Covid19 Update

The world is changing rapidly and it can sometimes be incredibly overwhelming to keep up. You are likely trying to juggle your health, work, and personal life. Also, you are probably getting countless emails updating you about the Covid19 virus. I hate to add to your load, but I also wanted to give you updates from me, Elizabeth of ElizabethJournals.

So, what is ElizabethJournals doing regarding the virus?

Not much, I am a one-woman team, so I do not have to worry about sending employees home. Currently, everything will continue as it was. I am located in Michigan and our mail system is still functioning. So, until our mail system halts, I will continue completing orders as usual! If for some reason the mail system stops here, then I will send out another update to keep you informed and will close my physical product listings. It is important that I am not in charge of shipping the product to you, USPS is, so there may be some delays, read more about USPS and Covid19 HERE.

If you live somewhere where the mail system is down, I suggest you refrain from ordering physical products. I am leaving it up to you to research your own local system prior to ordering. If your mail system is down and you still wish to order, please leave an order note to delay the shipment and I will hold your order for up to 90 days. At the 90 day mark, I will either refund or move forward with shipping your order.

A statement regarding practices at ElizabethJournals

As the sole person behind ElizabethJournals, I have always done my work, including product creation, from home. This is still true. I am completely self-quarantined and work from home. I am regularly cleaning my workspace as well as cleaning all products before shipment. I am maintaining all the recommended hygiene practices at this time.


While many are quarantining voluntarily and otherwise at home, we are also finding ourselves with more time than usual. So, I wanted to do my part in helping to keep people entertained by offering 60% off my Bullet Journaling for the Overwhelmed Beginner course. Yes, 60% with code QUARANTINE60! Be sure to snag it soon!!

I am also working to roll out more courses with significant discounts soon, so keep your eye out for those courses!

Courses I am working on…

  • Your Guide to A Perfect Filing System
  • Everything Self-Care | A Guide to Taking Care of Yourself
  • How To Be Productive | Everything Your Need To Know
  • How to Survive College | Tips From A College Graduate

These are crazy times we are living in, so let’s all do our part to stay safe and healthy.

Additional Covid19 Resources

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