33 Festive Christmas Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

It is the holiday season, and soon enough (if not already), we will all be creating our December layouts! Since December is the Christmas month, Christmas-themed layouts will be incredibly popular! Finally, this article shows off over 30 Christmas-inspired bullet journal layouts to inspire your December bullet journal this year!

Hello December Winter Forest Scene

journaljunkies december cover artwork
image source: @journal_junkies

How beautiful is this hello December layout? I love Santa in the forest at night!

December Christmas Tree Cover & Overview

tombowid christmas cover monthly overview
photo credit: @tombowid

How beautiful is this December calendar? I love the use of multimedia on the cover page, plus the little treats underneath the calendar! This spread is a great way to consolidate a monthly cover and overview.

December Christmas-Themed Overview

malwal94bujo december monthly overview
photo credit: @malwal94_bujo

I love the minimal yet, very Christmas feel to this December layout achieved by sticking with black and white!

December Mistletoe Weekly Log

planningmindfully december week
photo credit: @planningmindfully

The use of pine branches and bulb ornaments in this weekly spread is fantastic!

Hello Christmas Holiday Cover Page

luckyletters christmas
image source: @luckyletters

Hello Christmas! I love how fun yet simply this hello page is. I love the chosen fonts/lettering!

Here is another hello page that I love! This one, in a way, inspired my December spread. The triangle trees are fantastic!

Merry Christmas Doodle Page

bujoaubrey mery christmas
image source: @bujo.aubrey

This daily Christmas-inspired layout is unique because of its use of black paper. I love this new take!

December Weekly Log

pauliencornelis december memories week
image source: @pauliencornelis

I love the use of pictures in bullet journal layouts. This weekly spread does a fantastic job of using holiday images!

Mistletoe Monthly Overview

studycat december month
photo credit: @_studycat

Do you decorate with mistletoe? I love the use of it in planning! It just looks so good.

Minimal December Weekly Log

journalalot december week
photo credit: @journal.alot

This layout is really neat because it reads like a treasure map of Christmas week. 

Quote pages can be really nice to have. I love this holiday quote page!

Watercolor Christmas Bulb Artwork

pienimuistikirja watercolor ornament
photo credit: @pienimuistikirja

You know I love watercolor, and at this point, you might notice that I love Christmas bulbs. That being said, I love this little holiday detail!

Merry Christmas Watercolor Page

showmeyourplanner merry christmas
photo credit: @showmeyourplanner

More watercolor! This super artistic title spread is simply gorgeous!

Christmas Food Groups Quote

journalbyjos christmas quote
photo credit: @journalbyjos

This quote page is a really fun holiday page. The fonts used are simply perfect.

Merry Christmas Cover Page

didypanpie merry christmas
photo credit: @didpanpie

I love the use of gold ink on this layout. The doodles are a must, they look absolutely perfect.

This daily layout uses a black background as well, and I love it! It looks amazing.

List of Christmas Stories

sublimereflection christmas stories
photo credit: Sublime Reflections

This is a fun list layout! Here are all the best Christmas-themed layouts!

Christmas Doodles

luckyletters Christmas doodles
photo credit: @luckyletters

How can you not love these holiday doodles!? I love that not only is this a little bit of a doodle page, but it is also primarily an indicator of where more Christmas doodles can be found (via the arrow). 

What I Love About Christmas

myblueskydesign christmas
photo credit: @my_blue_sky_design

What do you love about Christmas?? Here is an awesome layout to list these things!

December Weekly Log & Doodle Page

alexandraplans december week
photo credit: @alexandra_plans

I simply love the use of artwork in this weekly December spread. I wish this were something I had the motivation to do in my layouts!

Christmas Stamp Collection Page

bluebearjournaling christmas stamps collection
photo credit: @bluebearjournaling

What a great idea for keeping track of your stamps! I love this!

Winder Wonderland Weekly Log

journautical december week
photo credit: @journautical

How beautiful is this winter and holiday-inspired layout? I love the minimal yet festive feel to it, plus the use of a quote.

December Reindeer Cover Page

violettebujo december cover
photo credit: @violette.bujo

How cute is this little reindeer cover page!? Adorable! I love the creative cover pages that people create around the December holiday season.

How cute are the Christmas doodles in this weekly spread? Cute! Also, I love the lettering used here.

Christmas World Records Collection

tcstudies christmas list
photo credit: @tcstudies

Did you know there are Christmas records!? This layout is super unique but awesome in its own right.

Christmas-Themed Weekly Log

pfantaiseey december week christmas
photo credit: @pfantaiseey

Loving the use of images in this weekly bullet journal spread. 

Diamond Style December Weekly Log

mintprintcess december week
photo credit: @mintprintcess

This diamond-shaped weekly spread is super unique and I love it! 

This weekly spread is super neat because of the creativity put into it. The Christmas tree and gift image represent the days of the week! Super unique.

Mistletoe Weekly Log

maduiixa christmas week
photo credit: @maduiixa

Did I mention how fun mistletoe is in a holiday-themed bullet journal spread??

Happy Christmas Cover Pages

iwheeljournal happy christmas
photo credit: @iwheeljournal

This spread is really unique because the tree is made of holiday words. Fun!

Reindeer Weekly Log

paperprinsessa december week
photo credit: @paperiprinsessa

A reindeer will always be a perfect addition to any holiday spread.

Do you use a notebook just for Christmas?? How crazy is this! I love the use of holiday lights here.

Merry Christmas Tree Page

journautical christmas
photo credit: @journautical

This is one of my favorite Christmas spreads. I love the black and white minimal feel, yet it is still gorgeous and detailed.

December Weekly Log

red green december week 3

This is one of my own layouts. I chose the Christmas tree to keep with the holiday theme I had that year.

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