Monthly Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

Here you will find collections of layouts I have gathered organized by the months. Additionally, these posts are full of beautiful and unique bullet journaling layout ideas sure to inspire you. So, get started browsing through these ideas and get inspired!

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01 | January

With each new year, comes new things, including a new monthly bullet journal spread! For January 2020's theme, I went with a very minimal gold concept!
With each new year, comes new things, including a new monthly bullet journal spread! There are many changes coming to
Goodbye 2018, hello 2019! It is January 2019, and I am in a fresh new notebook! Check out my 2019
It is time to break in the new year with a brand-new bullet journal and naturally a fresh January layout.

02 | February

I plan to keep this year simple to give me time to work on other things. This post will be a brief overview of my bullet journal layout for February 2020.
This post will be a brief overview of my bullet journal layout for February 2020. I note that this will
February is known for Valentine’s day, and in February I find that bullet journals often get themed in pink, red,
I really struggled to come up with a theme for February. But, I settled on gold because I do not

03 | March

This month’s theme is black and gold geometric and was inspired by Emma’s title page. I have always loved very
I don’t know about you, but I am pumped for spring! My March layout was inspired by the blooming flowers
I decided to splurge for March and got myself a new notebook for my bullet journal! I was so inspired by the

04 | April

My April bullet journal was inspired by my own January bullet journal as well as a client’s notebook. I stuck
Sometimes the hardest part about creating your monthly bullet journal spread is picking a theme and hello page design! Once
Did you know that this month there is an Elephant Day! Yes, April 16th is Elephant Day! To celebrate Elephant

05 | May

May's theme came so easily to me this time. I generally wait until the end of a month to create
18 Inspiring May Hello Title Pages For Your Bullet Journal
May is just around the corner, and it's about time everyone is creating their May bullet journal spreads. Coming up
Boy, is this year moving by so quickly! Does anyone else agree, or is it just me? Anyway, it’s May!

06 | June

I am back and had a surge of inspiration to utilize watercolor in my yellow June bullet journal. Check out my sunny tie-dye themed June bullet journal!
I have been MIA lately regarding my personal journal. Due to my increased schedule and stress-load, my creativity became a
Purple & Floral June 2019 Bullet Journal Plan-with-Me
I am not a huge fan of purple or cutesy-girly things; however, I wanted to create something using purple and
We are nearly halfway through the year, and it’s time to show off some hello June bullet journal layouts. For

07 | July

I am a huge fan of paint in my bullet journal. Let's talk about my bright pink watercolor July 2020 bullet journal layout.
I was inspired for my July spread almost immediately after creating my June tie-dye spread. Naturally, I am a huge
It is officially summer, and that means bright, happy colors and sunshine activities. My bullet journal is no different! Each
Does anyone else feel like this summer is flying by too fast? I sure do! Summer is my favorite season

08 | August

For August, ,I made a lot of changes and added a lot of new spreads. You will surely love my orange watercolor August 2020 bullet journal spread.
August is my favorite month of the year. There is really only one reason for this; it's my birthday month.
I am fairly late to the August party with my re-brand and summer semester grabbing so much of my time.
Happy August! August is birthday month for me, plus one of my best friends is getting married! In honor of

09 | September

Summer is over and school season has begun! For me, this means that I am beyond busy and it is
For my September bullet journal spread I, like normal, minimal. However, I made some accidental changes that I have ended
When I created September’s spread, my goal was to leave a lot of white space and keep it minimalistic. I

10 | October

Happy Halloween! Well, it's not Halloween yet, but now is the time to prepare for Halloween. Here is a list
It’s autumn! Or do you prefer to call it fall? Either way, leaves are turning and soon to fall, people
For October' bullet journal, I chose to take a completely new approach. Until recently I haven’t really used tools like

11 | November

Autumn is in full swing and I wanted to celebrate with burnt orange, autumn leaf-colored spread. Keep reading to learn about my struggle and disappointment!
Autumn is in full swing and I wanted to celebrate with burnt orange, autumn leaf-colored spread. I also decided to
Usually, for November, my bullet journal layouts are oranges, reds, and browns to match with Thanksgiving. However, this year I
November, say what!? It’s ALREADY November! Can you believe it, 2017 has flown by! What a year… am I right?

12 | December

This month I decided to use red and gold as my main theme. Keep on reading to learn more about my bullet journal and how I created it!
Each month I create a new theme for my bullet journal. This month I decided to use red as my
This time of year is one of my favorite times of the year, and the only redeming quality of winter
It is finally the last month of 2017! December's bullet journal layout is the last that I will be putting

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These blog posts encompass topics such as bujo plan-with-me posts, bullet journal flip-throughs, planner walkthroughs, monthly round-ups, hello cover pages, and other related types.

Hello & Cover Pages

These spreads are meant to welcome the new month. There is almost no limit to these spreads, though they are generally in the form of a title page.

Monthly Layouts

A monthly page can be in the form of a calendar, log, etc. These pages are often meant as an overview. These spreads sometimes include tracking, goals, etc.

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