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It can sometimes be easy to forget about taking care of yourself. Self-care encompasses so many activities! Here are 101 ways to practice self-care.
It can sometimes be easy to forget about self-care. One of the most common excuses is that you don't want
Being productive throughout the day can be such hard work when you got to organize your day and plan your
Health is associated with many things. To maintain good health, one must eat good nutritious food, exercise daily, sleep for
Traveling and familiarizing yourself with other cultures and ways of living has the power to change how you see yourself
No matter what people may think, inner beauty is far more critical than what you physically see on the outside.
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Stress is everywhere, and everyone experiences it. Stress is so common it has become accepted and normal. However, stress in
In today’s always-connected world, we are expected to be within finger’s reach of each other. We are also expected to
Self-care should start in the home. If you have a home that makes you feel positive, then every day will
The quality of your sleep and your mental health are very closely connected. Most people believe that sleep deprivation only
It’s normal to feel stressed or anxious about different things that come up in our lives, and having these feelings
Our home is a place that is always there. We come back to it at the end of each day,
We all know how wonderful it feels when we get a great night’s sleep, we wake full of energy and
At the moment, you toss and turn as soon as you climb into bed; you dread the evenings, and it
Living in a western society isn’t straightforward if you’re a woman, the system isn’t gamed in our favor. Guys get
There are a whole host of benefits to living alone. You get to please yourself, decorate how you want to,
It really is amazing what words of kindness can do in the life of a complete stranger. I am wholeheartedly
If you care at all about your own mental and physical health, then making your home a happy place should
Self-care has become one of the most defining terms of the past five years. As more and more people have
You may not realize it, but the environment that you live in plays an awfully big part of your wellbeing
Realistically, we need there to be at least 30 hours in a day. This twenty-four-hour thing just isn’t cutting it
Not getting a good night’s sleep can be extremely frustrating indeed. Waking up still exhausted won’t set your day off
Do you see all of these self-care challenges on Pinterest, but none of them seem to be what you need
Confidence is something that comes naturally to most people. However, for the vast majority of us, we struggle to feel
Does your home make you feel relaxed? Is it a haven you long to retreat to at the end of
It is so incredibly easy to fall into a slump of anger, sadness, or anxiousness. The world can be so
Your home should be a peaceful sanctuary. It should be a place where you can relax and de-stress. If this
There are many times in life when suddenly your ability to care for yourself goes out the window. In a
When it comes to our homes, most people design them solely with one thing in mind: how they look! But
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If you haven’t noticed it yet, I am a HUGE advocate for self-care! Self-care is much more than taking a
If you want to experience a happy and healthy life, then self-love isn’t just incredibly important, it is necessary. Of