Bright Sunshine & Tie-Dye Inspired June 2020 Bullet Journal

I am back and had a surge of inspiration to utilize watercolor in my yellow June bullet journal. Check out my sunny tie-dye themed June bullet journal!

I have been MIA lately regarding my personal journal. Due to my increased schedule and stress-load, my creativity became a second priority. Not only did my creativity fall to the wayside, but a global pandemic also hit, and my planner did not get used once during the month of May. However, for some unknown reason (probably the sunshine), I had a sudden and very random surge of inspiration! I absolutely love the summer and do a yellow-theme bullet journal each year. Check out my bright and sunny tie-dye themed June bullet journal, which is also my 2020 month of yellow!

Sunny Tie-Dye Theme

I really enjoy yellow themes and try to do something different using yellow each summer. I could not tell you what sparked my inspiration for this month’s theme, but I got inspired out of nowhere and decided to do a sunny tie-dye theme! You can watch how I created the look in the video above. However, I simply blended yellow, pink, and a light orange together. Then, I dabbed the extra paint off with a paper towel. Finally, I decided to stick with gold lettering and lines to be sure the gentle but bold nature of the yellow was not too distracted from.

Layout Concept & Purpose

I made basically no changes to the layout concept that I have been using all year. The left page is a half-hourly schedule Monday through Saturday and the right page is all-day events, to-dos, and due dates. Saturday and Sunday are split diagonally. What I did do differently this time was to keep the main header the same color as the lines. Then, over top of the gold boxes and borders, I wrong the day of the week and date in black paint pen ink.

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Purple & Floral June 2019 Bullet Journal Plan-with-Me

Purple & Floral June 2019 Bullet Journal Plan-with-Me

I am not a huge fan of purple or cutesy-girly things; however, I wanted to create something using purple and decided to step outside of my comfort zone. While I enjoy the execution of this month’s theme, it is my least favorite theme so far for 2019. Here are my purple and floral June 2019 Bullet Journal layouts.

Additional Layouts

During May, I created various list layouts. While I have to blur out most of the page’s contents, I still wanted to share them. The first is a “Vacay Packing List” for the family vacation I took at the end of April and beginning of May. Next, is a two page, “Product Ideas” list. Then, I have a to-do list for the Bullet Journal Beginner’s Course I am working on completing. And last is a several page to-do list for rebranding. I am working on rebranding from Jihi Elephant to Elizabeth Journal and Planning. If you’d like to learn more about why I initially chose the name Jihi Elephant read HERE.

The Purple and Floral Theme Process

This month’s theme is purple and flowers. I was not sure what to do for June, but I wanted to use purple since I have never really used it before. Since I already knew what I was doing for July and August, I could not do anything similar to those.

I decided to create a darker but bright plum purple and mimic the painting for February’s spread. I coated the cover page and decided that white would look best over top of this darker purple. I stuck with the minimal script lettering that I have been using throughout the whole year.

Next, I decided to use the white to draw cutesy flowers, thus, creating the purple and floral theme. My final dilemma was how to border the columns on my weekly layouts. I thought black would be too dark and white unnoticeable, so I settled with gold. I enjoy the combination of yellow and purple so I figured this would be close enough. Additionally, gold is part of my 2019 theme, so using gold kept this month in sync with the others.

I do not love this month’s theme, but I think it turned out nicely.

The Layout Descriptions

Like usually, I only have two layouts to describe, the hello June page and my weekly layouts. For the hello page I painted it over in purple paint, then in a minimal white script, I wrote “June” through the top of the middle. Coming up from the bottom are four white flowers.

The weekly layouts are very similar. There are seven columns outlined in gold. For the rest of the page, I painted it over with the same purple of the cover page. The top left page has “June” in a minimal white script. In the top right, I wrote the week number in the same white. Finally, the bottom right features one or two white flowers similar to those on the cover page.

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Products Used

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17 Gorgeous Hello June Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

We are nearly halfway through the year, and it’s time to show off some hello June bullet journal layouts. For me, June is a transitional month. It is not quite spring and not quite summer; it’s a beautiful month with endless possibilities. Let’s check out these gorgeous hello June bullet journal layout ideas.

Black and White June by @lorasnotes

I love the simplicity and use of black and white in this layout. Additionally, if you look close enough, you can see some detailing that I am impressed with.

Swingset in June by @creative_organizedmomm

How can you not enjoy a fun and creative layout like this one!? Not only is there a fun swing set and amazing lettering, but, the dot work is impressive. Further, I appreciate that the circle is not complete; however, the dots give the appearance of completion.

Hello Waves by @bujobymar

Waves are such a fun theme for a June layout. Further, I greatly appreciate the detailing and color differences in the waves.

Minimal June Layout

This layout is one that I created for June 2018. I wanted to stay ultra minimal, and I love the turnout. I used one pen and drew very few lines. If you’re going to go minimal, this is perfect for you. Want to check out some more minimal bullet journal inspiration? Check it out HERE.

Paper Airplanes by @bulletjournal.for.her

Paper airplanes are not as easy to draw as they look. You must get the lines perfect so that it looks like folded paper. @bulletjournal.for.her did a phenomenal job with these paper airplanes. Additionally, I love the vertical heading!

Paper Boats by @bujobydaisy

Just like paper airplanes, these paper sailboats are not easy to draw! I love the idea of using paper sailboats in some waves for a theme. What a gorgeous minimal layout!

Geometric June by @bizzo_bujo

How cool is this super geometric yet mystical layout? I love every aspect of this layout, including the dots, lines, moon, stars, circles, and the sand timer.

Hello Pineapple by @hulloalice

Pineapple is a super fun and summer-y theme for June. Additionally, I love the curly lettering and the use of watercolor in this layout. It is a unique idea to use watercolor for the pineapple.

Hello June by @julia.pezowicz

The detail that goes into layouts like this one blow me away. While the lettering is phenomenal, the detail in the drawing is equally as great. You can see all the leaves and the petals of the flowers just bursting out of the pot.

Crystals Hello June

I created this layout for a client who ordered a custom bullet journal. I used watercolor to create the shape of the crystals then drew over with lines to finish the gems. The lettering is all done minimally in a Faber Castell. Love crystal layouts? Check out this Crystal printable.

Ice Cream June by @astudentsjournal

How cute are these little popsicles and ice creams! Not only are they adorable, but they are in some seriously fun colors. I cannot help but get excited for summer with this layout!

Lemons in June by @bujo.becca

This hello layout is so bright and happy. The use of bright yellow lemons with bright green leaves is quite the perfect combination. Additionally, the minimal lettering is bouncy and fun!

Summer in June by @b.bulletjournal

Nautical themes are delightful as they remind us of vacation and relaxation and warmth. I recently did a round-up of under-the-sea bullet journal layouts, but nothing I showed was quite like this one. This layout features a rope circle with a little turtle, shells of all shapes and sizes, as well as a crab, some fish, and an anchor. And, to top it all off, the rope has a little heart in it. This hello June is a perfect nautical layout.

June Dessert by @alexado.odles

We all know that I am a huge houseplant fan, so I love this desert-themed layout. In addition to the cacti and sun, there is a mini calendar. Also, @alexado.odles used brown paper, white paper, and blue washi tape to add some texture to the header.

Space Mobile by @jade_journals

Galaxy and space layouts are incredibly popular. However, these layouts generally involve a substantial amount of artwork. @jade_journals found a beautiful way to combine galaxy or space with a minimalistic feel. Additionally, she gave it the feeling of mobile, and I love it!

Hello Fox by @witchi_art_bullet_journals

The artwork in this bullet journal layout is phenomenal. This cute little fox is the best part. However, do not forget the rest of the layout. Not only is the fox beautiful, but the background, ground, and lettering are also just as lovely.

Alana's Bullet Journal | Client Gallery

Hello Florals

This final layout is one that I created for another client. The client requested this beautiful watercolor floral theme, and I LOVE how it turned out. Additionally, there is a little mini calendar. It is a nice touch!

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Did you enjoy these layouts? Check out more bullet journal inspiration HERE.

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June Bullet Journal Plan-With-Me | Minimal Aesthetic

For June 2018, I made some minor aesthetic changes to my bullet journal. The main changes were simplifications from what I was already using. Due to my packed June schedule, I found that it made sense to utilize a more minimal visual for this month’s layout. While functioning is still very much the same, there are fewer lines and no washi tape. This post may contain affiliate links

Theme | Minimal Aesthetic

I really struggled to come up with a useful theme for June’s bullet journal layout. With June being so busy and chaotic for me, I wanted something functional and easy to use. Because of this, I decided to just keep June’s layout as simple as possible. I removed all frills and stuck to clean lines. I actually prefer the changes I made and will most likely use them again in the future. Additionally, I chose to work with the orange Mildliner this month.



As I have already mentioned, and as you can see, not much changed for this month’s layouts. Primarily they have just been simplified. The cover page or hello page is simply “June” written in a minimal cursive, sandwiched between two lines. There is no color.

The monthly layout is essentially the same except I removed the “goals” column and removed the box that once encapsulated the “to-do” column. Similarly, the weekly layout is incredibly similar to before; however, I titled the pages in a minimal cursive using the orange Mildliner and used a black Staedtler pigment liner to write in the daily titles. Additionally, I added a to-do on the right side instead of using washi tape or leaving it blank.

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June 2017 Bullet Journal Spread | Summertime Fun and Apartment Planning

There are quite a few aesthetic changes to my bullet journal spreads this month. While I was doing my pages for this month, I decided that I enjoyed their functionality but had become bored with the way they looked and having to do the same exact thing every month and every week. Sooo… this month, I got fun and funky with fonts and ever so slightly crazy with colors. So, let’s get started!

Monthly Calendar

As you can see, this month the calendar looks incredibly similar. The changes that I did make are harder to point out (unless you’re me and you look at them several times a day). The first change I made was the way I wrote out the days of the week. Last month they were in cursive, however, this month I’ve decided to attach each word to the ones before and after it. So, there is a constant flow.

Second, I decided to change up the Month’s label. Instead of the wreath, I was using before, I decided to go with a more antique-looking design.

Again. The quote is written in cursive. This month’s quote is “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” I absolutely love this quote because it fits this week’s design so well. Instead of doing my generic or normal set up, I set my soul on fire and had some fun by switching things up a little bit.

The last of the changes to this page include cursive labels and “July” written in cursive. Both items are usually in a neatly printed font.

Weekly Set Up

Here is where things get truly fun and crazy. Each week of June is different—no two are the same! While the layout of the page is incredibly similar, there are differences. Let’s look!

Week One: May 29th – June 4th

For this week, I have stuck with the same 5 categories, as usual, Events/Appointments, To Do/Miscellaneous, Blog, Subscriptions/Bills, and Grocery List. I also kept the exercise and water trackers at the upper right-hand corner. However, instead of large flowy cursive week title, I have gone for something smaller and slightly chunkier. Then I have, in small thin lettering, wrote “WK 1” on the finishing line of “June.” I have gone with a similar font for the label “Goals” and the daily labels as well.

Week Two: June 5th – June 11th

Week two is almost identical to week one. This is because I had not yet decided to make these layouts more fun for me. There are changes though. The first noticeable difference is the week title. June is written in a similar font, but is not as far to the left and is written a little less dramatically. I have also written out “Week Two” next to it in an all-caps print font. Goals has been changed to be all lower case and is written out a little smaller than the previous week

The category labels have also been switched over to a cursive that is very similar to my normal handwriting. Additionally, the weekly labels are more cursive and fancy, as well as, all lower-case lettering.

Week Three: June 12th – June 18th

Week three is where I decide to make more changes. I have now removed the subscriptions and bills category. I removed it because I no longer have any bills that are due any week other than the first of the month (I got rid of my gym membership because I just don’t have time). Because I had no bills due this week, have a section for them seemed like a waste of precious space.

Customizable Hand-Drawn Bullet Journals

Next, I moved back to all caps lettering for the category labels. But I stuck with lower-case cursive daily labeling.

For the week title, I moved to a more fun and chunky printed font that includes both upper and lower-case lettering. “week 3” is written the same size as “June” and “goals.”

Week Four: June 19th – June 25th

This week I kept the bills category left out and kept the category and daily labels the same as the week before. However, I kept a lighter touch on my pen to make the lettering slightly more dainty and thin.

The month title and “goals” are written in a small, dainty, but fancy, cursive. The pressure was so light on my pen that part of the “g” and “l” in “goals” did not show. These titles were also written smaller and I wrote out “week four” then added “…” to the end, just for fun and because I felt like it.

Week Five: June 26th – July 2nd

Week five, the final June week, I decided to almost entirely abandon cursive. The categories are all written in cursive, as well as “week five.” However, for the daily labels, “June,” and “Goals,” I have gone for a very futuristic and fun printed font. This font has as little detail as possible and is also more spaced out than my usual writing. The bills category, this week, is still left out.

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Additional Pages: Apartment Planning and Sleep Tracking

These are pages that I don’t normally include but decided that I needed to add them for this month.

Apartment Checklist

This month I found that I needed an apartment furniture checklist. I need this list because I am moving to North Carolina (from Michigan) at the end of the summer and am slowly collecting the furniture that I will need. It’s easy to lose track of what I had already purchased and what I still need, so I made up the list.

I chose purple and yellow because I think that it is a fun and summery combination that still provides contrast enough for me. I chose to go with an elegant and flowy cursive font for the title and my normal handwriting for the list. The sun was added because I am currently loving summer and the sun made me happy.

Sleep Tracker

Working midnights my sleep schedule has gotten very messed up. However, now I am managing an ice cream shop in addition to my midnight job. Just a week ago, I went 48 hours with only 6 hours of sleep in my system. I decided that I needed to find a way to track my sleep so that I know how much I am getting on average.

I chose a graph because visuals are very easy to look at and fun to make. Again, I went with a flowy and elegant cursive. I drew little closed eyes underneath “tracking” because I felt the space needed something and the eyes were a cute idea. The periwinkle is not a color I use very often, which is why I chose it. I paired it with the scarlet red because I wanted high contrast and enjoy the starkness of the red with the gentle periwinkle.

Sincerely Elizabeth of Jihi Elephant

Summertime Fun and Apartment Planning: June 2017 Bullet Journal Spread