50+ Header Ideas by Month for Your Bullet Journal

Headers are an understated, yet huge part of bullet journaling. Check out these amazing bullet journal header ideas organized by month.

Headers are an understated, yet huge part of bullet journaling. Essentially, the header sets the stage for that layout and sometimes even a collection of layouts. Because of this, there are so many ways to use them in your journal. Check out these amazing bullet journal header ideas organized by month.

Overall Header Ideas


Here are a couple of common and unique ideas for spicing up a simple header of any time. These ideas range from simple lettering changes to making a whole scene with a few subtle details.


Here are a few great ways to use shadowing or layering to amplify a good header!


Here are a few more great header ideas that really focus on bolder fonts and ideas. There is some great use of thicker and thinner lines here too.


Only have liner pens available? Check out these banner and header ideas!


Check out these title example using brush pens! This is a great sample of what you can do with only one pen type!


This spread is a great example of each month and weekday in various styles using liners and a brush pen.


Want to use a frame in your bullet journal spreads? Here are some super adorable framed header ideas!


If you are looking for something more decorative, these designs might be a good start! Floral themes are so common and easy to do, there are some easy ways to get started.


If you are interested in liner-styled headers, but also want more variety and more colors, then here are some perfect examples for you!


I chose to break more of these examples into the twelve months because, sometimes, each month presents themes of its own that can be incorporated into the header styles. So, naturally, I’ve started in January. Here are some themed and not-so-themed ideas for you to decorate your January headers with.



February is a month where people tend to theme their bullet journals with pinks, reds, hearts, and other valentine’s day items. Additionally, in some places, it is wintertime during February. So, here are some February header ideas both to fit these themes and for more general styles.

Little Miss Rose



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March is known for holiday’s such as St. Patrick’s Day; however, I was not able to find any St. Patty’s themed header ideas. So, instead, here are some more general ideas and inspiration for the month of March.


Sheena of the Journal


April is the month of spring! It is at this time of year that we start seeing pastels, bright colors, flowers, bunnies, and other spring-themes in bullet journals.





May is another super fun spring month. For May, themes and concepts are very similar to April. You will notice that a lot of these header ideas feature pastel colors, florals, and curly styles.



Sheena of the Journal

Check out these more decorative examples of headers! These ones use more curly lines!


June is a fun month that fits both summer and spring seasonal themes. More fun and bubbly styles are common. Here are some June header ideas!




July is a full-on summer month! A lot of July themes are bright colors, outdoor activities, and more tropical concepts. I love summer bullet journal themes, they are my favorite. To pair with fun July themes as well as more general ideas for your July headers!






August is another fun summer month. However, in addition to summer themes, school is starting and bullet journals often become more serious. Here are some great headers for you to try out this August!




Often, in September, bullet journal starts getting a more autumn vibe. Colors become cooler and more muted. Check out these cool headers for September!



October and November are generally very similar; however, there are major differences. October features Halloween! In October, themes become more dark and creepy, and sometimes they simply remain fall-themed or more general. Regardless of theme, here are October ideas!



As I mentioned, November is fairly similar to October and September. Generally, a fall or general theme is kept. So, to mirror these trends, here are some headers you can try out in your November bullet journal layouts.



Last month of the year is December! December is the first winter month and features not only the end of a year, but also Christmas and the general holiday season. It is extremely common that Christmas and winter are used for December themes. However, here are both holiday and non-holiday themed header ideas for December!



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13 Amazing Hello July Bullet Journal Layouts

Does anyone else feel like this summer is flying by too fast? I sure do! Summer is my favorite season and July is the month we experience peak summer weather! No matter how you are celebrating and enjoying summer, I wanted to share some fantastic hello July bullet journal layouts!

July Dandelions by @seala.bujo

July Dandelions by @seala.bujo

It’s dandelion season where I live so this layout is super fitting for July! Not only is the subject fitting, but the colors are too! This layout is super bright featuring yellow and green.

Hello July Peacock by @cynthiabujo

Hello July Peacock by @cynthiabujo

This little peacock is absolutely adorable! I love the colors used on this peacock. Additionally, the lettering is beautiful!

July Mountainous Night by @shaydacampbell

July Mountainous Night by @shaydacampbell

I love hello bullet journal layouts like this one that uses circles as if they are windows. I feel as though I am looking through a window into another world and its perfect for a hello layout!

MariaVictoria's Themed Bullet Journal | Client Gallery

Hello Sunshine in July for MariaVictoria

July is a sunshine-y month! And for that reason this hello July page is perfect! I created this page for MariaVictoria using Arteza watercolor brush pens and Faber Castell Liner in Medium. Regardless, I love how this layout turned out!

The original idea was to keep in on one page. However, for some reason, I decided to put the sun on both pages while keeping the header on one. I really do enjoy the effect this gives!

Hello Blue Snowcones! by @haleys_journal

Hello Blue Snowcones! by @haleys_journal

Ever had a snowcone? I LOVE them! Also, I love how this page incorporates snowcones! With it being warm and summery, you can’t go wrong with a summer treat!

Watermelon in July by @temi.journals

Watermelon in July by @temi.journals

Watermelon is a staple summer food. About this time of year, you find it watermelon featured in dozens of bullet journal layouts, and I love it! What makes this watermelon layout different then others is the texture of the artwork. The watermelon looks like a painted version of reality. How cool!?

Alana's Bullet Journal | Client Gallery

Hello July Red Roses for Alana

Here is another layout I created for a client. Alana’s notebook was full of watercolor flowers. For July, I created watercolor roses, and I love how they turned out. I think the use of watercolor and a floral theme are perfect for every month!

Summertime in July by @creative.krista

Summertime in July by @creative.krista

This layout is super creative. I would have never thought to do this for a theme before. Further, the hanging and taped up photos of summer items are so cute!!

Hello 4th of July by @jordanhowardjournals

Hello 4th of July by @jordanhowardjournals

Where are you from? In the United States, Independence Day falls on July 4th. So, this is an awesome layout to celebrate the 4th with red, white, and blue flags, fireworks, and ice creams!

Hello July Pink Flamingo by @ennbuljo

Hello July Pink Flamingo by @ennbuljo

Do you love flamingos? Of course, you do! This layout uses a flamingo in a super creative way. Additionally, the flamingo is paired with a pink rose and fun triangle. Also, the lettering is gorgeous!

July Bullet Journal Plan-With-Me | Introduction to Life of Colour Watercolor Brush Pens

Hello July Midnight Sky

This layout is one of my favorite hello pages that i have created for myself. I used watercolor pens to create a midnight with lights feel. Everything in this layouts except the black ink is watercolor. This particular hello page is even inspiring this year’s summer themes!

Hello July Ice Cream & Watermelon by @ana.b_art

Hello July Ice Cream & Watermelon by @ana.b_art

After writing this post, I am going to want to eat ice cream! This page is another adorable summer themed Hello July layout. It features some yummy ice cream and watermelon!

Hakuna Matata Hello Juillet by @ladoufamily

Hakuna Matata Hello Juillet by @ladoufamily

Who doesn’t love a good Disney theme? I am in love with this Lion King hello July page! Not only is the detail incredible, but the artwork is very well! Additionally, the lettering is beautiful!

Love these hello July layouts? Get more monthly bullet journal inspiration HERE!

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17 Gorgeous Hello June Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

We are nearly halfway through the year, and it’s time to show off some hello June bullet journal layouts. For me, June is a transitional month. It is not quite spring and not quite summer; it’s a beautiful month with endless possibilities. Let’s check out these gorgeous hello June bullet journal layout ideas.

Black and White June by @lorasnotes

I love the simplicity and use of black and white in this layout. Additionally, if you look close enough, you can see some detailing that I am impressed with.

Swingset in June by @creative_organizedmomm

How can you not enjoy a fun and creative layout like this one!? Not only is there a fun swing set and amazing lettering, but, the dot work is impressive. Further, I appreciate that the circle is not complete; however, the dots give the appearance of completion.

Hello Waves by @bujobymar

Waves are such a fun theme for a June layout. Further, I greatly appreciate the detailing and color differences in the waves.

Minimal June Layout

This layout is one that I created for June 2018. I wanted to stay ultra minimal, and I love the turnout. I used one pen and drew very few lines. If you’re going to go minimal, this is perfect for you. Want to check out some more minimal bullet journal inspiration? Check it out HERE.

Paper Airplanes by @bulletjournal.for.her

Paper airplanes are not as easy to draw as they look. You must get the lines perfect so that it looks like folded paper. @bulletjournal.for.her did a phenomenal job with these paper airplanes. Additionally, I love the vertical heading!

Paper Boats by @bujobydaisy

Just like paper airplanes, these paper sailboats are not easy to draw! I love the idea of using paper sailboats in some waves for a theme. What a gorgeous minimal layout!

Geometric June by @bizzo_bujo

How cool is this super geometric yet mystical layout? I love every aspect of this layout, including the dots, lines, moon, stars, circles, and the sand timer.

Hello Pineapple by @hulloalice

Pineapple is a super fun and summer-y theme for June. Additionally, I love the curly lettering and the use of watercolor in this layout. It is a unique idea to use watercolor for the pineapple.

Hello June by @julia.pezowicz

The detail that goes into layouts like this one blow me away. While the lettering is phenomenal, the detail in the drawing is equally as great. You can see all the leaves and the petals of the flowers just bursting out of the pot.

Crystals Hello June

I created this layout for a client who ordered a custom bullet journal. I used watercolor to create the shape of the crystals then drew over with lines to finish the gems. The lettering is all done minimally in a Faber Castell. Love crystal layouts? Check out this Crystal printable.

Ice Cream June by @astudentsjournal

How cute are these little popsicles and ice creams! Not only are they adorable, but they are in some seriously fun colors. I cannot help but get excited for summer with this layout!

Lemons in June by @bujo.becca

This hello layout is so bright and happy. The use of bright yellow lemons with bright green leaves is quite the perfect combination. Additionally, the minimal lettering is bouncy and fun!

Summer in June by @b.bulletjournal

Nautical themes are delightful as they remind us of vacation and relaxation and warmth. I recently did a round-up of under-the-sea bullet journal layouts, but nothing I showed was quite like this one. This layout features a rope circle with a little turtle, shells of all shapes and sizes, as well as a crab, some fish, and an anchor. And, to top it all off, the rope has a little heart in it. This hello June is a perfect nautical layout.

June Dessert by @alexado.odles

We all know that I am a huge houseplant fan, so I love this desert-themed layout. In addition to the cacti and sun, there is a mini calendar. Also, @alexado.odles used brown paper, white paper, and blue washi tape to add some texture to the header.

Space Mobile by @jade_journals

Galaxy and space layouts are incredibly popular. However, these layouts generally involve a substantial amount of artwork. @jade_journals found a beautiful way to combine galaxy or space with a minimalistic feel. Additionally, she gave it the feeling of mobile, and I love it!

Hello Fox by @witchi_art_bullet_journals

The artwork in this bullet journal layout is phenomenal. This cute little fox is the best part. However, do not forget the rest of the layout. Not only is the fox beautiful, but the background, ground, and lettering are also just as lovely.

Alana's Bullet Journal | Client Gallery

Hello Florals

This final layout is one that I created for another client. The client requested this beautiful watercolor floral theme, and I LOVE how it turned out. Additionally, there is a little mini calendar. It is a nice touch!

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Did you enjoy these layouts? Check out more bullet journal inspiration HERE.

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18 Inspiring May Hello Title Pages For Your Bullet Journal

18 Inspiring May Hello Title Pages For Your Bullet Journal

May is just around the corner, and it’s about time everyone is creating their May bullet journal spreads. Coming up with a theme or hello page can sometimes be the most challenging part of creating a new set up. I’ve compiled 18 hello May layouts to help spark your inspiration!

Lavender Plants by @hey.makes

This hello page is so simple, yet it is beautiful at the same time. Further, I love the whimsical feel of the lavender plants. Additionally, the lettering is phenomenal.

Daisies and Butterflies by @happybujolife

You really cannot go wrong using daisies and other flowers this time of the year. Spring has sprung, and flowers are in full bloom (most places anyway). Not only does this layout includes daisies, but there are also butterflies! I love the way @happybujolife drew “hello” as a flight path of the smaller butterfly.

MariaVictoria's Themed Bullet Journal | Client Gallery

Maria Victoria’s Simple Floral Hello May Layout

I love the simplicity of this layout. I created this layout for Maria Victoria. Further, I chose the spring theme for May, and it turned out beautifully. Additionally, the pastel colors complement the tulips.

May sunflowers by @_bullet_journal_7

I know, I know, more flowers!? I swear I did not do this on purpose, the floral layouts are just on point for May! Further, sunflowers are a great theme idea for a hello May layout. Also, I love the way that this layout appears to be a bouquet of sunflowers. Additionally, the grey box behind the flowers is a nice touch.

Disney Castle by @planningwithsoul

Who doesn’t love a quality Disney layout!? This one is stunning including only the Disney castle. I love the use of purple as well.

May Mountains by @sfstudies

I am a huge fan of circles used as windows into different worlds. This circle is a window into a beautiful mountainous region. Additionally, the little shapes in the corners and the lettering are beautiful additions!

A Cup Of Coffee by @carlinabujo

Who doesn’t love coffee!? You really cannot go wrong using coffee as a theme at any time of the year. This hello May page also features a little mini calendar. Finally, the coffee beans raining from the sky are such a fun addition!

Hello May Potted Houseplants Cover Page

Here is my hello May layout from 2018. I absolutely love how these potted houseplants turned out. For some reason, houseplants are the perfect theme for March and May! So, you can add houseplants using watercolor as I did here, or you can sketch, paint, or add stickers. It is an excellent May theme!

May 2019 by @mrsdjournals

I am not entirely sure what this is, but I love it! I love the contrast that black and white imagery has and this layout is the perfect example. So, Black and white is such a great way to open up the month of May!

May Fish by @jasmincreates

You don’t see fish being used very often in bullet journals, what’s up with that? Anyways, this hello may layout features a cool fish both in color and in black and white. Then, the effect of the box going down the center gives to the fish is such a good idea. This layout is all-around great!

Flowers and Butterflies by @sun.wave.journal

We’ve already featured a lot of floral layouts in this post. However, this layout takes a different approach than those ones. It’s different in that it is far more cartoon-like. Additionally, did you notice that some of those “flowers” are actually butterflies! I love the creativity of this hello may layout.

May the Force Be With You by @gwilsstudies

In big bold Starwars font, “May the force be with you” is splattered on this cover page. I love this play on words, especially on May 4th! Super minimal and creative layout!

Lavender and Lemons by @meganvanwormer

Lemons and Lavender are such a unique combination. I love this spring and summer combination for a May theme. Personally, I love the combination of yellow and purple. Additionally, I love the use of lemons and the use of lavender in a bullet journal theme.

Whales by @not_subtitle

This layout is not only a hello page but is also a quotes page. The use of the stars and night sky with the swimming whales is gorgeous. This quote reads “Chance to take it all back whatever it takes” I am not sure where this quote is from, but the use of lettering is very creative.

Yellow Bees by @bulletjournal.for.her

Having these cute little bees flying around their honeycombs is a super cute hello may theme. I love geometric shapes in bullet journal layouts. So, this combination of cute and geometric is candy to my eyes.

Hanging Plants by @carlacid.ink

How adorable are these hanging glass globes filled with succulents! I have a few of these hanging planters in my home, and I love them! As I’ve mentioned already, plants and greenery are the perfect themes for a Hello May spread!

Tetris by @bullet.journal.ass

Tetris is super nostalgic for me. I used to play the game with my sisters when I was a kid, and I remember being pretty decent at it. With the game’s new rise in popularity, a Tetris layout is perfect for this May! Also, it’s super easy to replicate and understand!

Watercolor Shelf by @bujokv

As you know, I love the use of watercolor. Additionally, I love the use of houseplants and greenery! This layout involves both things which I love so much. Also, it looks incredible! What do you think about the use of paint in a bullet journal?? Let me know in the comments!

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15 Gorgeous Hello April Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

Sometimes the hardest part about creating your monthly bullet journal spread is picking a theme and hello page design! Once you’ve figured these things out the rest of your monthly spread becomes easy! I am here to help you out! Here is a list of 15 Hello April layouts to inspire you and some theme ideas too!

April Theme Ideas

Looking for some inspiration for your April theme? Here is a list of some themes you could use for April!

  • Flowers
  • Spring
  • Easter Eggs
  • Bunnies
  • Rain Showers
  • Flamingos
  • Puddles
  • Easter
  • Pink
  • Pastel Colors
  • Purple
  • Sunshine
  • Pixar
  • Disney Princess
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Baby Animals
  • Pastel Watercolor
  • Watercoloring
  • Mountains
  • Fields
  • Hedgehogs

Hello April Mountains by @lindaplans

When I saw this layout I just had to share it, I absolutely LOVE the simplicity of the layout and the beautify of the lettering. The simple mountain range adds so much to this minimal spread!

Watercolor Deer by @gigis_journal

This spread is simply stunning!! How perfect is the lettering and artwork of it! I love the watercolor deer added here as well. This layout just screams spring!!

Gi’s Pastel Watercolor by Jihi Elephant

This layout is ever so simple and easy to recreate! I did a simple pastel colored watercolor circle in which I lettered “April.” Super simple, yet cute and spring-themed!

Rain Boots by Sheena of the Journal

Rainstorms are such a great April theme because it always rains during springtime! I love the delicate lettering and gorgeous artwork done for this hello page!

Hello April by @bujoandblooms

I think it is so neat when people draw the illusion of washi tape or regular tape. How simple is this hello page? A crisp box outlining some even crisper lettering “taped” to the page with some blue and yellow ink!

Birthday Month by @happyplanner13

If you were born in April than this layout is perfect for you! Balloons, banners, a crown, and cake to start off an amazing birthday month!! Not to mention the gorgeous lettering!

Alana's Bullet Journal | Client Gallery

Alana’s Watercolor Tulips by Jihi Elephant

This is one of my favorite hello layouts that I’ve created! The watercolor tulips fit April perfectly and the pastel coloring adds to the spread as well!

Hello April by @plannerbynea

The floral branches in this two-page hello spread are gorgeous! Flowers are one of the most popular April themes and there are so many ways to do it, this spread adds flowers beautifully and uniquely!

Hello Spring by @onki_art

The colorful easter eggs in this hallo April spread remind me of my childhood coloring and decorating easter eggs. The array of colors make a gorgeous easter egg wreath!

Hello April by @constancechell

These beautiful pink flowers are a great go-to for an April hello spread, I love the inclusion of the flower buds.

Month in Space by @nohnoh.studies

A space theme is so unique and undoubtedly perfect for April! Space is a great theme for any month and the inclusion of crystals simply adds to this fun and cute spread. How can you not love the little space bunny!

Geometric Elephant by Jihi Elephant

This was my spread last year and I love it! I stuck with the color green for most of my April 2018 layout, but the hello page featured a geometric style elephant in celebration of national elephant day (which just so happened to be in April).

Welcome April by @tetherandtold

Everyone loves a simple bullet journal layout. This is is gorgeous with great use of simple lettering and stamps. This spread has a brilliant twist by welcoming April instead of saying hello to it!

Lemonade by @heartistic.jess

Who doesn’t love lemonade! This hello page welcomes the beginning of the warmer season where I am from. This layout reminds me how soon summer is to come! I love that this layout is in black and white, perfectly simple!

Hello April by @angela_porter_illustrator

This hello layout is gorgeously details featuring flowers, hearts, leaves and other little shapes and designs. This spread is incredibly unique and perfect!

April in a Bottle by @journal.doodle

Last, but not least is this bright and happy hello page including sunflowers and pink flowers in a little corked glass bulb. The warm color choice of this layout can’t help to brighten your mood.

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15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

February is known for Valentine’s day, and in February I find that bullet journals often get themed in pink, red, or purple featuring hearts and love letters, etc. However, February is so much more than Valentines day. This article will teach you a little bit more about February and show off a variety of February cover page options!!

There is more to February than Valentine’s Day?

  • Birthstone: Amethyst
  • Zodiacs: Aquarius (1st through 18th) & Pisces (19th through 29th)
  • Holidays:
    • Chinese New Year
    • Groundhog Day (2nd)
    • Valentine’s Day (14th)
    • Presidents Day (3rd Monday)
  • National Cherry Month
  • Black History Month
  • National Grapefruit Month
  • The 3rd week of February is National Flirting Week

Learn about more February Events and Holidays HERE.

Beautiful Body February Cover by @bulletjournalnoob

I love @bulletjournalnoob’s work, her Instagram is one of my favorites to follow and of course this spread does not disappoint! Check out Bullet Journal Noob’s feature HERE.

15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

Pigs in Love by @serendipity.bujo

I didn’t want to include too many Valentine’s Day themed layouts, but I find this one to be absolutely adorable! How cute are those pigs!

15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

Hello February By @chris.ellee

The artwork in this layout is absolutely gorgeous! How adorable are those roses! They feel almost like they are in a comic.

15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

Minimal February Cover by Rediscover Analog

I love a good minimal cover page and Rediscover Analog delivered! The font in this layout gives me 1920’s vibes.

My Hello February Cover Page

This is my layout for February 2019! Gold is my 2019 theme so I thought I’d go all out for February and just slather the page in gold.

15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

Simple Pink February by Zigs Zags & Zebras

While this is another that seems to fit Valentine’s Day, it’s also simple enough that it doesn’t have to. Also, I LOVE the font used for “2019.”

15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

Heart Candy Hello by It’s Me JD

Candy hearts!! I love these stupid little candies so much that I can’t even be mad about it’s technical Love-theme. I would use this layout any month!

15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

February Lion by @witchi_art_bullet_journal

How amazing is the art of this spread!? @witchi_art_bullet_journal does some seriously amazing artwork in her journal that I highly recommend you check out!

15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

February Feathers by Joliecious

Feathers! I love that these feathers are simple, yet detailed, and also they are so colorful! This is a seriously fun spread!

15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

February Lightbulb by Plan with Ady

I love this super simple hello page for February! Some watercolor and a lightbulb is all you really need!

15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

Hello February by Between the Steps

This style of artwork is seriously so amazing! I love how she even got the dark blue to fade! Such an amazing alternative to Valentine’s Day themes.

Hello February Crystals by Jihi Elephant

I created this cover for a client of mine and I absolutely love it! I love using watercolor and it turned out so amazing in the form of crystals!

15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

Roses in February by @capricorn.journals

THese flowers are seamlessly beautiful! How amazing did this layout turn out!! The color choice is absolutely perfect as well!

15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

Thistle & Roses by Plant-Based Bride

Thistles and roses is a gorgeous theme idea for a February cover page! The semi-circle simply ads to it’s beauty.

15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

Watercolor Space February Cover by @creativebujo_

Last but not least is amazing watercolor space February cover page. This one is for sure one of my favorites!!

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Top 15 Hello 2019 Bullet Journal Cover Pages

Over a week into 2019 and I still do not have any idea what to do for my hello 2019 cover page. I have been researching cover page ideas and wanted to share my top 15 favorite cover pages for 2019!

2019 by @mint.and.mont

I love how this layout is both elegant and fun. The little branches complement the heading very well.

Hello 2019 & Year at a Glance by @plslars

This layout looks awesome, almost like it was created in a computer! Additionally, the fonts and the depth to the fonts are amazing. It also does well to save space by including the 2019 at a glance page next to the cover.

Top 15 2019 Bullet Journal Cover Pages

2019 by @ofpipettesandpens

I am absolutely in love with this layout!! I love how simple it is and the inclusion of the branches. It is also super unique in that the header is done vertically.

Top 15 2019 Bullet Journal Cover Pages

2019 by @journalbymalin

I am a huge fan of @journalbymalin, her layouts never disappoint me. Further, this one is simple and has an amazing quote to start out the new year.

Colorful 2019 by @katykatehadfield

I generally tend to lean towards more simple layouts; however, this one snagged my attention immediately because of how gorgeous the colors, flowers, and general organization of the layout! Perfection!