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Houseplant Planner Kit

Mood Tracker, Cover, Pixels, Plant Care | A5 Size | Hand-Drawn

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This bundle includes all of the following or just the single type: - 12 months of watercolor hello monthly pages - 12 months of houseplant mood trackers - houseplant care chart - houseplant monthly habit tracker - plant care pixel trackers - houseplant doodles.  Additionally, you can get just the monthly hello and mood trackers by month. These pages are great for anyone wishing to add some houseplant love to their planner. These designs are hand-painted and hand-lettered.


  • Houseplant Planner Kit (1 PDF)
  • Instructions for Use (1 PDF)

Product Specs:

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pinterest-image-1-houseplant-printable planner kit-add some houseplant and gardening love to your printable plannerpinterest-image-2-houseplant-printable planner kit-add some houseplant and gardening love to your printable planner

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