Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have a question or are you confused? Check out these frequently asked questions first to see if they can help you out!

Questions Regarding Posting/Contributing

Q: Do you accept guest posts?

A: Yes! I accept guest posts all the time. However, I am very picky about topics and links. I laid out all of the guest post guidelines in a post HERE. Please be sure to fill out the form on that page before you contact me with any questions, I will simply refer you to this page.

Q: Do you accept link requests?

A: Sometimes. I get a huge number of linking requests. Due to this high number of requests, I either charge a fee or require reciprocation. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page or on the collaboration guidelines page to inquire about fees. If you are interested in reciprocation instead, reciprocation requires that you link to my site in at least one of your posts and then sharing my posts on your social pages. I allow you to choose what post of mine you link and in what post you link it. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to contact me regarding link requests.

Questions Regarding the Shop

Q: Why do some of your products send me to Etsy instead of putting the item in my cart?

A: I do this for shipping purposes. Etsy’s shipping system is far easier to work with and more established than my own. Additionally, these products are often custom products and Etsy has an easy system for personalization or customization, as well as easy communication.

Q: My Coupon isn’t working?

A: If your coupon is not working try a few things before contacting me directly.

  • Check to see if the coupon is expired. If it is expired, you are no longer able to use it.
  • Check your spelling and capitalization. My coupons and passwords are case sensitive and need to be typed in exactly.
  • Double-check that the coupon is for Elizabeth Journals. Often, other stationery and planning sites used similar coupon codes and link to one another. This might lead to confusion about where the coupon codes can be used.

Q: Can I shop on your Etsy store instead of your Website?

A: Yes! Both options have the same prices and products. If you would prefer to shop through Etsy, that is perfectly fine. Access the Etsy shop HERE.

Q: Where can I view my account and change my password?

A: You can view your account here and change your password on the log-in page.

Q: Where can I check my order status?

A: You can check your order status HERE.

Q: Where can I view all of your products at once?

Absolutely! You can check out all my products by Category HERE.

Q: I don’t understand the checkout process. Help!

It sounds more overwhelming than it is.

Questions About Your Mood Tracker Monthly Membership

Q: How do I sign up to be a Mood Tracker Monthly Member?

Sign up is easy! You can check out membership details and sign up for the membership RIGHT HERE.

Q: How do I get 10% off?

If you are an active Mood Tracker Monthly Member, you will get 10% automatically applied to any tracker you have in your cart!

Q: How do I find this month’s free mood tracker?

You can find your mood tracker by going to ‘My Account” > “My Membership” > “Products”. Here you can always view your freebie for the month!

Q: When is a new freebie released?

You will gain access to a new freebie on the 1st of every month. However, sometimes we surprise you and will throw it up early with the previous month’s freebie or keep last month’s freebie up just a little longer with next month’s as well!

Q: How can I cancel my membership?

No longer want to get free and discounted content for only $2 a month? We are sorry to see you go, but I completely understand that my membership might not work for you. If you are absolutely sure you want to cancel go to “My Account” > “My Subscriptions” and choose the “Cancel” option.

Questions Regard the Resource Library

Q: How do I find the resource library?

The resource library is a password protected page that my newsletter subscribers get free access to! If you are already a member, click the “Resource Library” tab in the ElizabethJournals menu or click HERE. Don’t forget your password! Not a subscriber? sign up to be a subscriber HERE.

Questions Regarding the Blog

Q: The homepage has changed, can I still view all the most recent blog posts?

Yes! There are two ways to find my old homepage. First, you can hover over the home tab and click “All Blog Posts“. Second, you can click All Blog Posts right HERE.

Q: Who writes the blog posts?

Elizabeth Ghekiere writes a large majority of all Elizabeth Journals blog posts. Learn more about Elizabeth HERE.

Those posts not written by Elizabeth are usually guest posts or collaborative posts. A guest post is a post written for Elizabeth Journals where the author gets full credit and Elizabeth Journals receives nothing from the author. Collaborative posts are written by an anonymous author and Elizabeth Journals sometimes receives compensation for the posts.

Q: How can I get featured?

Each month Jihi Elephant features one bullet journaler and their journey. Learn more about being a featured bullet journaler on Elizabeth Journals HERE. If you are ready to apply, fill out the application HERE.

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