routine, social
No matter what people may say, the truth is that the majority of both ladies and gentlemen struggle with low
Retail therapy is the act of shopping to make you feel good. Can retail therapy be considered a legitimate form of self-care?
Have you ever heard of retail therapy? It's not a legitimate therapy, but retail therapy is the act of shopping
Reconnecting with ourselves is not always easy. For someone, it can mean solitude and listening to your inner needs and
Who doesn’t love to travel to exotic places where you can see, feel, and eat beauty all the time. It
Motivation in human beings is incredibly important. It is the thing that makes most things in our lives happen. In
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Our lives will always have difficulties that others may never understand. We should never forget that even though others may
It can sometimes be easy to forget about taking care of yourself. Self-care encompasses so many activities! Here are 101 ways to practice self-care.
It can sometimes be easy to forget about self-care. One of the most common excuses is that you don't want
Health is associated with many things. To maintain good health, one must eat good nutritious food, exercise daily, sleep for
No matter what people may think, inner beauty is far more critical than what you physically see on the outside.
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Stress is everywhere, and everyone experiences it. Stress is so common it has become accepted and normal. However, stress in
The quality of your sleep and your mental health are very closely connected. Most people believe that sleep deprivation only
We all know how wonderful it feels when we get a great night’s sleep, we wake full of energy and
Living in a western society isn’t straightforward if you’re a woman, the system isn’t gamed in our favor. Guys get
Self-care has become one of the most defining terms of the past five years. As more and more people have
You may not realize it, but the environment that you live in plays an awfully big part of your wellbeing
Realistically, we need there to be at least 30 hours in a day. This twenty-four-hour thing just isn’t cutting it
Not getting a good night’s sleep can be extremely frustrating indeed. Waking up still exhausted won’t set your day off
Do you see all of these self-care challenges on Pinterest, but none of them seem to be what you need
Confidence is something that comes naturally to most people. However, for the vast majority of us, we struggle to feel
Does your home make you feel relaxed? Is it a haven you long to retreat to at the end of
It is so incredibly easy to fall into a slump of anger, sadness, or anxiousness. The world can be so