How To Find Time For Your Beauty Rituals

Every working woman knows it’s impossible to have it all: a fulfilling career, a tidy home, good sleeping routine, social life, and flawless looks. It gets even harder when there are little ones in the picture. But it’s possible to have nearly all – if you’re being smart with your time and value good organization. There is no need for your beauty ritual to suffer. Here are some tips on how to conquer time in order to look like the goddess you are.

Enter the Two Minute Rule

We know you’re organized and have at least one detailed bullet journal. But even the best among us sometimes just feel they need a break. And that break is well deserved! To make it last longer, incorporate the simple, but powerful two-minute rule. If anything can be done in under two minutes, do it now. Hang the coat. Put your workout gear in the laundry. Wash the coffee mug. Toss the papers you don’t need. If you live by this rule, you’ll need less time for cleaning and doing boring stuff; and that leaves a good chunk for a beauty ritual of your choice.

Have Fun in the Shower

So you take a shower every day. Why not save time by also applying face cleanser while waiting for the hair removal cream to work its magic? Or brush your teeth in the shower? (Just don’t leave your toothbrush there – it’s way too damp.) You can even get some of those shower creams that also function as an in-shower moisturizer, which doubles the effect and cuts time in half. Brilliant!

Working Women: Finding Time for Your Beauty Rituals

Get Something Permanent

Sometimes the mornings are so rushed that you simply just don’t have the time for applying makeup. But it doesn’t mean you should rock your #IWokeUpLikeThis face in the office if you don’t want to! Tattooed eyebrows are becoming more and more natural-looking, so no fear that you’ll end up on a quirky website because you look like you’re constantly in awe. If you like emphasizing your eyelashes, eyelash extension deals are something worth considering. No makeup and no time needed for retouches of mascara, but the effect is there (and it’s long lasting). For those who make minimal changes in their everyday look, it’s even possible to get a permanent eyeshadow or a lipstick, so why not think about that too?

Make Masks Work for You

If you’ve already oversimplified your beauty routine, you certainly don’t have the time for elaborate masking. But it doesn’t mean your face should miss all the goodies! There are plenty of good overnight masks on the market – splatter, go to bed, and that’s it! While you sleep, nutrients and vitamins will make your skin smooth, supple and glowing, no additional time needed!

Working Women: Finding Time for Your Beauty Rituals

Get Wonderful Hair Overnight

You can do the same thing with coconut oil on your hair – but only if you know you’ll be washing your hair in the morning. Don’t forget to use a plastic bag to keep the heat in and save your pillow from the grease. Coconut oil is generally great for all types of hair, so a few treatments in, you’ll realize that you don’t need to go for expensive treatments in the salon. Both time and money saver is always a plus in our book!

Let Others Take Care of Your Nails

Unfortunately, it’s still considered almost rude in the corporate world if your nails aren’t polished. But anybody who keeps their home organized and types on a computer on a daily basis knows that even the best brands don’t last more than 3-4 days. Removing and polishing again can be such a time waste sometimes! So why not try the gel manicure, that lasts for weeks? Sure, depending on how fast your nails grow, sometimes it can look a bit ugly, but after having done it two or three times, you’ll know exactly when the time for the next visit is. Still a huge time saver!

Grab Some Time with an Attitude Change

What would you say if someone offered you an extra hour every day? We know there would be some squeaking with excitement! And it’s totally possible if you change your attitude about your hair. We’re not saying ditch the shampoo and go greasy! But what you can do is love your hair for what it is, and skip the blow-dry every day or every other day. It does make hair prettier, but not that much prettier than it’s worth the extra time and effort. Now, what can you do with the extra hour?

Looking for perfection is stupid and stressful. But when there are tips on making the most of your day and using it for something you like, why not use them? A woman who feels good in her skin will make effort in all the other areas of her life as well. And we don’t mean feeling good just about the looks.

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