Karolina’s Purple Garden Planner PWM

Rebecca is a client who ordered a custom bullet journal inspired planner for her Grandmother, Karolina. The article breaks down planner details. For Karolina’s Garden Planner notebook, the main color is purple. Further, the layouts involved include a title page, year at a glance, garden goals, garden planning, how to dry herbs, veggie tracker, and monthly layout.


Layouts Included

Layouts are described in detail for Karolina’s garden planner.

Title Page:

The first layout is a gray watercolor title page. In a print font I wrote “The trials and tribulations of Karolina’s garden.”

Year at a Glance:

This year at a glance features 12 months, January 2019 through December 2019, in a calendar format. Split between 3 pages are the 12 months; each page features 4 months. There are purple flowers lining the top border of the page next to the header. The main header is 2019 in a stencil-inspired font.

Purple Garden Goals

The next page is the garden goals page is mostly blank with a bold purple font header.

Purple Garden Planning

For this next layout, the header on these layouts is in purple calligraphy cursive. Further, the remainder of the pages is the outline of a rectangular garden. I left the garden plots blank.

How to Dry Herbs

Rebecca specifically requested this layout. BuzzFeed is the original creator of the layout.

Veggie Tracker

The veggie tracker is very similar to a habit tracker but specifies 3 steps to various vegetables marked monthly. For this layout, “sow,” “plant,” and “harvest” are tracked for each month and vegetable.

Monthly Layout

This monthly layout is dissimilar to all monthly spreads I have done. The page is broken down into the weeks. Additionally, there is a mini calendar of the month, a space for a quote or doodle, a concerns column, and another column for the next month.

Tools Used

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