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  • These super fun gratitude logs are inspired by the sun. If you are looking for a creative way to incorporate gratitude into your planner, then this twelve pack of gratitude log pages are for you! Each page has hand-drawn lettering and 30 or 31 spaces for logging gratitude in the sun's rays!
  • If you love nature and want to track your moods, this leaf mood tracker layout is perfect for you and anyone wishing to add some style to their planner!
  • If you are looking to include some mysticism to your planner these feather-themed mood and stress trackers will fit perfectly for you!
  • These minimal watercolor "this month" pages come in 10 colors: brown, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, midnight blue, and purple.
  • This gratitude log will surely improve your mood and morale! This gratitude tracker is simple and will fit in any planner! The planner page is based on a custom request and all the lettering is hand-drawn.
  • Sleep has a huge impact on other aspects of our life. Getting good quality and amounts of sleep can make all the difference in your day. Understand your day better by tracking your sleep with this simple sleep log!
  • Are a big fan of the galaxy-themed planners you see on Instagram? Log your dreams in a fun galaxy watercolor dream log spread.
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