Custom Bullet Journal

It looks like you are interested in a custom bullet journal.

Unfortunately, ElizabethJournals has had to discontinue our physical custom planners (read more below).

HOWEVER, we are now offering custom printable planners as an alternative. If you are interested in learning more about our printable planners, click the button below! If you are interested in learning more about why we have discontinued custom bullet journals, read on.

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Why Are Custom Bullet Journals Discontinued?

ElizabethJournals has discontinued all custom bullet journal-inspired journals. There are two real reasons for this. The first reason is more medical in nature. I have poor finger joints, and this has always been negatively affected by creating these notebooks. However, the effect has not been to the extent it currently is. Because of increased pain in my fingers while creating these custom notebooks, my productivity and efficiency have significantly decreased. It is now more painful and increasingly slower to complete just one notebook.

The second reason for this decision is time. My custom notebooks have become more popular than I would have ever imagined and have given me more opportunities than I can even remember. However, they are also taking more time than they are worth financially. I have completed my graduate school and the licensure process and am now a full-time counselor in addition to running ElizabethJournals and ElizabethPlants. I have no interest in quitting my small businesses, but something has to give because there are only 24 hours in a day. This is something I have known and been preparing for some time now. Because of my increased finger issues, I have decided that it is in my best interest that I discontinue custom planners.

What If I Have Ordered Custom Before...

...and had hoped to continue getting by planners through ElizabethJournals?

As I am continuing to create custom printable planners, I have decided to attach a BIG project. So, I will be recreating ALL of my previous custom bullet journal orders in a printable version.

So, if you are a previous customer of the physical bullet journal, I will be offering 50% off custom printable planners. If you really enjoy your custom planner and want to continue using it, you can get 50% off a custom printable planner!

How Do I Claim 50% Off?

The answer is simple! Just fill out the order form and add your order number from your physical planner purchase in the order details. I will then reach out to you will information so we can begin moving forward!

What Is A Custom Printable Planner?

This is just like the custom bullet journal, except it is a digital PDF/PNG version. A printable planner can be printed off and pasted into your notebook of choice, added to a ringed binder, pinned to a cork-board, added to another planner, or utilized digitally in PDF form. The best part of these printable planners is that they are just as customizable as a physical custom bullet journal and can be created for a specific time, or they can be created without dates so that you can re-use the file each year.

I Am Not A Previous Customer, Can I Get A Custom Printable Planner?

Not a previous custom bullet journal customer, but want a custom printable planner anyways? Yes, you can absolutely get a custom printable planner. Start the process by clicking on the button below!

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