Olivia’s Pink & Purple Bullet Journal

Here is a breakdown of the bullet journal inspired planner created for Olivia. Olivia’s notebook was created in a black A5 size notebook with the main colors being pink and purple. Layouts include a title page, index, key, a year at a glance, subscriptions and bills, books to read, movies to watch, password log, monthly calendar, monthly habit tracker, monthly notes, goals, rewards, weekly layout, and gratitude log.

Tools Used

Layouts in Olivia's Pink & Purple Planner

purple pink title Olivia

Pink & Purple Title Page

This page is a pink and purple watercolor title page. In a calligraphy font I wrote “Olivia,” then on the second line “2018 Bullet Planner” is written in an all-caps print font.

index Olivia

Simple Index

I used a very basic index layout here. I wrote everything in an all-caps print font and kept it very simple.

purple key Olivia

Minimal Key Spread

In one page there is a generic bullet journal key. Further, the header is in a minimal purple cursive surrounded by a key.

2018 purple glance Olivia

2018 At A Glance

This year at a glance features 12 months, January 2018 through December 2018, in a calendar format.  Further, the months vertical and in purple cursive lettering. Then, “2018” is at the top of the page in a print font. Lastly, “at a glance” is in a minimal script font.

  • Goals can be very difficult to create and keep track of. However, this minimal goal planner is sure to help you easily organize complex goals and keep them all in one place. This layout is based on a completely hand-drawn spread. These bullet-journal-inspired downloads can be printed off and added to any planner or journal or downloaded and used in any digital planner. Instantly download the PDF of these designs once you purchase the listing. You will get one download to use immediately!
pink purple bill track Olivia

Purple Bills & Subscriptions Tracker

This layout accounts for 12 months of bills and subscriptions in two pages. The pink sections are for the title of the bill or subscription, then an amount and date can be written in the sections below according to the appropriate month. Finally, the main headers are a minimal script.

books Olivia

Colorful Bookshelf Reading Tracker

This page is a colorful bookshelf. The header is minimal cursive and a print font. The header resembles a sign hanging on a nail. Further, Olivia will fill in each book with a book she wants to read or has read.

purple movies Olivia

Movies to Watch Film Strip Tracker

This tracker resembles old-school film strips. The header is in a minimal purple script. Olivia will fill in each part of the film strips with a movie she was to watch or has watched.

purple password log Olivia

Purple Password Log

This tracker is for tracking passwords. Further, the columns involved include the website, username, and password in all-caps print. Then, the main header is in a purple calligraphy cursive as well.

purple pink may month Olivia

Monthly Overview

The left page of this layout is a calendar grid. The right side features a calligraphy cursive font header and two sections below. These section titles, “events” and “goals,” are in a minimal cursive. goals.”

purple habit track Olivia

Monthly Habit Tracker

Following each month is a habit tracker in the form of a grid. There is a square for each day of the month for various habits. The header is in an all-caps print font as well as a calligraphy-style cursive font.

  • Do you have crazy dreams you want to log? Choose from these 3 available dream log styles to keep track of those crazy stories! Additionally, all lettering is hand-drawn. This bullet-journal-inspired download can be printed off and added to any planner or journal. Instantly download the PDF of this design once you purchase the listing. You will get three downloads to use immediately!
  • Looking for a simple yet cute way to keep track of your habits? This grid-style habit tracker is perfect for tracking your habits and goals every month.
pink purple notes Olivia

Purple Watercolor Notes

Opposite the habit tracker is a blank page. This page has a watercolor spot with “notes” in a minimal cursive over the top.

Monthly Goals & Rewards

By request, each month has a goals and rewards grid page. The left page has four blank squares with the header “goals” in purple calligraphy-style cursive. Then, the right page mirrors the left except the header is “rewards” and is in pink.

june purple week Olivia

Weekly Overview & Log

This page features seven columns for seven days of the week. Next to the rightmost column is washi tape. Further, the washi tape is different for each month. The main titling is in a black print font. Then, the weekday titling is just the first letter in purple. Finally, each letter has a subscript for the date.

  • Want a more simple, yet colorful spread to track your weekly to-do's? Then, this teal weekly printable is for you. It includes teal headers/subheaders and 7 rows, one for each day of the week. You will get a PDF file including left pages for the 12 months and right pages for 5 possible weeks. This printable is great for simple and functional daily planning. This printable is not specific to any year and the pages can be interchanged to work for any year. Purchase this listing to instantly download the PDF of the designs. You get PDF to use immediately!
pink purple gratitude Olivia

Purple Watercolor Monthly Gratitude Log

At the end of the month is a blank page featuring a watercolor spot and “gratitude” in a minimal cursive.

Tools Used

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Here is a breakdown of the bullet journal inspired planner created for Olivia. Olivia's notebook was created with the main color being purple.
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