Kathryn’s Light Yellow and Periwinkle Bullet Journal

Here is a breakdown of Kathryn’s light yellow and periwinkle custom bullet journal inspired planner. Kathryn’s notebook is a black A5 size notebook with the main colors being light yellow and periwinkle. Layouts include a title page,  year at a glance,  birthday tracker, books to read,  movies to watch,  tv show list, monthly calendar, and weekly layout.

Layouts Included

Title Page:

This is a yellow watercolor title page. In a calligraphy font, I wrote “Kathryn’s.” Then, on the second line “Bullet Planner” is an all-caps print font.

Year at a Glance:

This year at a glance features 12 months, August 2018 through July 2019, in a calendar format. The months are vertical and in periwinkle cursive. The main header is 2018 – 2019 in print font and “at a glance” in minimal cursive.

Birthday Wheel:

For this layout, the main concept is a circle or wheel sliced into 12 sections; each slice or section is for the 12 months. Additionally, for this planner, every other section is periwinkle and the rest are in a light yellow color. For the lettering in the center of the wheel, “happy birthday” is in a black calligraphy font. Finally, a line comes off of each section where Kathryn can write in Birthdays.

Books to Read:

This page is a simple black and white bookshelf covering two pages. The header is written in a bold periwinkle calligraphy-style cursive. The books are placed on a light brown bookshelf.

The TV Show List:

This layout features several old-school antennae TVs. The title states “the tv show list.” “the” and “list” are in print and “tv show” is in yellow calligraphy with a black outline. 

Movies to Watch:

This tracker is created to resemble film strips, which are horizontal and in black and white. The header is in a periwinkle calligraphy cursive.

Monthly Calendar: 

I used a simple grid calendar with a periwinkle calligraphy header. The days of the week are highlighted in light yellow and written in print font. This calendar has a column on the right side for notes.

Weekly Grid: 

This is a simple 8-square grid. The header is in a periwinkle calligraphy font. The days of the week are highlighted in light yellow and written in print font. 

Tools Used

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