5 Ways to Handle Bad Energy From Your New Partner

Relationships are tough and full of challenges. Here are a few things you should do if you’re feeling bad energy from your new partner!

Relationships are tough and full of challenges. One of the biggest challenges in relationships is trust. It can sometimes take a lifetime to build trust, but just one bad event to ruin it. Wounded people often go into new relationships with scars still healing, which can complicate things. However, you should always listen to your gut and be able to spot red flags. You also have to make sure that both of you are actually on the same page and see if they’re simply trying to be what you want them to be. Let’s take a look at a few things you should do if you’re feeling a clash of energies with your new partner or if they are giving off bad energy.

Ask them What They Think of their Ex

Knowing where your new partner stands with their ex-partner is very important. You want to know if they’re completely over them, or if there are still feelings there. If they get upset when talking about the situation and just want to change subjects, then it could mean that they had a bad breakup and still have some sort of emotional connection with them. 

There are also those cases when they decide to become friends with them. This one can be tricky, and the best way to know if you can trust them that way is to ask to meet them. You’ll then be able to see who they pay more attention to, or if you get a sense of competition coming from their ex. 

Look at their Relationship with Friends and Family

Another thing you have to check is how good or bad of a relationship they have with the people close to them. Do they even have friends? Do they seem irritated when their parents need them, or do they dread going to family events? Or do they avoid them altogether? These are all reflections of how they treat people in general, and if they can’t get along with people who’ve known them and supported them for years, then there’s no reason it’ll be any different with you.

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Check How they Treat Strangers

In addition to checking how they treat their friends, family, and previous partners, you have to pay attention to how they deal with everyday people. Some people may do a good job at being charming or even endearing to the people they’re trying to seduce, but the way to truly know a person is to check how they treat people in general.  

What is their attitude towards service personnel? Do they have an entitled, elitist attitude? How do they react to people in need? Have you ever seen them help someone that seemed to need assistance, or are they completely oblivious to them? This could reveal a lot about their personality and help you see if you’re actually compatible or if they have too much bad energy.

Run a Background Check

You might feel like this is intrusive, but we’re talking about your safety there. This is especially important if you want them to play a role in your children’s lives. It is your responsibility to make sure that they are who they say they are, and you should always check conviction records before you bring someone new in your life to make sure they don’t have a prior history.

If you don’t know how to investigate by searching conviction records, you can check out a service like publicrecordsreview.com. You’ll be able to check information about someone’s past criminal history with nothing but their first and last name. They will allow you to choose between multiple public records sites to make sure you get as detailed a report as possible. 

This will make sure that you know everything about their criminal history, and some services will even provide important financial information on the person. You can then tell if they’re truthful about their finances, and help you spot scammers before they have the chance to strike.

Ask them About their Long Term Goals

A lot of people love the idea of marrying their high school sweetheart, but you have to be careful that you don’t overlook red flags to keep the fantasy alive. You have to ask them what their plans are for the future. If they want to evade that talk, it could mean that their future doesn’t involve you. On the other hand, if they seem to have a clear vision for their future and speak of “we” instead of “I”, then it’s definitely a good sign. 

If you’re feeling like you can’t fully trust your partner, or you felt a negative shift in bad energy lately, these are all things that you should do. Above all, make sure that you’re honest about the state of your relationship, and don’t put your feelings on mute for the sake of being with somebody.

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