Corey’s Themed Custom Bullet Journal Plan-with-Me

As you may well know, ElizabethJournals is well known for our custom Bullet Journals and custom digital/printable planners. I love to show off my creations, and this is one of my favorites. Corey’s custom planner had several themes throughout it and a lot of fun artwork. Take a look!

Corey's Cover Page

I love this loading page paired with geometric shapes as the first cover page for Corey’s custom bullet journal.

Future Logs

These two future logs are wonderful ways to glance at each month and list major events and plans below. While the first is more general, the second shows a line for each day of each month. This is perfect for listing holidays and vacations.

3 Year Plan

3 year plan corey

Having a 3 year plan is a great way to keep yourself accountable for any big goals you wish to achieve. I like that it is laid out by year and by month!

Birthday Log

birthday log corey

Here is a more classic birthdays log with a square for each month where you list birthdays. How fun are the dessert doodles too?

Recipe Card Pages

I have never before thought about keeping recipes in my bullet journal! I love these idea and think it would be fun to create a bullet journal entirely of my favorite recipes.

Tv Series Lists

Do you struggle to keep track of your tv shows? It can be hard to remember how far you’ve watched all your shows while juggling streaming services. This is an aesthetic way to help keep track!

Bucket List & My Ideal Day

Here are two different layouts are shown here. The left page is a bucket list. It is empty here, but you can add anything to it!

Then on the right is an overview of an ideal day. My favorite part of this page is the line that Corey can’t work past.


What would you add to this layout? This is a great way to keep track of the things in your day-to-day that does not change, such as your course schedule or work schedule.

Day Adventures

day adventure corey

This notebook is full of idea pages. This one is particularly fun as it is meant to list ideas for day adventures!

Books Cover Quote

book stack corey

This layout is meant to be a cover page for other reading-based layouts. In addition to the awesome quote, there is a beautiful stack of books with actual titles!

Future Works & To Be Read

future works to be read list corey

The left of this page is full of books to be created. Then, the right page is full of books to be read, organized by category! What is your favorite reading genre?

Books Reading Log

As you might have guessed, Corey is a big-time reader. So, naturally, I created several layouts to log books they have read throughout the year.

Budget Cover & Savings Tracker

This next section focuses on budgeting and finances. The left page is an adorable cover page. Whereas the right page is similar to ElizabethJouranls’ thermometer savings tracker

Year in Spending & Bills Log

The following two pages continue the finances theme. Here, you can see a monthly tracker for subscriptions and major spending categories. Then, on the subsequent page, bills are explicitly tracked by month. I love the choice to include these layouts in a custom bullet journal.

Weekly Budget

While the previous layouts are organized by month, this budget log is organized by week, then category. I like the idea of logging by week instead of by month. It feels easier to do manually.

Appliances, Furniture, & Items Required Maps

appliance and furniture map items required map corey

Here is a visual representation of Corey’s home where they can list what they need to get and what they already have for their home. I love this idea and any visual representation.

House Expenditures

It would make sense that a list of house-only expenses comes with the visual plan. This is a great idea to keep track of project-specific budgeting! This was a great choice for Corey’s custom planner

Appliance Guide

appliance guide corey

This next layout is merely a blank list layout. While I am unsure what this layout was to be used for, I love a good list layout!

Essentials List

essentials list corey

What would you add to an essentials list? I think I would make it a list of my favorites. Either way, the mushroom and flower design is absolutely beautiful!

Wishlist & Best Friend Contract

wishlist and best friend contract corey

Would you ever use a wishlist? I used to keep one, and I loved it! These layouts are a great way to keep track of what you want or are saving up for. 

Then, a fun little best friend contract is on the next page! How fun. 

Me from A to Z & Goals Log

a to z goals logs corey

How would you describe yourself using the alphabet? The left page is a fun idea and a good way to boost self-esteem. 

Then, the next page is a great place to put goals for the year.

Health Cover & Measurements Log

health cover and measurement log corey

Finally, we move on to the next section: health. We start strong with a beautiful cover page featuring a carrot and measuring tape. 

Then, the next page features specifically requested art and spaces to write down measurements. 

Weight-Loss & Workout Trackers

weight loss tracker a year of workouts corey

The next layouts featured in this custom bullet journal are a weight loss tracker and a year of workouts layout. I particularly like the year in workouts as it is very similar to a year at a glance for moods. 

Medication Tracker & Injury Tracker

medications injury tracking corey

Keeping track of medications can be challenging, so naturally, a tracker in your custom journal would be perfect! Additionally, keeping track of your injuries is very useful if you are prone to injury!


ideas corey

Here we have another fun braindump style page. However, this one is broken into six categories: books, gifts, bujo, tv/movies, music, and other.

Cleaning Schedule & When Did I Last Tracker

cleaning schedule when did i last corey

Here, we continue to move through other layouts. The left page is a blank cleaning schedule organized by daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and bi-yearly. I love the fun doodles here! 

Then, on the next page is a ‘when did I last’ tracker to keep track of various tasks.

What's On My Mind Braindump

whats on my mind braindump corey

Here is yet another brain-dump! I love the doodle that accompanies this page!

Self-Care Master Plan & Playlist Log

I think this self-care cover page is one of my favorites in this entire custom planner. It is super cute, and I love the artistry. 

Then, on the right page is a cute playlist tracker. Here Corey can add in their favorite songs for self-care!

Self-Care Ideas & 30-minute Self-Care

I have created similar self-care menus before, and I always really enjoy them! So, not only is there a menu page here, there is a 30-minute self-care menu. The second menu includes only what can be done in 30 minutes or less. 

My Hygge Habits & 5 W's of life

hygge habits 5ws of life corey

I am unfamiliar with Hygge, but I know it is popular, and I was glad to create this layout! Additionally, the right page includes the five w’s off life: mottos relating to who, what, when, where, and why.

Control Flower & Worry Tree

things you can control and worry tree corey

These layouts mark very helpful reminders. The first are reminders of what can be controlled when one feels out of control. Then the second is a worry tree to help process through worries. 

Fail Chart & Feel Down Web

We are all human, and so we sometimes need reminders. These two pages are, again, great reminders when you are struggling. The left page works like a decision tree but is specifically for failure. Whereas the right page is ideas for pick-me-ups when you are feeling down!

January Book Worm Theme

Now we move on to the monthly sections. While this notebook started in March and ended in January, I will go through the months in standard order. 

The first is January. January’s theme is ‘book worm.’ So, naturally, the pages include fairy lights, books, and other things you’d find on a bookshelf. 

Each set of monthly pages includes an artistic cover page, a unique monthly log, a page for tracking headaches and migraines, a weekly log, and a currently page. 


You might notice there are no pages for February. This is due to this custom planner not including February. What would you have done for a February theme?

March Tropical Plant Theme

March is really where we started the year off for Corey’s custom bullet journal. This month’s theme is tropical foliage featuring monstera and various palm branch types. 

Notice you don’t see the currently page in this gallery; that is because I paired it with the following month’s cover. Keep scrolling to see it!

April 90's Geometry Theme

April’s theme is very familiar as it inspired my layout in March of the same year. This one features various shapes and confetti with inaccurate color shadows. The colors are bright and inspired by 90’s themed color palettes.

May Cherry Blossom Theme

Next, we move on to May. May’s theme is cherry blossom and was one of the most tedious themes in this custom journal. Each layout features a cherry blossom branch or two. 

June Honeycomb Theme

Then, naturally, we incorporated a summer theme in June. June’s theme is a honeycomb pattern in a golden honey yellow. This one is relatively simple. 

July Broken Lightbulb Bubbles Theme

July’s theme is much harder to nail down. It was based on an inspiration photo Corey sent me and incorporated a sillhouette figure of a young kid blowing bubbles in a broken lightbulb. This one was harder to pull into the next layouts, but I managed to use the bubbles and young child’s silhouette

August Hot Air Balloon Theme

While May’s cherry blossom theme was very tedious, August’s Hot Air Balloon theme was much more tedious as I did the header in shadowed dotted lines. Then, the sky is completely colored in. 

September Mad Hatter Theme

I am most proud of September’s Mad Hatter theme. I love the color palette and the use of teacups throughout. This was a fun theme to create. 

October Mushroom Theme

Are you a fan of mushrooms? Then October’s theme is perfect for you! Throughout the October pages, there are dozens of unique and colorful mushrooms! I kept to a similar but expanded color palette to April’s theme. 

November Autumn Birch Forest Theme

This next theme is another that I am proud of! I created an autumn birch forest, and I believe it turned out stunning! Believe it or not, this theme is a really easy one for you to try to re-create!

December Christmas Bulb Theme

And our final theme is, of course, December’s Christmas ornament theme. This theme features gold, red, and green bulb ornaments pilled into the pages. Notice that the currently page is up with January’s theme spread. 

Tools Used for Corey's Custom Bullet Journal

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