Guest Posting & Collaborations

Are you interested in working with ElizabethJournals in a guest poster, sponsored, or collaborative manner? Keep reading to learn more about what we offer!

Guest Posting:

At ElizabethJournals, we strive to help our audience to create their best and most organized self. This means we post on topics from organization to gratitude. Topics we are currently accepting include bullet journaling, planning, productivity, and self-care.  Additionally, all posts are published and shared on, on social media, and are included in our monthly newsletter.

Requirements & Guidelines:

  • Guest Blog posts should be at least 800-1500 words (including the optional author bio).
  • Posts should always be original work. Additionally, they should not be posted anywhere else to avoid copyright infringement.
  • Any link included should not be affiliate links or links to any homepage. All links should be informational should further the content of the post. All links are subject to removal.
  • Avoid using self-promotional language in the body of the post. Further, one social link is allowed in the author’s bio. 
  • Please provide me the link to any stock image you wish to use. If you cannot supply images, we will.
  • Elizabeth Journals ALWAYS creates their promotional images, so you do not need to do this. If you wish to create a pin using your branding, please provide me with the link to the pins so that I may help promote the article with your branding in addition to mine.
  • You may include a picture of the author and a brief bio. Further, you may include one link to your social media within your bio. If you choose not to include an author bio, we will include a brief statement that discloses the post as not written by ElizabethJournals.
  • Please be sure to ask any questions you may have before agreeing to the guidelines. Then, once you have agreed to these guidelines, you are expected to follow them. If you do not follow the guidelines, the post may not be accepted or may be altered to meet these guidelines.
  • All guest posters are required to fill out the form below. Not having done so will result in your post not being accepted.

Please Note

Guest posters are subject to one free guest post. This post must be approved by our editor. Additional guest posts are subject to a fee. 

All blog content is subject to the approval and editing of our editor. This means that our editor can make changes to your post once we have received it. These changes are generally minor. However, if you find that the changes the editor has made alter the content of your article, please contact us, and we can talk about potential changes.

Guest blogging is not paid because it is considered a promotional tool for your brand through the sharing of useful information.

Further, all guest posts are subject to removal.

Please fill out the application below if you are interested in guest posting for Elizabeth Journals

Sponsorships and Other Paid Requests:

For all who wish to collaborate via paid options, please contact me using the following form.