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To make sure you're planning your new year well, you ought to plan ahead. This post includes 14+ bullet journal layouts to help you plan for your new year.

14+ New Year Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

Each new year marks a brand new beginning full of possibilities. We often put ourselves under a lot of pressure to do the new year right and become discouraged if we fail or falter. To make sure you are planning for your new year correctly, you ought to plan ahead. This post includes 14+ bullet...Keep Reading

25 Awesome Future Planning Layouts You Need

Do you use future logs or another form of future planning in your bullet journal? Well, there are countless ways to plan for the future. For example, there are future logs, calendex, event planning, birthday trackers, overviews, and dozens more! Further, here are 25 gorgeous future planning layouts that you need to give a try!...Keep Reading