10 Smart Tips to Organize Your Bathroom

10 Smart Tips to Organize Your Bathroom

We all strive to keep our bathrooms clean and well-organized. During the morning rush, it’s easy for things to become a jumbled mess of brushes and towels. To help prevent this from happening, you should make use of some clever tips to better organize your bathroom.

Towel Rack

Towels can be pretty bulky when they aren’t organized well. You want to be able to have them on hand, but you shouldn’t have to keep them in another room to save space.

When they’re rolled up, towels are a lot more manageable. Install a rack that fits rolled up towels and you will save up on a lot of space.

Use the Vertical Space

Bathrooms tend to get cluttered with a lot of things. The shower, toilet, and washing machine take up a lot of the floor space to start with. Then you have your hamper and bottles of detergent making it even more difficult to get around the space.

If you want to make a bit of room for something else, you should look into utilizing the vertical space. Some shelves could come in useful.

Hanging Shower Caddy

Hair products take up a lot of space in your shower. If you have a space to sit, it’s very likely that you keep it occupied with shampoo and conditioner bottles. These bottles get wet and this allows mildew to build up.

A shower caddy below the handle would make it a lot more convenient to use products, while also giving you a lot more space to work with.

Use Under Sink Bins

There’s a lot of space under the sink that is begging to be utilized to save some space. However, you can’t just pile things up and hope that it looks well-organized. You have to have a well-thought-out solution.

A couple of medium-sized plastic bins would do the trick. Put all of your large, non-essential items there and use them whenever you see fit.

Mason Jar Organization Qtips

Keep Guest Accessories Compact

You probably want your future guests to feel comfortable in your home, right? Having a couple of essentials prepared for them here and there can contribute to this, but it could further clutter up your bathroom space.

Solve this by putting all the accessories in a clear decorative container that you can store away when you don’t have any guests.

Drawer Dividers

All the stuff you keep in your drawers need to be easily accessible, but without taking up a lot of space. More importantly, it shouldn’t be too messy. You don’t want to have to sift through your drawers to find some commonly used items.

Dividers would do you a world of good in this department. They can help you organize stuff by its function and frequency of usage. Keep makeup on one side and skin-care on the other, or however, you want to separate them.

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Double Rod Curtains

Finding places to dry your towels can be pretty difficult. You don’t want them to seem unsightly while they’re hanging around, which is why a subtle solution might be necessary.

Double up on the rods that hold your shower curtains. It’s not a very noticeable change, but the extra rod could be used for hanging towels and clothes that you want to dry out. Best of all, you can put the rod on the inside and basically hide it anything that’s on it from view.

Cabinet Door Space

You might think that you’ve utilized your cabinet to its maximum potential, but you probably haven’t taken a good look at their doors.

The inside of the door can be used as a hanging space for various items. If you somehow attach a couple of mason jars here and there, you can get a lot more storage space for your brushes.

Washing Machine Cover

Washing machines can provide a good surface for some additional storage. Their covers are like an additional shelf that can be used to hold a bunch of bathroom essentials. However, they aren’t really designed for this purpose and you could end up creating a cluttered mess.

You don’t have to replace the whole thing to create a more manageable space, there’s no shortage of washing machine spare parts online. A cover that has some elevated edges would let you keep more items on top of it without them falling off, for example.

Make Use of Labels

Even the most organized among us can’t always remember where to put something. When you’re living with your family, it’s easy for your bathroom to turn into an unorganized mess.

If you add some clear labels to items, they are much more likely to be returned to their rightful spot in the bathroom.


Keeping the bathroom organized seems like a difficult task, but it becomes a piece of cake when you put some thought into it. Make use of some of these tips and you will have a much smoother bathroom experience.

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