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There are dozen upon dozens of different things you can track in your bullet journal. This article is full of habit tracking inspo and more!

150+ Habits To Track In Your Bullet Journal

There are dozen upon dozens of different things you can track in your planner or bullet journal. It can become incredibly overwhelming to decided what is worth tracking for you. For this reason, this post will walk you through tracking, it's purpose, and what you can track in your journal! Before we get started here...Keep Reading
There are many things you can do to manage your finances better. Here are some ways a bullet journal can be useful when it comes to your finances.

Why You Should Use the Bullet Journal to Track Finances

Many would agree that the hardest part of transitioning into adulthood is managing your own finances. This is especially true for anyone who has been used to the guidance and support of their parents when it comes to money matters. When people start making and spending their own money, it’s easy for things to get...Keep Reading
To make sure you're planning your new year well, you ought to plan ahead. This post includes 14+ bullet journal layouts to help you plan for your new year.

14+ New Year Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

Each new year marks a brand new beginning full of possibilities. We often put ourselves under a lot of pressure to do the new year right and become discouraged if we fail or falter. To make sure you are planning for your new year correctly, you ought to plan ahead. This post includes 14+ bullet...Keep Reading
For Grace's grief journal, I used many different colors. Further, the layouts involved include quote pages, Bible verse pages, quarterly habit trackers...

Grace’s Grief Journal Plan-with-Me

Katie ordered a custom bullet-journal-inspired planner for Grace to be a grief journal. Grace's planner is a Leuchtturm1917 A5 Dotted Hardcover in Emerald. I used many different colors when making this notebook. Further, the layouts involved include quote pages, Bible verse pages, quarterly habit trackers, prayer pages, and grief and gratitude pages. Here you can read...Keep Reading
Being a parent is a full-time job and can be a very crazy job too. Here are 20 bullet journaling spreads perfect for a busy mom or busy dad!

20 Bullet Journal Layouts for Busy Moms

Being a parent is a full-time job and can be a very crazy job too. Bullet journaling can be essential to a busy mom or dad. I have pulled together 20 bullet journaling spreads perfect for a busy mom or busy dad, check them out below! Home Cleaning Layouts When you have kids and run...Keep Reading
Headers are an understated, yet huge part of bullet journaling. Check out these amazing bullet journal header ideas organized by month.

50+ Header Ideas by Month for Your Bullet Journal

Headers are an understated, yet huge part of bullet journaling. Essentially, the header sets the stage for that layout and sometimes even a collection of layouts. Because of this, there are so many ways to use them in your journal. Check out these amazing bullet journal header ideas organized by month. Overall Header Ideas @nicolegracestudies...Keep Reading

Back to School Bullet Journal Layouts for Students

It's back to school season and that means planning out a new semester full of new challenges and assignments for each student. Personally, as a graduate student, I find my bullet journal to be essential during this process. Each semester (if I remember) I create a semester overview layout. Additionally, when I was taking on-campus...Keep Reading

13 Amazing Hello July Bullet Journal Layouts

Does anyone else feel like this summer is flying by too fast? I sure do! Summer is my favorite season and July is the month we experience peak summer weather! No matter how you are celebrating and enjoying summer, I wanted to share some fantastic hello July bullet journal layouts! July Dandelions by @seala.bujo It's...Keep Reading

17 Gorgeous Hello June Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

We are nearly halfway through the year, and it’s time to show off some hello June bullet journal layouts. For me, June is a transitional month. It is not quite spring and not quite summer; it’s a beautiful month with endless possibilities. Let’s check out these gorgeous hello June bullet journal layout ideas. Black and...Keep Reading
## Inspirational Quotes for Your Bullet Journal + Quote Layout Ideas

12 Quote Layouts for Your Bullet Journal + Inspirational Quotes

Quotes can be super inspirational and are often a great addition to any journal, bullet or otherwise. Quotes can easily fill empty space or they can be used to inspire. Regardless of why you use quotes, here are inspirational quotes and quote layout ideas to get you inspired. @annajournals_ "Chill, we're all meant to fail,...Keep Reading
18 Inspiring May Hello Title Pages For Your Bullet Journal

18 Inspiring May Hello Title Pages For Your Bullet Journal

May is just around the corner, and it's about time everyone is creating their May bullet journal spreads. Coming up with a theme or hello page can sometimes be the most challenging part of creating a new set up. I've compiled 18 hello May layouts to help spark your inspiration! Lavender Plants by @hey.makes This...Keep Reading
35 Motivating Fitness & Wellness Bullet Journal Layouts

35 Motivating Fitness & Wellness Bullet Journal Layouts

Keeping up on our health and wellness is incredibly important and useful. However, getting started can be super challenging. I find that starting simple and keeping a group of people or one person to help you out to be the easiest way to get going. Speaking of health and wellness, here are 34 amazing fitness...Keep Reading

15 Gorgeous Hello April Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

Sometimes the hardest part about creating your monthly bullet journal spread is picking a theme and hello page design! Once you’ve figured these things out the rest of your monthly spread becomes easy! I am here to help you out! Here is a list of 15 Hello April layouts to inspire you and some theme...Keep Reading

Gi’s Reflection and School Bullet Journals

Here is a breakdown of the bullet journal inspired planner created for Gi. Gi ordered two notebooks; a reflection notebook and a school notebook. For Gi's reflection notebook the main color or theme was pastel and watercolor. Layouts involved include a title page, future log, 2018 reflections, when I am old page, when I did...Keep Reading

15 Beautiful February Cover Page Ideas

February is known for Valentine’s day, and in February I find that bullet journals often get themed in pink, red, or purple featuring hearts and love letters, etc. However, February is so much more than Valentines day. This article will teach you a little bit more about February and show off a variety of February...Keep Reading

Top 15 Hello 2019 Bullet Journal Cover Pages

Over a week into 2019 and I still do not have any idea what to do for my hello 2019 cover page. I have been researching cover page ideas and wanted to share my top 15 favorite cover pages for 2019! 2019 by @mint.and.mont I love how this layout is both elegant and fun. The...Keep Reading

23 Goal Pages to Start Off Your 2019 Bullet Journal Right

With the new year coming so soon, everyone is rushing to review their 2018 year and develop updated or new goals and resolutions for 2019. I am no different. Writing and tracking your goals can be really complex and difficult. To help you out, here are 23 goal pages to help you start of your...Keep Reading

The Best Way To Bullet Journal For Mental Well-being And Self-Care

Are you getting into bullet journaling and are trying to figure out how to incorporate mental well-being or self-care into your journal? It is so so easy to add mental health into your bullet journal. Here is a brief breakdown of the bullet journal planning method, several ways to incorporate mental well-being and self-care into...Keep Reading

22 Creative Instagram Bullet Journal Layouts

One thing that can be really fun, is keeping track of your Instagram followers on your bullet journal account. I started doing this at around 2,000 followers and I have not regretted it. If you want to watch your follower count progress, check out these creative Instagram bullet journal layouts. Instagram Tiles by @menwhobullet This layout...Keep Reading

Bethany’s Blue Bullet Journal

Here is a breakdown of Brittany's bullet journal inspired planner. Brittany's notebook was created in a black A5 size notebook with the main color is blue. Layouts involved include a title page, Pixar and Disney movie trackers, mood pixels, exercise tracker, weight loss tracker, period tracker, places to go list, savings jar, notes, moving checklist,...Keep Reading

Ultimate Bullet Journal Layouts Glossary

There is almost an unlimited amount of page types, layouts, or spreads for a bullet journal and it is nearly impossible to keep track of them all. This article is meant to lay out all of the different page types, gift a brief description, and show a few examples. As it is difficult to keep...Keep Reading

33 Festive Christmas Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

It is the holiday season and soon enough (if not already) we will all be creating our December layouts! Since December is the Christmas month, Christmas-themed layouts will be incredibly popular! Finally, this article shows off over 30 Christmas-inspired bullet journal layouts to inspire your December bullet journal this year! Hello December by@journal_junkies How beautiful...Keep Reading

16+ Festive Christmas Planning Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

It is the holiday season and soon enough (if not already) we will all be creating our December layouts! With holiday preparation getting started, Christmas planning layouts are a must! Here are over 15 Christmas planning bullet journal layouts to help prepare you for this holiday season! Gift Layout by @savvyplanner This gift layout is...Keep Reading

25 Awesome Future Planning Layouts You Need

Do you use future logs or another form of future planning in your bullet journal? Well, there are countless ways to plan for the future. For example, there are future logs, calendex, event planning, birthday trackers, overviews, and dozens more! Further, here are 25 gorgeous future planning layouts that you need to give a try!...Keep Reading

My Collection and List Bullet Journals | Plan-with-Me

In this gallery, you can find the contents of my collection and list journal. These layouts include my layouts. Further, I update this gallery regularly, as the notebooks are updated. These layouts include personal collections, pen tests, and other swatches. Collections & Swatches This first notebook is fully of my collections, swatches, and pen-tests. Lists...Keep Reading

20 Creative Washi Tape Swatch Layouts For Your Bullet Journal

Are you a washi tape collector?? Me too! I am always trying to find new and unique ways to keep track of my washi tape collection but I can never quite find a way. Here are 20 different creative washi tape swatch layouts for you to use in your bullet journal! Washi Tapes by @b.bulletjournal...Keep Reading

18 Inspiring Travel Planning Bullet Journal Layouts

I love to travel, and so many other people do too! Traveling is always easier when you prepare right. This post is full of super inspiring travel planning bullet journal layouts to get you excited and ready for your next trip! If you have wanderlust and a need for organization, this post is for you!!...Keep Reading

Live Your Best Life | A Level 10 Life Bullet Journal Tutorial

You use your bullet journaling for everything - tracking errands, monitoring your mood, budgeting, and even storing your washi collection. Why not use your bullet journal to upgrade your life the max? It can be difficult tracking so many areas of your life through multiple bullet journal spreads and lists, but there is one method...Keep Reading

40 Must Follow Minimal Bullet Journal Instagrams

Minimalistic bullet journal layouts are of my favorite types of layouts to look at. I always find myself browsing minimal bullet journal hashtags on Instagram. Because I love these layouts so much, I thought that it would be great to share some of my favorite minimalist bullet journal accounts so that you can join me...Keep Reading

Bullet Journal Layouts to Help Manage Your Mental Health

As you know, I am a huge proponent of self-care and mental health topics. I think that being aware and knowing how to take care of our mental health is hugely linked to other forms of well-being; however, are not taken as seriously as other forms of health. This post is an inspirational list of...Keep Reading

Brain Dump Layout Inspiration for Bullet Journals

Do you ever have a ton of random thoughts that you just need to get out? The brain or mind dump layouts are exactly what you need! Have you ever used a dump layout in your bullet journal? In this article, I will explain what a brain dump page is, how to get started, and...Keep Reading

The Ultimate Bullet Journal List Ideas + Examples

If you are into bullet journaling, chances are you are a list maker or want to be. I love lists so much that I created an entire notebook for my lists and collections. The vast amount of bullet journal lists and collections you can keep in your journal is amazing and sometimes overwhelming. This post...Keep Reading

2018 Blogging and Business Bullet Journal | Plan-with-Me

I have been working on my blogging bullet journal for months. Regardless, I am no-where near where I want to be with it. Despite this, I am choosing to share my business bullet journal with you. I want to share a bullet journal reality (it takes time to come up with a format you actually...Keep Reading

30 Minimal Weekly Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

Weekly layouts are often the most prevalent layouts in a bullet journal. When you create this layout so often, you might become bored or tired of the same layout all the time. I like to change up my layouts every so often and keep them fairly minimal. Below are some great minimal weekly bullet journal...Keep Reading

Shay’s Pink and Gray Baby Bullet Journal

Shay ordered a custom bullet-journal-inspired planner. Shay's planner is an A5-sized Essentials Dot-Matrix Notebook.  The primary colors used for Shay's notebook are pink and gray. Further, the layouts involved include a title page, year at a glance, monthly calendar, monthly habit pixels, memories, weekly grid, height & weight tracker, baby teeth tracker, and baby milestone...Keep Reading

22 Financial Tracking Layouts for your Bullet Journal

Keeping track of your bills, payments, and money can be so incredibly difficult, particularly if you have more than one account. Thanks to my bullet journal I have been able to keep up with my bills, payments, subscriptions, loans, and more! Scroll down to find over 20 bullet journal layouts to help you with your...Keep Reading

Bullet Journaling Goals | New Year’s Resolutions 2018

With 2017 coming to a close and 2018 soon to arrive, everyone is thinking about all their goals and new year’s resolutions. It is at this time of year that we begin to think about everything we have done in the previous year and everything we wish to do in the upcoming year. We begin...Keep Reading

Bullet Journal Header Layout Inspirations

I am always looking for new ways to design my bullet journal title pages. It gets boring doing the same thing every single week or month. My favorite activity is scrolling my Instagram feed to find so many awesome bullet journal title designs and this week I’ve decided to share some of my finds with...Keep Reading

Tracking Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

Bullet Journaling is my favorite way to stay organized! Bullet journals are super customizable which is my favorite part. You can add anything you want to help you keep organized. I like to add tracking pages! Here are a ton of layout ideas! If you'd like more bullet journal page ideas, check out my post...Keep Reading