Red & Gold Glitter December 2020 Bullet Journal PWM

I am a very consistent person. So, naturally, I stuck with my red theme for December this year. However, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and incorporate glitter! Glitter is not the most functional of themes, but I really like how it ended up looking. Continue reading to learn more about my red and gold glitter December 2020 bullet journal spread. Not interested in December? Check out November’s spread here.

Red & Gold Glitter Theme Breakdown

I really enjoyed the all-black background on my October bullet journal theme. For this reason, I wanted to test that concept again as a possible theme for my 2021 monthly spreads. So, I chose a crimson red December’s theme. Naturally, I chose gold as the accent color. 

I am not entirely sure what inspired me, But I decided it would be amazing for a Christmas month theme to include glitter. I do not care much for glitter; however, this is what I wanted. I mixed in red and gold glitter with the red paint. Then after painting the title page, I realized it needed more. So, I lightly sprinkled some white glitter over top of the painted page. After doing this, I realized it seemed similar to snow or frost, which was very fitting for December. 

Naturally, I went with gold versus red for my happy new year layout. Gold is far more fitting for such a layout than crimson red is. 

December 2020 Layout Explanation

I believe I have found the most efficient monthly spread that works best for me. This includes a simple and aesthetic cover page and weekly logs. First, the cover is either one or two creative pages. This is purely aesthetic and included because I enjoy creating them. For December, the cover is entirely red glitter paint with gold script lettering and a white glitter dusting. 

Then, the weekly logs are each one page with 6 gold-outlined boxes to represent the days of the week (the sixth box covers the weekend. The weekly logs follow the same paint structure of the cover pages: red glitter paint, gold script lettering, and a white glitter dusting. 

Finally, I added a “happy new years” cover page to the odd weekly page. This is a gold glitter painted page with black script lettering. This serves as another aesthetic and creative page. I like the way it is both separate and complementary to the entirety of my monthly spread. 

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