Green Bullet Journal Layouts You Need

I often theme my monthly spreads based on a color that I feel represents that month. Green is one of my favorite colors in general, but also to use in my bullet journal. So, let's check out these awesome green bullet journal layouts.

I often theme my monthly spreads based on a color that I feel represents that month. Green is one of my favorite colors in general, but also to use in my bullet journal. So, let’s check out these awesome green bullet journal layouts. 


Watercolor November Cover

Cover pages are the perfect way to set a monthly theme. This watercolor cover page sets a simple yet elegant watercolor theme for November.

image credit: DaisyCustomBujo

Green Branch March Cover

Green is most often associated with plants and nature, so it is only natural that many green-themed spreads are going to incorporate vines or plants as this March cover does. This spread utilizes these leafy vines as a border for the page!

image credit: SheDoodles

Vine June Monthly Log

Houseplants are blowing up in popularity these days, naturally, with an increased love for plants comes an increase of houseplant and tropical plant themed spreads. This books to read list spread includes some very beautiful green tropical leaves around the edges.

image credit: @xlaura777


Jewel Green October Weekly Log

Here is another great example of green watercolor in a bullet journal spread. However, this time it is not plant-themed, and it is a weekly spread. You can very easily use green watercolor to add details to any spread.

image credit: ErinCustomBujo

Green Watercolor Weekly Log

The above layout is one way to utilize green in a weekly log. Here is another way. Color can be used to extenuate a header. I love the fonts used in this spread!

image credit: @procrastudiin

Green November Weekly Log

Are you a fan of multimedia? Perhaps you enjoy including things like photos, washi tape, and stickers in your bullet journal? Then here is one way to utilize green in a multimedia weekly spread! I love the creativity it takes to make a spread this detailed!

image credit: BulletJournalAddict

green-quote-jenny-branch-enjoy the little things

Watercolor Inspirational Quote

A quote page can be a nice addition to your planner. They are great motivation, reminders, and they can fill a blank page. This quote page utilizes a watercolor eucalyptus branch beautifully!

image credit: JennyCustomBujo

Greenery March Cover

More often than not, we use color for the details of a layout. However, this March cover page uses color everywhere. The background is light green, and the details a dark green. Also, it’s another plant-based spread!

image credit: @suncerulean

May to June Succulent Weekly Log


Tropical Leaf Mood Tracker

Mood trackers and other trackers are a great way to display a theme. This circular mood tracker has green tropical leaves shooting out from the center!

image credit: JennyCustomBujo

Green Multimedia Weekly Log

March Monthly Log

We have talked about cover pages, trackers, weekly logs, and here is a monthly log featuring  tropical leaves!

image credit: Artist Hue

Watercolor August Weekly Log

This weekly log is another great example of using green, not as an accent color but the main color. Additionally, watercolor is an easy way to cover this much space on a spread. 

image credit: ElizabethJournals

Green Circular Mood Tracker

Circular mood trackers are the seemingly most popular way to show off green. This mood tracker also utilizes some great watercolor!

image credit: Unknown

Green Nature March Cover

green evening morning routine Shawna-Lisa

Green Routine Menu

Do you keep a routine in your bullet journal? You can easily highlight the details with your favorite color, maybe green!

image credit: ShawnaLisaCustomBujo

Karyn's Watercolor Pocket Calendar | Client Gallery

Snap Pea Notes

Not looking for green to be the focal point of your spread, you can easily incorporate it in artwork like this spread does!

image credit: KarynCustomBujo

Tropical June Weekly Dutch Door

Vine March Cover Page

I love the incorporation of these simplistic vines with golden leaves! This one is easy enough anyone can do it!

image credit: Archer and Olive

green march week Gi

Green Cloud March Weekly Log

Finally, here is a way to use green without nature or plants in your weekly spread!

image credit: GiCustomBujo

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