Chalkola sent me these products for review and I am so very excited to share my thoughts and experiences with you! Let's jump into it!

Chalkola Chalk Board Paint Markers Review

I was very lucky to be provided chalk paint pens and a chalkboard by Chalkola. They sent me these products for review and I am so very excited to share my thoughts and experiences with you! Let’s jump into it!

Chalkola Products

The products I was sent include a box of Large Paint Pens with a ton of colors, a chalkboard, and one extra white pen.

First Impressions

Once I first started opening the package, I became excited by the number of products they sent me. I was not expecting so many color options and became so excited to use them. Also, it did not take a long time to get the color through the nib!

Pros & Cons of Chalkola

After my first impressions, I started trying the products. Here are the pros and cons I’ve found while using Chalkola products!


  • Large variety of color options
  • Variety of size options for pens
  • Write really smoothly despite sounding like it doesn’t
  • Chalkboard is sturdy
  • A ledge on the chalkboard for pen


  • Loud noise occurs when writing on the chalkboard
  • Must pay attention when gathering ink in nib (I had two overflow really quickly)

Final Impression

As you can see there are more pros than are cons. Quite frankly the cons I’ve listed above are very minor and almost forced. You may be able to hear the sound in the video; however, I turned down the volume when I was not talking. Another bit to note is that I didn’t notice the sound in real life to the extent that I did when listening back to the video. So, don’t let the sound turn you off to these pens, it sounds exaggerated in the video. Additionally, the pens write very very smoothly and look amazing on the chalkboard. I have actually used them in my bullet journal as well and they look great on paper as well. However, because they are paint pens, I caution their use in paper due to bleeding in some notebooks.

Note: I received my Chalkola Products for free from Chalkola.

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