Minimal Gold January 2020 Bujo Plan-with-Me

With each new year, comes new things, including a new monthly bullet journal spread! For January 2020's theme, I went with a very minimal gold concept!

With each new year, comes new things, including a new monthly bullet journal spread! There are many changes coming to the website including new products, freebies, and more. So, it is only natural that I also refresh my bullet journal to match! This year I have gone for something significantly more simple, yet also very similar to before. If you want to check out my 2020 bullet journal concept, click HERE. Otherwise, let’s jump right into my January 2020 bullet journal set up!

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The Minimal Gold January Process

Because of my incredibly busy schedule currently, I plan to keep this year’s planner very minimal. For this reason, there is not much to my theme process. At first, I was using only gold. However, I quickly realized this was too much gold and decided to add some more black. But, that is it. I used gold lines and some headers, the rest is black. The fonts chosen for all the headers was a bouncy minimal script.

The Layout Descriptions

For this month, I decided to keep my cover super simple. However, I also wanted something for a monthly overview without doing an entirely monthly spread. So, I decided to combine my very minimal gold cover page with a box or section for major dates or events for the month. I am not entirely sure if I will use this section, but I like to have the option.

The only other pages in my main spread are my weeklies. I kept the same layout as previous months. Further, there is a half-hourly tracker on the left page for Monday through Saturday. This section tracks clients, appointments, events, etc. Whereas, the right page tracks due dates, all-day events, and daily to-do’s. Saturday and Sunday share a box. For these layouts, the theme remains minimal gold. However, I used black for the header and sub-headers and gold for the lines.

Bonus Layouts!

After creating my normal spread, I became inspired to use my bullet journal to track and plan my upcoming membership launches (stay tuned) and some courses I’d like to create this year. While most of these pages are primarily blank at this time, I kept with the theme. I put the main headers up the left side using a gold bouncy minimal script and simple black print and script lettering.

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Calming Mosaic Tile Themed January Bullet Journal

Goodbye 2018, hello 2019! It is January 2019, and I am in a fresh new notebook! Check out my 2019 bullet journal spread HERE. Now that its January, per usual, I have a brand new layout set up! This time I am in a different notebook and a different year, but I bring back some aspects of my 2018 spread. Check out my Mosaic Tile January 2019 bullet journal spread!


This month’s theme is blue mosaic tiles! I knew I wanted this to be my theme back in early December, but I did not have any tile stamps and did not want to draw it all by hand with how busy everything is this time of year. So, I found a cute shop on Etsy and ordered some mosaic tile stamps! To continue my minimal gold theme for 2019, I did all headers in gold ink using a minimal cursive font which can be found throughout the whole notebook.


The hello January page is almost entirely covered in blue tile stamping. The only place where stamps aren’t is the left middle section where I have written “January.”

The weekly pages are all similar. I kept the weekly column layout which I used in later 2018 using black ink to separate the columns. Instead of bold letters to indicate the day of the week, I used black ink to do a minimal cursive font letter and number. The main header is gold ink in a minimal cursive font. And the remainder of the pages is covered in blue mosaic tile stamps. Each layout for the month of January is a different tile pattern

Tools Used

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January Plan with Me | My First Bullet Journal Layout of 2018

It is time to break in the new year with a brand-new bullet journal and naturally a fresh January layout. This month for me took a crazy turn for my journal. If you read my 2018 Bullet Journaling Set-Up post you know that I have several notebooks this year, three of which were to be in the same notebook. However, since writing that post, my plan has changed! My planning notebook is now in a Lechtturm1917! WOO!

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My First Try | January 2018 Bullet Journal Layout

I created my January 2018 layout in early December and I loved it and managed no mistakes! I used my Cyan Tombow brush pen for all titles and as my accent color. Here is what I came up with.

January Plan with Me | My First Bullet Journal Layout of 2018

The Real January 2018 Bullet Journal Layout

I was given my Lechtturm1917 by my boyfriend for Christmas and immediately needed to give it a purpose. Since I had not gone far in my original 2018 planner, I decided it was fitting to move notebooks. My Lechtturm1917 is in the color Army, earthy greens are my favorite.

January Layouts

The first page in my January set-up is a title page or a hello January page, naturally. I had found an image on my Instagram feed that inspired this winter snow globe design. I am very happy with it.

Next, is my monthly layout. This year I want to focus more seriously on goals. For this reason, I chose to include a much larger section for goals. Interested in goals? Learn how to write effective goals here.

I have also noticed that I have a list of to-dos that are to be completed when I have time, it’s difficult to place these in my daily sections. To solve this problem, I included a running to-do list.

Similarly, in months past I did not need a 2-page calendar. So, I have shrunk my calendar to fit on one page.

Finally, I designed my weekly layouts. I have stuck with a similar layout to the ones I was previously using. However, instead of having a goals box, I simply am leaving the space open and using it for my weekly goals.

As I mentioned above, I chose the color cyan as my accent color. I used a traditional calligraphy font as well as a simple bold print. Since I wanted to stay minimal I utilized line thicknesses and simple placements. I enjoy minimal layouts and may choose to stick with them.

Oops | How I Handled a Bullet Journal Mistake

When I was moving my layout from one notebook the next, I skipped pages without realizing. I didn’t notice during the pencil stage of my layout and I didn’t notice while I was turning pencil lines into pen lines. I did, however, notice when I was adding due dates and events, that there were two blank pages before week four.

This was a huge bummer for me because I had already needed to use a ton of white out and my first go in the old notebook had gone perfectly. Mistakes can be difficult to handle, especially in a brand-new notebook. I left them blank and chose to ignore this mistake at first.

A few days later I was inspired and decided to add some simple quotes on those pages. I tackled the right page first and was very happy with the outcome. Next, I tackled the left and became too excited. The quote turned out well. I then decided to mess with curly lines above the quote and added too many. My mistake here is that I did not use pencil first. Lesson learned!

January Plan with Me | My First Bullet Journal Layout of 2018

Additional Pages | Bill and Subscription Tracking

I love having a page to track bills and subscriptions. That being said, I needed to add one to my new bullet journal. I chose to place these in the back for easy access and keep a similar layout to the one I used in my last notebook.

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Despite having to make changes and move notebooks twice, this month’s layout is one of my favorites. I like the minimal look I went for and the simple design of it.

What was your January Layout theme?

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