Custom Bullet Journal Inspired Planner | A5 or A6

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This item will be released at a future date.

These are custom bullet journal inspired planners. They are made to order, and you can choose from a variety of notebooks, layouts, colors, sizes, etc. The images provided are merely examples; please request customization that meets your needs; we can talk about additional designs, fonts, page order, etc.

Available on backorder

i.e. 2018 planner, or any other time frame up to 12 months

You may choose multiple.

You may choose multiple.

You may choose multiple. If you do not choose, fonts in images will be used by default.

If you would like to include extra layouts or artwork, please detail the request here. Details:

1. Only Layouts and Artwork Pictured Above – Your notebook will include a title page, year-at-a-glance or future log, monthly layout, and weekly layout as shown in the listing images.
2. Include Additional Layout Requests – You can add as many layouts as you want so long as they fit in the notebook and aren’t artistic at all.
3. Include Artistic Layout Requests – You can add as many layouts as you want so long as they fit in the notebook. Layouts may be artistic layouts/doodles/use of paints, washi tape, etc.

If I have any questions, I will contact you via the email attached to this order. It is common practice to link me to a google drive or document detailing requests and including images; feel free to do this.

Please detail any customization requests here if you have chosen to add layouts or add artistic layouts in the question above.


These custom A5 or A6 bullet journals work perfectly for anyone who doesn’t have the time to make their own or for anyone who simply does not want to make their own. Further, these are pre-designed templates, hand-drawn, and customizable. These planners are made to order, and you can choose from a variety of notebooks, layouts, colors, etc. The images provided are merely examples. Please request customization that meets your needs; we can talk about new designs, fonts, page order, etc.


**See customization options below (also in images), include requests in purchase notes or a conversation. See previous orders and examples on Instagram.


How Do I Customize My Journal?

Fill out the required options. These options include notebook, color, time-frame, the day your planner starts, and layouts included. Also, see listing images for details. Further, you may include custom requests and details for an additional fee. Please be very specific with upgrade requests. Know that additional requests are subject to price change.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please refer to these questions before contacting support.

What are the Essentials Notebook Product Specs (Dot & Grid)?

  • A5 size
  • Essential Brand Notebook
  • Black Cover
  • A pouch on the back cover
  • Elastic band
  • 1 Ribbon
  • Hardcover

What are the Leuchtturm1917 A5 Product Specs?

  • A5 size
  • multiple color options (See images & list below)
  • A pouch on the back cover
  • Elastic band
  • 2 Ribbons
  • Hardcover
  • Numbered Pages
  • Built-In Index/Content Pages

What are the Leuchtturm1917 A6 Product Specs?

  • A6 size
  • multiple color options
  • A pouch on the back cover
  • Elastic band
  • 2 Ribbons
  • Numbered Pages
  • Built-In Index/Content Pages

What are the Scribbles That Matter Product Specs?

  • A5 size
  • multiple color options (See images & list below)
  • A pouch on the back cover
  • Elastic band
  • 2 Different Colored Ribbons
  • Hardcover
  • Numbered Pages
  • Built-In Index/Content Pages
  • Built-In Key Page
  • Pen Test Page
  • Pen Loop
  • Ethically sourced vegan leather cover

Can I Return the Custom Bullet Journal?

No, you cannot return a custom product. All custom sales are final. Since this is a custom product, we cannot provide returns or exchanges as these products are created specifically for you. Please ask all questions before purchasing your item. However, if you are thoroughly disappointed or displeased with your custom order, contact support as you may be eligible for a partial or full refund.


Take Note of these Important Messages

As these products are hand-drawn, they are imperfect, and each is different. I may not be able to ship orders immediately due to the time it takes to create the custom journals. Shipping is expected within three to eight weeks from the order date. If there should be any delay, I will reach out to you immediately to discuss. I try to get items shipped ASAP, but with a high order volume, shipping may be delayed.

Please keep in mind, each journal takes time to create. Further, I create them in the order they are purchased. Feel free to contact me for a status update; however, keep in mind the time it takes to create a fully customized planner.

If I do not hear back from you promptly regarding customizations, I will either refund your order or assume details using my best judgment

Read more in the Policies and Terms of Use.


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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 6 × 1 in

30 reviews for Custom Bullet Journal Inspired Planner | A5 or A6

  1. Katrina Ciani

    I love love love it! Personalized to fit my needs. Will tell my friends and buy again!

  2. Abbie Johnson

    [no comments]

  3. Ellen Foss

    I’m very happy with this journal. At the beginning of my order, I was able to ask for changes and additions to the journal so I knew exactly what I was getting. It was a unique experience that I enjoyed being able to do. Getting to choose color, page layouts and having the ability to add different pages (like a password pages and a fitness tracker each month) really makes this journal well suited to my needs. You can’t buy that kind of personalization in the store! In addition,I follow the JiHiElephant Instagram account and seeing the progress of my journal on their story was awesome! After the last Insta post for my journal, I got it in the mail 3 days later! So fun being able to see what goes into the creation of these journals. Its beautifully done and helps gets me on track to a healthier me.

  4. Valentina Osorio

    I love it so much and I love how personalized it is! It’s truly beautiful, I’m really happy with it! 🙂

  5. Rebecca Nowak

    Working with the seller was a piece of cake!! We worked out what I wanted in my planner and was even given the option to get sneak-peaks of my planner via Instagram. I received my bujo in less than a week which was far sooner than I was expecting, so that was a very pleasant surprise.
    All of the pages and setup that was discussed in our messages was included in the planner and it came out lovely! There are a number of blank pages in the back of the planner for me to do what I may with.

  6. Claudia Wong

    Thank you so much for creating an awesome planner for me!! Can’t wait to finally be able to use it in 2019 🙂

  7. Tiffanie Sabater

    It’s absolutely perfect! She will make your book exactly as you want it. The book is beautiful, and I got to pick what’s in it! I never would’ve been able to make it on my own. Definitely recommend!!! And you can see the progress of your journal on instagram, which was fun for me!

  8. kstefanou

    [no comments]

  9. meghan geib

    absolutely love my bullet journal! i told her everything i wanted, including a last minute addition, and she was so sweet about it. great quality and received it pretty quickly! definitely would recommend

  10. nicolestanton88

    Really great artist but we had some miscommunications which led to a journal that did not meet my needs. She offered a partial refund and I told her not to worry about it. I’m going to try and make something of what I received. My advice is if you know what you want make sure you are VERY detailed in your explanation because I supplied pictures of what I wanted and she did not understand my request. I think this is a fantastic service but she needs to work on listening to her clients so that what they receive is what they ask for.

  11. Maddie Nicholas

    Love it so much. Sharing it with all my family and getting more future orders for you!

  12. Maddie Nicholas

    gorgeous! love it
    thank you

  13. Molly Evans

    [no comments

  14. Jordan Lonigro

    I am in L O V E!! This journal is so beautiful and so well organized. I really needed a boost in getting my bujo started and Elizabeth nailed it! I am so inspired

  15. jessicapark21

    Best option for custom bullet journals. Never could find calendars that working for me in supply stores. Would definitely use again. Would be great xmas presents!!!!

  16. Brenna

    It was exactly what I wanted, including some custom pages. Very beautiful!

  17. alana b

    Absolutely beautiful handiwork – the illustrations are gorgeous, and all my customization requests met my expectations and were exceeded by how well executed the entire journal is. Looking forward to 2019 when I start using it!

  18. Jessica Marsh

    Absolutely loved it. Can’t wait to use it next year for school

  19. Sarah s

    Working with Elizabeth was wonderful! She makes the process very simple and can customize the book in so many ways to fit your needs. I had mine made for 2019, so I haven’t been able to use it yet, but I am super excited to. It also came rather quick for a custom, handmade product of this type.

  20. lolly861

    Amazing custom item with great communication from the seller

  21. Amanda Lucero

    [no comments]

  22. Blythe Rogg

    My bullet journal came just in time for the new year! Elizabeth did a great job and created everything I wanted. The communication with her throughout the process was always clear and answered quickly. I’ll definitely order another!!

  23. Monica Strother

    I love my new journal. Elizabeth did a wonderful job and I’m so happy I purchased from her instead of trying to diy for my first bullet journal. I will definitely order again.

    Thank you so much!

  24. Abigail Nasworthy

    I can’t describe how much I love this!! She’s so attentive to detail and to your requests and she did a fully custom notebook so fast!! Her handwriting is gorgeous and every line is so crisp and clean

  25. Pim T

    LOVED the outcome of my custom order! The seller worked with me tirelessly via messages back & forth until I was satisfied with what she had to offer. Gorgeous artwork & creativity. Highly recommend!

  26. Katie Garcia

    [no comment]

  27. rhiannon1018

    The most amazing thing I have every purchased. Has already organised my life so much better. The creativity behind the journal was so well thought out and user friendly.

  28. Jamie Grissom

    The journal is beautiful! Love it!

  29. Bess

    Elizabeth was a joy to work with. I commissioned a Plant journal to keep tracking watering needs, fertilizer, new plants along with some mood coloring pages. I peppered her with ideas I found online and she more than exceeded my expectations. Definitely buying another one next year when the calendar runs out.

  30. Nicole Qum

    Absolutely love it!! ❤️ I use it everyday, it has helped me so much and it looks great. Definitely worth the money!

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