How Going Offline for 10 Days Healed My Anxiety

How Going Offline for 10 Days Healed My Anxiety

The first thought before going to bed is to check social media networks and news websites. This is the very first thought in the morning. Does it sound familiar? Hectic life in combination with toxic feelings (sadness, anger, fear) that we consume from the online world leads to the feelings of total confusion, stress, and anxiety.

I have immersed myself deeply into what was happening in the world, and one day I’ve realized that the mix of conflicting emotions prevented me from enjoying life, developing, and implementing my plans. I suspect I’m not alone. Thus, I’ve decided to leave this emotional burden behind for ten days just to find myself and get distracted. Here is what I have learned.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety

Anxiety for me is the feeling of inner turmoil, nervousness, and tension. Some people can experience FOBO. FOBO, the fear of being offline, refers to the anxiety related to missing something important if you’re not plugged in at. all. times.

It is expressed in panic in case of the absence of WI-FI or in the urgent necessity to check social media every five minutes. I was very close to suffering from FOBO. When I’ve decided to deal with anxiety, I tried many methods. Here are the most effective ones.

Pet therapy

This therapy gives not only amazing results but also cuteness overload! I am a huge fan of dogs, and I know how beneficial communication with pets is. Dogs can express their emotions through sounds, facial expressions, and certain actions.

Dogs have helped me find my inspiration and motivation, increase enthusiasm, boost activity levels, reduce the level of stress, calm down, relax, and forget about all the gadgets. Thus, the best way to interact with animals is joint games, tactile interaction, and communication.


It has long been proven that essential oils (the extract from plants) have healing properties. Further, they help get rid of stress, depression, and anxiety, improve mood, and strengthen the immune system.

Mint and lemon help get rid of excessive nervousness, lavender, chamomile, sage elevate mood and contribute to the overall relaxation, mimosa and cedar relieve depression.

You can choose any oil, the main criterion is that it should make you smile and evoke positive emotions. So, instead of spending much time on the web, close your eyes and enjoy aromatherapy.

How Going Offline for 10 Days Healed My Anxiety


Meditation contributes to the detached perception of the problems of the surrounding world, prevents excessive compassion, empathy, fear. It gives peace and helps people discover their own inner-self.

Each time I am beset by panic or nervousness due to the impossibility of being online, I meditate. I’ve tried many techniques, and this method turned out to be the most effective for me.

  • Sit in a quiet, calm, cool place.
  • Close your eyes and scan yourself to check the current condition of your body and mind.
  • Start breathing deeply, practice deep breathing. Take a deep breath, feel how the stomach fills with air, and then slowly exhale.
  • Gradually clear your mind of all thoughts. Do not analyze, do not think about anything.
  • Feel the silence in the body and mind.
  • Visualize the state of absolute harmony and peace. You feel only relaxation and peace. You have no anxiety, you are confident and relaxed.
  • Stay in this state for a few minutes.
  • Focus on breathing again.
  • Open your eyes slowly and complete the meditation.

Techniques to Reduce Anxiety

There are methods that can reduce anxiety and promote self-care, inner peace, and harmony. So, whenever technology-related stuff makes you feel anxious and stressed out, try some of these anxiety management techniques.

Acknowledge and accept your anxiety

Anxiety leads to imbalance, a lack of harmony, self-love, and self-confidence. The very first step you should take is to acknowledge and accept your anxiety.

Avoiding, resisting, or pushing away negative thoughts and feelings won’t be helpful. You should practice full acceptance and mindfulness because it anchors you to the present moment.

Notice what you think, feel, and allow these things to be there. Do it without judgment. You bring kindness and gentle attention to these feelings and thoughts by allowing them to exist. Once you’ve done it, you stop recycling negative thoughts and start creating new feelings, emotions, and memories.

Talk to yourself

Self-talk is one of the effective ways to reduce anxiety and gain inner peace. Usually, negative thoughts are greatly exaggerated. So, you should change what you think, and it will change the actions you take.

Immerse yourself in the inner world, think about the situation in a more positive way, tell yourself positive statements (affirmations) to feel better. Here are my favorite ones:

  • This anxiety feels bad, but I can get over it.
  • Anxiety won’t spoil my life and won’t control me.
  • I don’t need the phone to see amazing things around me.
  • My life is beautiful, I feel great.

Distract yourself

This is an effective way of focusing on something positive and optimistic that can channel your energy in the right direction. You don’t live in the digital world, instead of it, you live in the present.

Use a proactive approach and focus on something unrelated. Here are my tips.

Get creative

Art is a therapeutic way to express yourself and get distracted. There are different types of art you can try to unleash your inner artist. They are creative writing, artistic design, graffiti, mosaic, painting, photography, performance.

Do sports

Sport is stress-relieving as it lowers the level of the body’s stress hormone (cortisol) and promotes the release of hormones of happiness. Besides, it improves sleep quality, promotes mental well-being, and boosts confidence. Therefore, anxiety is reduced.

You can try different activities that bring you both physical and mental benefits, for instance, Zumba, yoga, walking, rock climbing.

man reading a book.vintage colour effected photo.

Read a book

This is a great way to plunge into the world of fantasy and be filled with positive emotions. Choose your favorite genre that makes you smile.

Practice relaxation

It’s important to combat anxiety by activating the body’s natural relaxation response. It can be triggered by different techniques that provide relief, boost the mood, and give a feeling of hope. Here are some tips.

Listen to the soothing music

Slow-paced instrumental tune or songs can induce the relaxation response by helping lower blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormones.

Besides, nature sounds can be calming. Also, even your favorite energetic music can relax you.

Visualize being safe and comfortable

This type of meditation has a great calming effect on your mind and body. The technique is quite simple.

Sit in a quiet place and take a comfortable position. Imagine yourself in a beautiful garden, on the beach, or on a river bank. It can be any place that looks peaceful and harmonious to you. Watch how the waves come and go or the clouds pass by. Assign your bad thoughts and emotions to these waves, clouds, etc. and watch them float by.


Laughing relieves stress, relaxes muscles, and improves the immune system. Truly, this is the best medicine!

How to Get Offline

Any activity should be used within reasonable limits. Though technologies make our life easier, if life is saturated with them, then this can lead to serious problems.

After I’ve been offline 10 days, I realized that sometimes a person needs a digital detox.

After this pause, I’ve become more productive, I’ve realized how many distractions I had, I’ve become much more relaxed, energized, and creative ideas have landed on me.

There are my tips on how to have a complete break from the web.

Put your phone out of sight

If there is no physical contact, then you don’t see any notifications and don’t use the phone. It’s simple! Instead of it, leave your phone at home as soon as possible, stroll the city, visit places that you have never visited. You will see how much interesting things happen in the real world.

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Use the airplane mode

This mode means that you don’t have an Internet connection. However, you still can use the camera to take photos, other Apps to read books or make notes.

Minimize daily distractions

If your work requires your control and attention, then try to minimize daily distractions. For this, switch off all push notifications, shut down the apps that are not important to you, check the email twice a day, postpone the implementation of non-urgent tasks, and plan your online activities.

Bottom Line

Being attached to your gadgets, virtual communication, and technologies leads to anxiety and addiction.

To combat this anxiety and become less dependent on technologies, practice relaxation, approach the described means in the right way to feel less stressed and more relaxed. Focus on real life, not the digital one, and always live the present.

Author Bio

Andrew Guerra is an editor of Memes Bams. He likes to share his thoughts with the people around. His writing on motivation, love has appeared to make our life better. Andrew believes in fairness and human wisdom. 

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