7 Things to Improve Your Time Management Skills

Time management are essential to reduce stress and help you to achieve. So, here are 7 things you should utilize to improve your time management skills.

Time management skills have become essential nowadays, as they can reduce stress and help you to achieve our dreams. Still, we just don’t seem to have enough time to get everything done, plus enjoy some me-time and social activities.

And the sad truth is that we don’t learn how to deal with our time, not in school, not from our parents. It is a skill that everybody assumes that we naturally have when it actually is something that needs to be acquired.

So nothing better than counting on proven ways to make the most of the time that we have – as we can’t just add extra hours to our day, neither stop eating or sleeping. Here are the top 7 things which you should learn to improve your time management skills.

1. Learn to Set Goals

The first thing you must learn to improve your time management skills is to set goals. You need to have clear to which end you are using your time, and it is something that you can only accomplish by defining your objectives.

But the point here is that you understand how goals are set in the first place. There are many methods out there, but the most popular is SMART. It says that you can only call it a goal if it is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bounding. So check if it is what you are doing before anything else.

book with glasses_laptop_brown and neutral blankets

2. Learn to Prioritise

Now that you know what your goals are, it is time for the next step: prioritizing your activities. It is crucial because, let’s be honest here, there isn’t enough time to do all that you would like to do. You will have to choose what comes first.

So, if you want to see your time stretching, start making a list of all tasks you go through every day for a week. Next, check which ones are not aligned to any of your goals – considering that you got step 1 already done. Then, just stop doing them. Simple like this.

Still, you made find some tasks that give you that mixed feeling. If so, leave them aside, in a different list, and move to the next topic.

3. Learn to Organize a Schedule

You got rid of everything that wasn’t helping you to achieve your goals. So it might be that you got some free time in your hands. Sounds great, but now you have to add things that you probably weren’t doing, and that is important to you. Or maybe you need to spend more time doing something that you enjoy.

The only way to make it happen without falling back into the same trap again is by changing your schedule to find time for every task and also strike a balance. You need to write down everything that you want to do, and define when you are going to do them and for how long. This way, you will see your tasks more clearly and check if you really have enough time for all of them.

If you realize that you don’t have enough time for everything, don’t panic. Just go back to step 2 and prioritize again. OR works on the way to becoming more productive and improving your time management skills.

4. Learn to Stay Focused

After doing all the hard work planning what you are going to do of your time, you will have to make it happen. And for it, you will have to stay focused.

It is very easy to get lost with distractions. Our world today is full of them, online and offline. There are TV, apps, e-mails, plus our families and friends. There are also our own interests and hobbies.

But if you are trying to save time, you will need to eliminate them. And it starts with your own will power. Stick a post-it on your monitor as a reminder of what is important.

Keep it on your wallet, your fridge, on your TV, on your mobile’s home screen, anywhere that you know that can trigger distractions. You should also look for positive and negative reviews of apps, browsers extensions, and tools that can help you to stay focused.

Regarding other people, have an honest conversation with them. Explain why you are doing it and for how long. And, when possible, let them be part of the process. It usually is all that you need to do most of the time.

5. Learn to Communicate Better

Talking about conversations, learning to communicate better can also help you to improve your time management. And it is because it will allow you to set boundaries and negotiate extra time if needed.

By communicating yourself better and becoming assertive, you will get more support for your tasks. You will also be forced to think through your challenges so that you can explain them, and it will help you to revisit and analyze your goals so you can improve it.

And if you change the complaining by positive communication, you will also be opening your mind and your ears to new ideas and suggestions, which are always welcomed.

6. Learn to Make Decisions

It probably is one of the most difficult actions related to time management (and to many other aspects of life). Making decisions is not easy, as you know.

We are always concerned if we are taking the right path, we get enough information if we are seeing the big picture and predicting all possible scenarios.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect formula for it. You can only make your best guess and go for it. Circumstances might change, and something that seemed perfectly fine today might not be tomorrow.

But the other way around is even more complicated. Not making decisions will put you through the chaos and a sense that life is happening against your will. So you must learn to do it, especially the tough ones, to ensure that you live fully.

Also, don’t be afraid to delegate some of your work if it seems overwhelming. There are always professional advisors and services that can help you out and complete your tasks on time. Just choose wisely and make sure you`ve checked reviews of companies that provide the services you need.

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7. Learn to Stop Procrastinating

Last but not least, it comes from the nemesis of time management. Procrastination will destroy everything you have done so far, from your goals setting to schedules and communication skills.

It is effortless to leave for tomorrow what doesn’t seem urgent. Still, it is crucial that you give to what is necessary the same special treatment you offer to what is important to you.

Procrastination is a quiet enemy, so be attentive to it. It will eat only a few minutes per day sometimes if you are sticking with the idea of staying focused.

So make sure that your to-do-list has very strict deadlines, the kind that you can’t avoid. Find out any mechanism you can get to keep you on track, even if it means asking your mother to shout at you every day over the phone.

Just don’t let it destroy your dreams.

The bottom line

If you want to improve your time management skills, you will have to learn a few things. You will need to learn to set goals, prioritize, make decisions, stay focused, and to organize a schedule.

You will also need to stop procrastinating once and for all and become able to ask for support from your family, friends, co-workers, and even from apps.

This way, you will be able to feel less overwhelmed and with more free time to do what is important to you, instead of always living in a hurry.

This post was written as a guest post, which was authored by another party who may wish to remain anonymous. Further, all posts are edited and formatted by ElizabethJournals.

Easy Ways to Have a More Productive Morning

A productive day starts with a productive morning. To start your day off on the right foot, try out these easy ways to have a more productive morning.

Those seeking to live a more productive life should start by re-evaluating how they spend their mornings. After all, mornings set the pace for your entire day. By getting a slow and sleepy start each morning, you significantly hamper your overall productivity. To start your day off on the right foot, here are some easy ways to have a more productive morning.

Keep Your Closet Organized

One of the first things people do in the morning is get dressed. While this task may seem simple enough, it can end up taking up a considerable amount of time if your closet is disorganized. To avoid wasting precious time digging through heaps of clothing to find something to wear, consider re-organizing your closet.

To organize your closet like a pro, start by donating any clothing that doesn’t fit anymore or that you rarely wear. Once you’ve freed up some space, find an organization method that works best for you. Whether that’s by color, by types of clothing, or by frequency of wear—get sorting. You’d be surprised by how much time a well-organized closet can save you in the morning.

Put Your Phone Out Of Reach

If you’re a person who reaches for their phone immediately after waking up and then spends several minutes in bed scrolling through social media, you may want to choose a different resting place for your device.

Instead of keeping your phone right next to you, consider putting it somewhere out of reach. In doing so, you won’t be tempted to waste time lying in bed on your phone when you could be doing something more productive. Instead, you’ll be more likely to get up and get going.

cutting apples making breakfast

Eat A Healthy Breakfast

There is a reason why people refer to breakfast as the most important meal of the day. Skipping breakfast in the morning could be taking a toll on your productivity. While you may not feel hungry in the morning, it’s important to eat at least a small breakfast, such as fruit, a handful of nuts, yogurt, or an egg.

After fasting throughout the night while you sleep, your body needs some food to provide it with energy. By skipping breakfast, you’ll likely feel unenergized and lethargic, which will impede how productive you are throughout the day.

Meet the Author

Kayla is a writer, artist, and designer from the Chicagoland area. She incorporates her creativity to produce work that is informative and thought-provoking.

14+ New Year Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

To make sure you're planning your new year well, you ought to plan ahead. This post includes 14+ bullet journal layouts to help you plan for your new year.

Each new year marks a brand new beginning full of possibilities. We often put ourselves under a lot of pressure to do the new year right and become discouraged if we fail or falter. To make sure you are planning for your new year correctly, you ought to plan ahead. This post includes 14+ bullet journal layouts to help you plan for your new year.

Contract & Goal Planning

To make sure you're planning your new year well, you ought to plan ahead. This post includes 14+ bullet journal layouts to help you plan for your new year.
image source: Little Coffee Fox

Here is a great example of a new year goal setting. Not only can you create your goals here, but there is a contract to sign and a system of rewards!

New Year Goals

If you are looking for something more simple, then this goal layout might work better for you. This spread is simple and includes 8 different spots for goals.

New Year Bullet Journal Planning

To make sure you're planning your new year well, you ought to plan ahead. This post includes 14+ bullet journal layouts to help you plan for your new year.
image source: Boho Berry

Sometimes the best way to plan for the new year is to plan out how you will plan in that year. Now is the perfect time to reevaluate your planning system and make changes where necessary.

Future Planner

To make sure you're planning your new year well, you ought to plan ahead. This post includes 14+ bullet journal layouts to help you plan for your new year.
image source: Zen of Planning

Future logs are great ways to look ahead at major events. This future log mixes a year at a glance style with something that would include more space to write in events.

Recentering in the New Year

To make sure you're planning your new year well, you ought to plan ahead. This post includes 14+ bullet journal layouts to help you plan for your new year.
image source: BohoBerry

The new year is also a great time to re-evaluate your self-care plans. Look at what you are currently doing, add new self-care practices that will work better and remove stuff that doesn’t benefit you.

New Year Goals

Ultimate Bullet Journal Layouts Glossary

Another great way to plan your new year goals is to categorize them. This spread breaks down goals into six sections: other skills, physical health, mental health, career, relationships, and art & hobbies. However, you can pick whatever goal categories you would like!

Holiday & Event Planning

To make sure you're planning your new year well, you ought to plan ahead. This post includes 14+ bullet journal layouts to help you plan for your new year.
image source: PlansthatBlossom

Similar to a future log, this spread mixes a year at a glance with holidays and major events. Not only are the dates listed but so is the event and the day of the week it falls on. This is a great way to plan your year out in advance.

Healthy Habit Planning

To make sure you're planning your new year well, you ought to plan ahead. This post includes 14+ bullet journal layouts to help you plan for your new year.
image source: Success Aesthetics

Another great bullet journal layout for the new year is a habit tracker. There are dozens of ways to keep track of your habits but one of the most common is the monthly style. Here is one simple example, but you can find more habit trackers HERE.

Level 10 Life

To make sure you're planning your new year well, you ought to plan ahead. This post includes 14+ bullet journal layouts to help you plan for your new year.
image source: @thesleeplessplanner

The level 10 life is the perfect layout for the new year. If you haven’t heard of this goal and productivity spread, read more about it here. However, its the perfect spread to add to the beginning of your planner.

Future Log Calendex

Here is my personal favorite version of the future planner. The calendex is a great visual for the year. Additionally, it is broken into months and weeks.

Creative Goals

To make sure you're planning your new year well, you ought to plan ahead. This post includes 14+ bullet journal layouts to help you plan for your new year.
image source: @jtraftonart

I love this goal page because it is not just a list of goals. It is more creative and visual including images, color, and varied fonts. If you are interested in something more creative, then something like this will work perfectly for you!

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Important Dates Log

Here is yet another example of a future log. This one is perfect for a birthday, event, and holiday tracking.

Year At A Glance

To make sure you're planning your new year well, you ought to plan ahead. This post includes 14+ bullet journal layouts to help you plan for your new year.
image source: Planning Mindfully

I love a good mantra or encouraging quote. This spread does a great job of starting off the year strong with a strong mantra.

Year of Bills Tracking

Last, but certainly not least, a bill tracker is a perfect layout for your next bullet journal. No matter who you are, it is likely that you have expenses that you ought to track. This is one of my favorite bill trackers and the one I personally use. in my bullet journals.

What layouts do you use in your new year spread? Let us know in the comments! Love checking out our bullet journal ideas? Get more inspiration HERE.

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23 Goal Pages to Start Off Your 2019 Bullet Journal Right

With the new year coming so soon, everyone is rushing to review their 2018 year and develop updated or new goals and resolutions for 2019. I am no different. Writing and tracking your goals can be really complex and difficult. To help you out, here are 23 goal pages to help you start of your 2019 bullet journal right.

23 Goal Pages to Start Off Your 2019 Bullet Journal Right

Goals and Focus by @ananeh.journals

I absolutely love @ananeh.journals and her use of gold and her artistic ability. This layout is no different and I love how she titles it Goals and Focus.

Golden Goal Layout by @jihielephant

This is a layout I created for a client based on request. I like that there are 8 different sections and a nice encouraging statement.

Summer 90 Day Goals by Sublime Reflection

This is a cool take on a goal page since it focuses on summer and is broken up into so many different categories. A 90 day period is a nice period of time for goal tracking and planning.

Level 10 Life by Boho Berry

If you haven’t heard of level 10 life layouts, theses are amazing goal layouts that I highly recommend at least looking into. Check out more about Level 10 Life spreads here.

Initiate in 2017 by @anjbulletes

This layout is great because it describes the goal, how to achieve it, and when to achieve it by. Additionally, this is one of the most effective ways to reach your goals.

2018 New Years Resolutions by @annebujo

Do you set new year’s resolutions? If you do this list layout might be perfect for your bullet journal! It’s a simple list, but perfect if you are going for something simple.

2018 2019 Goals by Category by @jihielephant

I used this layout in 2017 and 2018 and found it to be incredibly useful. I love the 6 categories and keeping them separate. The categories I used include work, legacy, logistics, home, health, and leisure.

Goals & Tracking by @bluenittany

How adorable is this monthly bee-themed goal and habit tracker! Super cute and I love the hexagons that are used for each category. Also, this layout is for habits as well, how unique!

February 2018 Goals and Tasks by @thebujophase

This monthly page includes goals and tasks. I love the black an white minimal yet floral feel to the list! It is absolutely beautiful

Alana's Bullet Journal | Client Gallery

Life and Yearly Goals by @jihielephant

I created this layout for a client who requested separate pages for life and yearly goals. I love the idea of a blank page in order to write in your resolutions  and it’s steps however you’d like.

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2017 Winter Goals by BohoBerry

I love the idea of seasonal goals. This allows you to check your progress quarterly instead of monthly or only once a year. Categories here are finish, do, celebrate, study, and start.

Monthly Goals by Forever Good Life

I really enjoy this monthly bullet journal layout because it lists the goal, why it is important, how to achieve it, when she worked toward it, and what exactly was done working toward achieving it.

Quarter 1 Goals by @theartofsimple

How interesting, unique and simple is this quarterly goals layout!? I personally find progress bars to be super useful in visualizing progress. This layout even has a section to keep thoughts on progress and other related items. I kind of love this bullet journal spread!

January Goals by @bluenittany

Here is another awesome goal layout done by @bluenittany! This one is organized by week, how neat! Super great content.

2018 Goals by @fischrjournals

This layout brings bullet journaling back to its roots with its simplicity. I am a huge fan of the simplicity mind map or brain dump style of this spread. 

Goals by Sublime Reflection

This layout breaks down goals into various time frames (monthly focus, 90 day, and top priority) and highlights the most important ones as well, great way to layout your resolutions and whatever else you want to achieve.!

Monthly Goals by @jihielephant

This layout is the adaptation of my own monthly spread which I used later in 2018 to keep track of my monthly goals and to-dos. its a basic list layout with some kind of decorative titling.

February Goals by @rainbow.bujo

This color-coded four square style layout is particularly neat because of the design and the categories which are super positive!

2016 Goals by @emshwarzrdn

I love the adorable category-based doodles on this goal list! Its super cute and friendly to look at. Like many layouts shown here, it is a categorized list.

January Plan with Me | My First Bullet Journal Layout of 2018

January 2018 Monthly Layout by @jihielephant

This layout is a monthly layout which includes a goals column on the left. I used this early 2018 and really enjoyed it. Again, this is a simple list layout.

New Year Resolutions by @studywithinspo

This clean new year layout is super nice to look at with its minimal feel and fun doodles! This layout was made to showcase new year’s related items  and is in list form.

23 Goal Pages to Start Off Your 2019 Bullet Journal Right

Level 10 Life Progress Bars by Jebra

Here is another amazing Level 10 Life layout. I love the progress bars and goal lists in this super minimal spread. This particular layout appears to be a weekly progress layout.

Next Level Tracking by @marketyourcreativity

This may be one of my favorite layouts in this roundup. I love the mountain and sun doodle and the goals being in the little cloud bubbles. The title is what caught my eye to this layout, the page is title “what do I need to do to next level?” I love this outlook.

>>What are your Resolutions? Let me know in the comments below! Want more bullet journal layout inspiration? Click here!

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Live Your Best Life | A Level 10 Life Bullet Journal Tutorial

You use your bullet journaling for everything – tracking errands, monitoring your mood, budgeting, and even storing your washi collection. Why not use your bullet journal to upgrade your life the max? It can be difficult tracking so many areas of your life through multiple bullet journal spreads and lists, but there is one method that can get you to your best life now. The Level 10 Life is a popular bullet journal spread that can help you effortlessly maximize your life’s goals.

What is a Level 10 Life?

The Level 10 Life is a concept developed by Hal Elrod in the book The Miracle Morning. He categorizes life’s priorities into 10 sections and encourages people to maximize their efforts in all categories. To inspire living an extraordinary life, he wrote:

“There’s nothing that says you have to settle for less than what you truly want, just because everybody else does.”

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The 10 Areas of Your Best Life

To begin living your best life, consider these categories and rate your current state on a scale of 1-10.

  1. Family & Friends
  2. Personal Development
  3. Spirituality
  4. Finance
  5. Career
  6. Giving/Contribution
  7. Romance
  8. Environment
  9. Recreation/Fun
  10. Health & Fitness

How To Use The Level 10 Life In Your Bullet Journal

1. Create a Tracker

After you have taken the time to explore all 10 categories, create a tracker to monitor these ten areas.

Live Your Best Life | A Level 10 Life Bullet Journal Tutorial

As you can see, I drew ten bars (to represent the ten 10 categories), and then I split the bars into ten sections. These sections within the bars will be how I track my progress. Feel free to use your creativity for this tracker. I’ve seen other bullet journalers create circular trackers, but I decided to create bar graphs.

2. Begin Goal Setting!

Develop ten actionable goals within each category. These will be the steps you take towards improving yourself and your life. I decided to make goals that I could foresee myself accomplishing within a year because that’s how long my bullet journal usually lasts. You can make these goals one-month goals, 12 month, or even life goals! Again, this is your life, so you are in full control of how you make this spread.

Live Your Best Life | A Level 10 Life Bullet Journal Tutorial

As an example, under Family & Friends, I created goals such as call my parents once a week, visit a friend, and go on a trip with my family.

3. Start Goal-Getting!

Once you are done creating a total of 100 goals, begin to accomplish them one by one. As you achieve a goal, fill in your tracker and watch your progress go! I like to check-in with this spread at least once a month. This way I can be mindful of progress and continuously work towards bettering my quality of life.

Now you can live your extraordinary life and track it in your wonderful bullet journal.

About the Author

Roselle Caballes is a planning guru & bullet journal addict writing to help people find peace of mind, productivity, and functionality through creative planning. For more advice about using your bullet journal to upgrade your life, visit drrozl.com.

2018 Blogging and Business Bullet Journal | Plan-with-Me

I have been working on my blogging bullet journal for months. Regardless, I am no-where near where I want to be with it. Despite this, I am choosing to share my business bullet journal with you. I want to share a bullet journal reality (it takes time to come up with a format you actually like) and to share some inspiration.

My Layout

The goal of this notebook was to keep all business and blogging related information separate than my personal and academic information. At first, my expectation was that there would be a 100% separation. However, I now keep only an overview in the blog notebook. Further, I keep all scheduling and ‘to-dos’ in my personal planner indicated in the color pink.

The notebook includes an index, event overview, goals, year at a glance, mission statement and blog overview. Following these layouts are the category key, hashtag list, keywords page, post checklist, Instagram schedule, bills and finances, audience tracking, and affiliate marketing list. Then, each month included a content calendar, social media calendar, to-do list, and finances page.

I have been neglecting most of the pages as you can see below. They are hard to keep up with since I keep most of the information on in other systems. Additionally and have completely altered the monthly layouts to include only a calendar. I have also added more pages like order flow, Self-Made Together to-do list (An amazing online blogging course which I am severely behind on), and a blog mind dump. Check out the layouts below.

Layout Inspirations

My blogging bullet journal was inspired by a few specific blog articles:

My Bullet Journal Tools

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Bullet Journaling Goals | New Year’s Resolutions 2018

With 2017 coming to a close and 2018 soon to arrive, everyone is thinking about all their goals and new year’s resolutions. It is at this time of year that we begin to think about everything we have done in the previous year and everything we wish to do in the upcoming year. We begin making lists and goals and posting about it on social media. For me? I have goals and resolutions too, mine, however, are written in my bullet journal and many revolve around bullet journaling and blogging. Today, I wish to share my goals and resolutions with you. I am using you, my audience, as my accountability partners.

This post may contain affiliate links

2018 Bullet Journal Year at a Glance Page

Bullet Journaling My Resolutions

My bullet journal is my sanity, without it life would be chaos. So naturally, my goals are written in it. There are my big goals for 2018, my monthly goals, my weekly goals, and my daily goals. Not sure about bullet journaling and want to learn more? Check out this post.

prefer to use your own binder and add printables? let me make them for you! Click here

Yearly Goals

My big life goals are written in the front of my journal and are up for re-evaluation as needed. Goals should be reevaluated regularly. These goals are long-term goals, goals that may take the entire year to complete. Read more about writing effective long-term goals here.

To create this page, I used Arteza Watercolor brush pens to create the colored category backdrops. I then used the Pluqis micro-color liner size 10 for the page title and a black Papermate felt tip pen for everything else. I love the way the Arteza and Papermate pens pair together.

January Plan with Me | My First Bullet Journal Layout of 2018

Monthly Goals

I am making a point to be more intentional about creating and following through with my goals. So, each month I will have a few goals that will help me to reach my long-term ones. The purpose of the monthly goals will be to keep me directed toward my goals.

January Plan with Me | My First Bullet Journal Layout of 2018

Weekly Goals

Moving down the list, I am also creating weekly goals. My weekly goals are broader than monthly goals in that they do not necessarily help me work toward my long-term goals. Though, some do. These weekly goals help me meet deadlines and organize my week.

Daily To-Do

Believe it or not, your to-do list is simply a list of small, very short-term goals. As such, I will almost always have a list of to-dos’ in each day’s box of my bullet journaling weekly spreads.

Bullet Journal New Years Resolutions Goal Page

Creating Effective Goals

The purpose of this post is not to define and walk you through effective goal-making. However, since it does focus on goals, I wanted to give you a brief overview of what an effective goal is. An effective goal is measurable, easy to understand, realistic, specific, and has a time limit. Remember these six characteristics (SMART) when writing your goal strategy.

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With 2018 being inevitable and resolutions and bullet journaling also inevitable. I have decided to share my goal strategy with you. I hope that now that you understand my goal strategy and how to create effective goals, you will be able to find your own strategy.

Take these tips and create your own resolutions bullet journaling strategy!

elizabeth signature

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