Cheryl’s Pink 6-Year Bullet Journal

Here is a breakdown of the bullet journal inspired planner created for Cheryl. Cheryl’s notebook was created in a black A6 size notebook with the main color being pink. Layouts involved include a title page, year at a glance or future planners, monthly calendars, and monthly notes.

Layouts Included

Here you can learn more about the layouts for Cheryl’s custom planner.

Pink Watercolor Title Page

This is a pink watercolor title page. For the header, “Cheryl” is in a calligraphy font. Then on the second line “2018 – 2023” is in an all-caps print font.

Year at a Glance

This year at a glance features 12 months, January through December, in a calendar format. The months are written vertically in pink cursive. The main header is the year in print font and “at a glance” in minimal cursive. There is a glance page for the years 2018 through 2023.

Pink Monthly Calendar

I used a simple grid calendar with pink calligraphy cursive titling vertically down the right side. Below the header is a small calendar grid of the month and to the right of the grid is a blank column.

Monthly Notes

This page is mainly blank with the name of the month in cursive and “Notes” written in a regular print all-caps font. A line then connects these words to the edge of the page.  There is at least one of these pages each month.

Tools Used

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