3 Ways To Practice Self-Care During A House Move

It's important to practice self-care when you're moving to have the energy and sanity to cope. Here are a few self-care ideas for moving house.

Moving is stressful. If you have ever moved home yourself, you don’t need us to tell you that. Still, there are ways to minimize the stress you might feel. This article will give you a brief run-down on three ways to practice self-care while you are moving!

Another thing you can do is practice self-care in the run-up to your house move; in this way, you will have the energy and the sanity levels to cope with everything you need to do. Here are a few ideas that we think will be useful to you.

#1 Start Your Day Off Right

In the weeks and days before your move, you will have daily to-do lists of things you need to accomplish. You might be tempted to jump out of bed and straight into the jobs you need to do; in this way, you will be able to get through everything faster. Well, that’s the theory anyway. In truth, you probably won’t be as productive as you want to be, especially if you haven’t given yourself time to destress and re-energize yourself.

So, give yourself time at the start of each day to refresh yourself and enjoy your morning. Have a cup of tea, read the newspaper, take a relaxing shower or bath, and eat something healthy for breakfast. This healthy start to your day will do much for your stress levels, and you will be able to work productively on your to-do list with a focussed rather than frazzled mind.

It's important to practice self-care when you're moving to have the energy and sanity to cope. Here are a few self-care ideas for moving house.

#2 Carve Down Time Into Your Schedule

The nearer you get to your house move, the busier you will be getting everything ready for moving day. This is understandable, but your days shouldn’t be filled with your moving tasks, as you still need to factor in some downtime for yourself. This is especially true when your day is taken up with family or work activities too, as your stress levels are going to rise when your schedule is overloaded with things you need to get on with. 

So, take a walk during the day to clear your head. Relax your body and mind with an Epson salt bath, perfect for when your body is sore from moving boxes and furniture. Spend time with your friends. And take the occasional moment to sit down, close your eyes, and calm your frazzled mind.

#3 Practice Positive Thinking

Your emotions will be running high during the moving process. Further, you will likely be worried about moving day itself, among other things. You might be feeling heightened emotions at the prospect of saying goodbye to certain friends and neighbors. You might start to panic, especially when you begin to wonder if moving was the right thing for you to do. And as a result of the emotional rollercoaster that you will be on, you might start to feel low, depressed, and overly anxious.

So, practice positive thinking. One way to practice positive thinking is with journaling or meditation. I encourage you to list all of the things you are grateful for and each of the positives that will happen because of the house move. And think about these things whenever stress threatens to defeat you, as with happier thoughts, you will have the ability to conquer those negative thoughts and feelings that could overwhelm you.

Take care, thanks for reading, and good luck with your house move!

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