22 Creative Instagram Bullet Journal Layouts

One thing that can be really fun, is keeping track of your Instagram followers on your bullet journal account. I started doing this at around 2,000 followers and I have not regretted it. If you want to watch your follower count progress, check out these creative Instagram bullet journal layouts.

22 Creative Instagram Bullet Journal Layouts

Instagram Tiles by @menwhobullet

This layout might be my favorite of the layouts shown in this round-up. I love the hexagons and the watercolor and geometic pattern effects. 

22 Creative Instagram Bullet Journal Layouts

5k Thank You by @sheylara_shen

I only have a few of these thank you layouts in this post; but I think they are great! Thanking your followers is always important. This layouts is beautiful too!

22 Creative Instagram Bullet Journal Layouts

Instagram Tracking Lizard by @elas_bullet_journey

How creative is this lizard tracker spread? I love that the spikes on the back of the lizard are was represent the follower milestones.

22 Creative Instagram Bullet Journal Layouts

Instagram Doodles by @rainne_bujo

These little animals are such a cute way to track milestones! How adorable are they!?

22 Creative Instagram Bullet Journal Layouts

Instagram Followers Houseplants Shelf by @shelleys.bullet.journey

I love a good houseplant tracker! This is an adorable way to track followers!

22 Creative Instagram Bullet Journal Layouts

Instagram Tracker @bujotinnus

This map idea is so creative and fun! It makes tracking your followers feel like a scavenger hunt!

22 Creative Instagram Bullet Journal Layouts

Instagram Follwers Tiles by @marjo.bujo

Recently I have really been into mosaic tiles, so I absolutely love this layout!

2018 Blogging and Business Bullet Journal/Planner | Plan with Me

Galaxy Instagram FOllowers Tracker by @JihiElephant

This is my personal follower tracker. I broke my page into squares and number them by every 20 folowers starting at 1800. Each time I reach a new milestone, I fill the square with galaxy washi tape and re-write the number over the tape using a silver paint pen.

22 Creative Instagram Bullet Journal Layouts

Instagram Tracker by @_coffeeandsarcasm_

This layout is a really cool take on the Instagram tracking layout because it is a calendar for scheduling as well as a follower tracker by day of that given month. I love this idea!

22 Creative Instagram Bullet Journal Layouts

Growth Tracking Jars by @vincendit

How adorable and creative are these little watercolor jars! So cute.

22 Creative Instagram Bullet Journal Layouts

Instagram Leaf Tracker by @bujo.summer

Leafs! I love the way these leaves are hanging from strings and are all so different! They are even labeled, so cool!

22 Creative Instagram Bullet Journal Layouts

Follower Count Tracking Bubbles by @thedanishjournal

Bubbles, who doesn’t love bubbles! Such a fun way to keep track of your Instagram following!

22 Creative Instagram Bullet Journal Layouts

The Instagram Giraffe Tracker by @tonisjournal

I live for a geometric style animal, while I’d prefer an elephant, I love this girraffe so much! This is seriousely the most creative!

22 Creative Instagram Bullet Journal Layouts

Instagram Speech Bubbles Followers Tracker by @b.bulletjournal

What makes this layout so cool is that it tracks likes AND followers; and in a way that completely represents the social media platform: The notification bubbles!

22 Creative Instagram Bullet Journal Layouts

Instagram Flower Jars and 2000 Follower Thank You by @hollystevens77

This layout is both a thank you page and a follower tracker, super cute! I love the use of flowers.

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22 Creative Instagram Bullet Journal Layouts

Instagram Tracker by @elas_bullet_journey

I don’t entirely understand this layout, but I love it! I would assume that the words used in the background are comments on her photos and then the milestones and dates they are reached are listed on the right page. It is super aesthetically pleasing.

22 Creative Instagram Bullet Journal Layouts

Instagram Tracking Bubble Tea Bubbles by @bujowithnato

I have never had bubble tea, but I know people who swear by it. How cute is this bubble tea inspired bullet journal layout?

22 Creative Instagram Bullet Journal Layouts

Paper Lantern and Bamboo Follower Tracker by @thebujophase

I have never seen a layout like this one. I love the paper lanterns in what looks like bamboo, beautiful!

22 Creative Instagram Bullet Journal Layouts

Hearts in a Jar Instagram Follower Tracker by @lovelybujo

This is a super cute jar full of hearts! The hearts are the milestones and represents the love @lovelybujo gets from her followers, it is very adorable! This layout appears to be all filled up!

22 Creative Instagram Bullet Journal Layouts

Totoro Instagram Follower Tracker by @lifeinabujo

I personally not a fan nor aware of Totoro; however, I know so many bullet journalers are and thought you might like this layout!

22 Creative Instagram Bullet Journal Layouts

Leaf Instagram Follower Tracker by @bujo.studyingcreatemore.se

Your know how I LOVE plants, so this layout is amazing ! The different milestones are represented by different parts of a houseplant leaf!

22 Creative Instagram Bullet Journal Layouts

UP-Inspired Instagram Follower Tracker by @createmore.se

This is such a cute layout wiht an ode to the movie UP. Milestones are shown in the form of balloons!

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40+ Minimal Bujo Instagrammers You Need To Follow

Minimalistic bullet journal layouts are of my favorite types of layouts to look at. I always find myself browsing minimal bullet journal hashtags on Instagram. Because I love these layouts so much, I thought that it would be great to share some of my favorite minimalist bullet journal accounts so that you can join me in browsing! Here are 40 must-follow minimalist bullet journal Instagram accounts!

Natalie | @pages2plans

Pages2Plans is a great account featuring beautiful minimal spreads as well as beautiful stationery.

Becky | @painted_illustrated

What I love about @painted_illustrated is how unique her notebook is. While most bullet journalers use white dot paper, Becky’s notebook has brown pages, and she rocks them!

Cristina| my.life.in.a.bullet

I love the neutral aesthetic of @my.life.in.a.bullet. Additionally, the way she decorates her images complement her incredibly gorgeous minimal layouts perfectly.

Kim | @tinyrayofsunshine

@tinyrayofsunshine is another account with gorgeous close-ups of her minimalistic bullet journal as well as stationery and bullet journaling tools!

Marie | @journalspiration

View this post on Instagram

[Werbung/Advertisement] ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Scroll down for your desired language. 😌 (click on the picture for any product details) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🇩🇪 Hallo ihr Lieben, Kurz vorweg: die Schablonen sind endlich im Shop! Einfach auf das Bild klicken und dann kommt auch schon der Link. )Aber seid schnell, es gibt nicht so viele. 🙊 Hier war es die letzten Tage etwas stiller, da diese Woche ordentlich was los war. Die Buchabgabe ist im vollen Gange und dementsprechend hätte ich nicht all zu viel Freizeit, was man an meinem wöchentlichen Layout erkennen kann. 😊 Falls ihr mehr über das bullet journal Buch wissen wollt, könnt ihr gerne auf den Link in meinem Profil klicken. 🤗 Ich habe mich gegen ein dutch door layout und für eine deutlich schnellere Variante entschieden. Trotzdem hat sie alles was ich brauche, da ich diese Woche grundsätzlich nur eine große Aufgabe hatte: schreiben, schreiben, schreiben. Auf der linken Seite habe ich weiterhin meinen habit tracker und die to dos für nächste Woche. Das Thema hat es mir nach wie vor angetan. Ich liebe es! 😍 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🇺🇸 Hey Guys, first things first: the stencil ist finally listed in my Etsy shop! Just click on the picture to get the link. But be quick, there aren’t too many 🙊 it has been a bit quiet over here for the last couple of days since I had a lot to do. The deadline for my book is coming really close so I haven’t had a lot of free time as you can see. 😊 I decided to not do a Dutch door layout this week. Instead I created this super quick layout. Without the decoration it would be possible to set it up within half an hour max! It has everything I need since I didn’t have a lot to dos for the week, there was only one: write, write, write. On the left page is enough space for my habit tracker and a section for all the to dos for the upcoming week. I still absolutely love this theme, I can’t get enough! 😍 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Lots of love, x Marie

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The bold yet minimal layouts posted over on @journalspiration are jaw-dropping. I love them because they are simple yet oh-so-bold, you can’t help but stare.

Gigi | @the.bullet.journey

Who doesn’t love a marble background! The marble behind @the.bullet.journey’s bullet journal helps to show off GiGi’s beautiful handlettering and creative minimal layouts!

@simplyproductivity (previously @minimalisticbujo)

@simplyproductive share other layouts (giving the creators credit of course). Their feed allows me to find other minimal accounts that I love, they nearly always post something I love!

Maren | @pureplanning_bymj

What I love about @purplanning_bymj’s feed is the gentle aesthetic it gives off. Further, this aesthetic on Maren’s feed is calming and beautifully minimal.

Liz | @bonjournal_

Liz of @bonjournal_ is such an incredible artist! She rocks natural and floral drawings and shows off how she creates her flowers through her bullet journal. In addition to her beautiful artistry, she shows off her minimalistic planning layouts!

Ursala | @honeyrozes

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A Razorpoint II #pilotpen + 003 #micronpen + @taroko_shop #breeze notebook + inspiration & motivation = a revised intention spread for August. . I added a couple things to the spread this time around: 1) a calendar for the month to encourage the actual execution of certain intents, and 2) using both a regular non-actionable bullet as well as an empty circular “check box”, adding the ability to include items that are reoccurring and/or ideas/meditations. In the past I’d get frustrated when I wouldn’t fulfill an intent that was reoccurring because I’d miss out on a few days or weeks, which wouldn’t give me the chance to tick of checkboxes honestly. So… I’m trying the little “>” bullet. . Last week @ahia.kaeser shared her #bulletjournal with me, which inspired me to get back to paper. I love my iPad and all that #todoist, #trello and #toggl do for me, but I’m re-admitting that paper works for me psychologically and will be re-attempting to return to a hybrid system this coming month. . And, fastest sea glass manicure in the world thanks to #colorstreetnails nail strips. All about efficiency (and buying happiness)!!! . #bujo #bujoinspiration #minimalistbujo #bujominimalist #bujoideas #bujotracker #level10 #intentions #visionboard #planning #plannernerd #plannercommunity #planneraddict #motivation #inspiration #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #penandink #journal #journaling #showmeyourbulletjournal

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Ursala of @honeyrozes has such a unique and gorgeous account. Not only does she post really eye-catching photos of her journal, but, she also posts beautiful photography of her life and work!


@lazy.bujo’s handwriting is phenomenal and so incredible follow-worthy. Further, the clean and crisp feel of her bullet journal pages are to die for!

Jennifer | @inkbyjeng

@inkbyjeng is one of those accounts that I have been following since the beginning. She posts beautiful bullet journal art and stationery. She is a must-follow for sure!

Claire | @minimal.plan

@minimal.plan is a classic for my feed; I have been following her for ages. Again, I love the crispness of her photos and bullet journal.

Austin | @minimaljournal

@minimaljournal is an account I found more recently, and I am obsessed! Austin’s journal is incredibly minimal, no fluff, and I love it! So, you have to follow this account!

Dara | @gothamhaus

How cool is @gothamhaus’s bullet journal! Dara uses a less common notebook which is taller than normal. I love seeing these unique and simple layouts!


@bulletjournal.j’s journal features gorgeous art and watercolor while remaining simple and bold. It’s a magical combination!

Sus | @susiebjournal

@susiebjournal’s feed is full of simple yet intricately designed layouts. Further, I find myself staring into the simple details of these layouts!


I love @wireandmagic’s Instagram feed because the feed itself is simple, not only just the layouts. Nothing is super chaotic or overwhelming, just simple and easy to look at.

Stina | @shilen.qc

You know me, I love a good bold yet minimal bullet journal layout. Stina’s layouts are almost mechanical. Further, it’s a new refreshing feel to a minimal aesthetic.

Lisa | @plannersimplicity

Lisa of @plannersimplicity posts on all things related to bullet journaling. Her layouts are what drive me to the feed, they are created so simplistically!

Laura | @bujo.auslife

@bujo.auslife’s feed is gorgeous because Laura posts beautiful, simple layouts. Additionally, she was posting them over gorgeous dark wood and now posts them over a bold background. You will love this account!


@bujo.nik’s journal is simple with a splash of art or color. What makes her feed stand out is she incorporates art and color without being too overwhelming or chaotic. So, you simply must follow her!

Steph | @eskastationery

I love @eskastationery’s feed! Steph’s bullet journal is stunning. Further, she accentuates it with a bold, chaotic, and relatable setting.


@thebujo is another of many gorgeous minimal Instagram feeds, I highly recommend checking out this calming feed!

Steff | @sosteffso

Steff of @sosteffso’s bullet journal layout is beautiful and bold. Truly, I love her use of sticky notes to keep it simple!


Like all the other accounts here, @bluepapertrail has beautiful minimal layouts. However, I think my favorites are her recent mental health layouts!

Ji | @mnmlyuu

@mnmlyuu’s feed is one of my favorites because of how bold it is. The layouts are gorgeous, and made even more beautiful by the back background that allows the white space to pop! These layouts are a must-see!

Annie | @ajournalbyannie

@ajournalbyannie is another account that does amazing flowers! Annie not only incorporates these flowers into her layouts but she creates journal entries that show a step by step flower, AND she keeps in minimal, how awesome!

Olivia | @flyingpaperwords

@flyingpaperwords’ handlettering is phenomenal and really note-worthy. Additionally, she uses her perfect hand lettering to accentuate her bold yet minimal bullet journal spreads.


What makes @my_simple_bujo so unique is her beautiful hand-calligraphy. Lately, she has been outlining her lettering and pairing it with super minimal layouts. Thus, it looks clean and crisp!

Mariana | @bujototheminimal

Do you not LOVE clean linework!? Well, Mariana of @bujototheminimal has some of the most well-done linework in her layouts that I have ever seen. So, you have to check her out!

Karen | @kareninks

@kareninks’ layouts are super geometric and clean, this is such an amazing combination to look at!

Maureen | @reenshayjournals

Maureen of @reenshayjournals’ planner is one of those with flawless linework and lettering, it is a must-follow!

Amy & Swu | @ramen___doodles

Gotta love a creative and artistic minimal layout! Further, @ramen___doodles does an amazing job of doing this!

Sara | @thatbujokid

Sara of @thatbujokid has such an inspirational feed. She posts all sorts of minimal layouts; and they never seem to be the same, a must-follow!

Kat | @booksofnotes

@booksofnotes has recently switched to an A6 size notebook and she is killing it! Check out Kat’s bomb minimal A6 sized layouts!

Cindy | @plananotherday

I love the way Cindy of @plananotherday throws some color and art into her layouts!

Nele | @lijstjesliefde

Any fellow plant lovers? Well, @lijstejesliefde posts sneak peeks of here plants with her gorgeous journal! You know I love a good minimal bujo paired with a beautiful houseplant!


It’s not often you see spiral bullet journals! So, you’ll love what @planner.cat has been doing with hers!

Elizabeth (Me) | @jihielephant

I chose to include myself here are the end because I also post minimal layouts. While I do not follow myself nor browse my account, I think that if you appreciate any of the aforementioned accounts, you will enjoy mine as well!

Who are your favorite Bullet Journal Instagrammers? Let us know in the comments below!

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