15+ Inspiring May Theme Ideas For Your Bujo

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May is coming soon, and it’s just about time to begin planning your new May theme! Themes can be both easy and challenging to identify. You could utilize the season or any holidays in the month. You can also choose to theme from cultural events.

Whether you choose your theme randomly or according to a May concept, here are some great inspiring May theme ideas for your bullet journal.

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Floral & Spring Themes

One of the most popular May themes is floral or spring themes. May is when the weather starts to change and flowers start growing and blooming for many places. 

So, it is only natural that people get excited about spring in may and choose to use these themes. 

Below are some great examples of how you could use flowers in your May theme!

bullet journal showing May cover page with orange flowers and mini calendar
photo credit: @seed_successful_you
photo credit: unknown

Nautical Themes

Another amazing theme for May is nautical. Summer is coming and nautical themes are a perfect reminder that swimming season is near! So, check out these amazing under-the-sea ideas for May. Want to explore nautical themes for your journal even further, check out our collection of under-the-sea bullet journal ideas

photo credit: ElizabethJournals x Nicole
photo credit: @joyandlifeblog

Tropical Themes

Another theme idea you could use for May is tropical. This is a pretty broad concept; however, that is what makes it so great! You could use tropical plants for your theme, or tropical places, or even tropical foods! Check out a few of our ideas below, or check out these houseplant bullet journal theme ideas

photo credit: Christina77star
bullet journal on white and brown cloth. page has dark green vines and a few gold leaves
photo credit: @whimsical.doodles

Cinco-de-Mayo Themes

Cinco de Mayo refers to May 5th and now is tied closely to Mexican American culture, though it has roots in Mexico. For some people, May 5th is an important day to recognize and celebrate. So, it would only make sense as a bullet journal theme for anyone who celebrates! Check out a few Cinco de Mayo ideas! 

notebook on white background open to may monthly log page. calendar, title, and cinco de mayo doodles on left page. right page includes doodles and trackers
photo credit: ElizabethJournals x Katie

Star Wars Themes

Another cultural favorite is Star Wars! And, if you haven’t noticed, Star Wars’ famous phrase “May the force be with you” is an incredibly popular May theme concept. Take a look at some awesome examples below. 

bullet journal open to may cover page. Bold outlined font says "may the force be with you" and mini calendar in bottom right corner. marker and headphones left of notebook
photo credit: @gwilsstudies
photo credit: @potterjournal

Miscellaneous Themes

Not every May theme idea falls neatly into a category. So, in addition to the very popular theme concepts we’ve taken a look at above, here are some great miscellaneous May theme ideas for your bullet journal!

open notebook with green and yellow markers. open to may 2020 cover pae with panda climbing bamboo
photo credit: Planning with Them

Do you LOVE these May themes for your bullet journal? check out these May cover ideas or these great bullet journal theme ideas!

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